Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Ogden's First "Meet the Candidates" Forum Calendered For 7/17/13

Added Bonus: Check out (and help us improve) the 2013 Ogden Municipal Election Module which we've placed in our right sidebar

Gotta hand it to the fine folks of the Weber County Democratic Education Caucus (WCDEC).   With the August 13, 2013  Ogden Municipal Primary Election "looming" on the horizon a short 34 days hence, this public education-oriented group has already calendered the first 2013 "Meet the Candidates" forum for the middle of next week.  They've issued all Ogden City Council candidates a gracious written invitation; and via the Standard-Examiner, here are the "space-time coordinates," folks:
Event: Education caucus plans to question Ogden council candidates
Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Time: 6:00 P.M.
Place: Weber County Library Main Branch, 2464 Jefferson Avenue, Ogden
Mark your calenders folks, as the 2013 Ogden Municipal Election season kicks off in earnest. And here's hoping that a substantial body of Weber County Forum political wonks will be able to attend, to grill all nine Ogden Council candidates a week from tomorrow night.

And while we're discussing the upcoming election, we'd like to direct our readers attention to the 2013 Ogden Municipal Election Module which we've placed in our right sidebar.  Within this web resource we've already added links toWCF Ogden Election Articles, a full Ogden Municipal Election Candidate Roster, an Election Events Calender, the Ogden City Elections Page, together with a nifty Primary Election Countdown Clock; and there's much more to come, as we "flesh this project out." Long-time WCF readers know what we're talkin' about.

Champing at the bit; or what?
And consistent with our continuing effort here at Weber County Forum to provide the most robust 2013 Municipal Election coverage on the web,  we'll invite you all to click a few of these sidebar links, meander around a little bit, check out the material we've already embedded therein, and feel free to submit to us anything we may have so far left out.

So howbout it folks?  Can we see by a show of hands how many of you are champing at the bit to get moving forward with another thrill-packed  Ogden City Municipal Election race? 


blackrulon said...

Can you really put any trust in a Meet The Canidates Forum when none of them went through a neighborhood caucus?

rudizink said...

Yeah! And what does Gayle Ruzicka have to say about this? Inquiring minds need to know, LOL.

Courtney White said...

I'm not sure if its champing from excitement or nervousness..

Dan S. said...

Hmm. I see that one of the At-Large A candidates has already withdrawn (actually a while ago). That leaves just one candidate to be eliminated in the primary.

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