Monday, July 29, 2013

Standard-Examiner: Three Candidates Competing for Ogden’s At-large Seat "A" in Election - Updated

Certainly an interesting race to watch as it develops, indeed

Better late than never
To our great delight, we're pleased to observe that the Standard, with a short 14 or so days left until the 2013 Ogden Municipal Election Primary, better late than never, is finally devoting at least a little bit of electronic ink to the one, single pending Ogden Municipal Primary race, i.e.,  the Ogden City At-Large Seat "A" contest:
Gotta admit that we were gobsmacked when council candidate Stephen Thompson was qouted in this morning's S-E story thusly:
I think the biggest issue Ogden is facing in the immediate future is our water infrastructure and what that means for our water rates,” Thompson said. “We need all of these different infrastructure improvements, but it’s a huge challenge because of the costs associated with it."...
"I understand the logic behind not using all the reserve cash to pay for it, but I don’t think we should bond for it either,” he said. “I think we should work toward sensible reductions in spending, so we don’t have to bond for so much.
Stephen D. Thompson
The Real Deal?
It's absolutely uncanny, wethink, that candidate Thompson zeroed in, during a beforehand S-E interview, on the same issue which we featured in Dan Schroeder's lead article this morning, don't you think, whilst meanwhile, Mr. Thompson's Seat "A" opponents were spouting relative generalities and all-purpose political slogans?

Savvy grasp of the most important Ogden issues; or mere good luck, we ask?

Could it be that this Thompson guy is the REAL DEAL? 

Needless to say we'll be keeping a particularly close eye on Mr.  Thompson's campaign, as we move forward to the August 13 primary, along with those of his opponents,  Sheri Morreale and Marcia L. White, (of course).

No doubt about it. This will certainly be an interesting race to watch as it develops, indeed.

Update 7/30/13 11:00 a.m.:  In answer to a private inquiry from one of our gentle Weber County Forum readers... No.  Our above reference to Mr. Thompson's impressive and timely recognition of what we consider to be one of Ogden City's most important pending issues, i.e., tonight's prospective water infrastructure bonding decision,  should not be interpreted at this time as an early endorsement of his candidacy.  If indeed we do endorse anyone in the At-large Seat "A" race in the future, that's something which will happen, if at all, w-a-a-a-y down the road, after the 2013 campaign season has run its course, and ALL the evidence is there on the table.  

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