Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Meet the Candidates Night Reminder

A political event that no self-respecting Ogden political wonk will want to miss

Just a quick and friendly reminder of tonight's "Meet the Ogden Council Candidates" 2013 Municipal election special event:

Once again, here are the time/place coordinates:
Event: Education caucus plans to question Ogden council candidates
Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Time: 6:00 P.M.
Place: Weber County Library Main Branch, 2464 Jefferson Avenue, Ogden
Here's a little more from the Weber County Democratic Education Caucus host's Facebook page:
This is of course an event that no self-respecting Ogden political wonk will want to miss.

For those readers who'd like to bone up prior to tonight's big meet-up, here's a link to our handy candidate roster, which is already starting to shape up nicely.  You can't tell the players without a program, right?
Hopin' to see all your smiling faces over at the library tonight.


Ogden Lover said...

I was really impressd with Thompson. I think if he and Amy were on the Council together, we might stand a chance of seeing more done for the average citizen and less given away to the developers.

rudizink said...

Wow! You were there last night? If I'd recognized you, I'd have certainly moseyed on over to say hello! Sorry. Of course you probably didn't recognize me either, as I was in "disguise," (not wearing the eye-patch.) :-)

Ogden Lover said...

Look at my FB page from when I sent you for dog training. I'm hard to miss.

rudizink said...

LOL! One of the considerable benefits of blogging for over 8 years is that I have THOUSANDS OF CYBER FRIENDS.

The downside? I wouldn't recognize most of them in person, even whist "tripping over them" IRL (in real life).

rudizink said...

This young feller Turner Bitton, who's running against incumbent Doug
Stephens in Ogden Ward 3, was also pretty impressive to me, Rosemary,
along with the well-prepared Mr. Thonpson. This Bitton guy was smart and
resourceful enough to bring along ihs own sound recording crew:
"My speech at tonight's Education Caucus meeting"

Ogden Lover said...

Paraphrasing from my notes and memory: "In some circumstances it would be OK to use public funds for a scholarship to send a student to a private school." vs. a "No" on vouchers. Except for the possible difference in degree, I see a contradiction here. Education money could also be used for (economic) development? I think not.

rudizink said...

Yeah. My own notes reflect something like that that also. Neverthelss, we have Mr. Bitton's whole "speech video" above, so nobody will have to take the word of either of us on these questions, right?

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