Sunday, July 14, 2013

Standard-Examiner Guest Commentary: Seven Reasons for Making Schools Voluntary Rather Than Compulsory

"Why should our spoiled little darlings be compelled to do anything they don't wanna do," we ask?

Hey! Here's another great idea straight from the Utah wing-nut fringe. Check out this morning's eye-popping Standard-Examiner guest commentary, folks:
The ever-wacked-out Sutherland Institute floated this concept just yesterday, we also discover:
And whatever you do... don't miss this stirring YouTube video:

So what do you think, liberty-loving Utah lumpenfolke?

"Why should our spoiled little darlings be compelled to do anything they don't wanna do," we ask [wink-wink]?

Knock yourselves out, O Gentle Ones... 

Update 7/15/13 7:56 a.m.:  Oh Goody!  Here's another one:
These right wing Utah hippie fruitcakes are breeding like rabbits, we swear!


Monotreme said...

How will we be able to force kids to go to seminary?

Monotreme said...

Maybe he confused "Bastiat" and "bustier".

rudizink said...


brettlg said...

The Utah Republican establishment is finally admitting to what they've effectively been doing to Utah's children for the past 30 years: they have given up on them.

Danny said...

All the arguments against compulsory education are really arguments in favor of local control of education. That is really the answer. The elitists took over education, and messed it up so bad they now want to get rid of it altogether. Instead, we should return it to local parents and teachers.

Ben said...

The more uneducated morons, the more true believers.

Monotreme said...

Maybe he was home-schooled in French.

blackrulon said...

After we gid rid of that pesky compulsory education we can move on to other inconveniences. If the kids are not going to school we can abolish child labor laws. And of course miminum. wage laws are a hinderance to business. Since we will have a large labor pool of uneducated workers health and safety rules will not be necessary to save lives.

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