Saturday, July 13, 2013

John Swallow News Roundup - - Episode XXXVII: Utah GOP House Majority Lurches Forward At Its Usual Frenzied Pace

With any kind of luck the legislature can drag this out until 2016, when Swallow will decide not to seek reelection so he can "spend more time with his family"

Lurching forward
More news on the John Swallow impeachment investigation this morning, as House Speaker Becky Lockhart's Utah GOP House majority lurches forward at its usual frenzied pace:

1) "The Utah Legislature will meet in a special session Wednesday to clarify the powers of a special House committee investigating Attorney General John Swallow and create exemptions allowing some of the panel’s work to be done behind closed doors. Gov. Gary Herbert issued the call for the special session Friday evening to resolve potential confusion about the House investigation’s subpoena powers and the applicability of open-meetings and records laws to the committee’s work." GOP legislators are concerned about political blow-back, and, surprise of surprises, are contemplating conducting portions of the upcoming proceedings "behind closed doors":
As one politically semi-alert Trib reader snarkily remarks, "With any kind of luck the legislature can drag this out until [2016], when Swallow will decide not to seek reelection so he can spend more time with his family."

Detritus may stick this time
2) Chewy op-ed from Utah Policy's Bryan Schott, who reels off a list of past Utah GOP scandals and  speculates that "[t]here’s one very big reason House Republicans are moving forward with the investigation of Attorney General John Swallow: 2016. The political shrapnel from the Swallow circus could hit a number of Republican legislators, particularly in Salt Lake County, and open a wound that would be difficult to treat":
"Any embarrassing information that should surface during the course of this investigation has the potential to splatter Republicans. More importantly, that detritus may stick this time," sez Mr. Schott.

Update 7/13/13 11:25 a.m.:  More from Bryan Schott:
"Shurtleff, Swallow and Winder/Burwash. Kinda has a nice ring to it, dunnit?"


Danny said...

I agree with the idea that the only reason the Republican party is looking into getting rid of Swallow (albeit only tentatively) is that they fear the Utah public may finally have had enough of the stink of corruption. Were it not for that, and the media keeping the issue alive, this would have been over long ago and Swallow would still be extorting bribes and taking favors with his usual aplomb.

Would that the voters could realize that having a balance of power between the parties keeps everyone honest. A democrat governor, or at least a democrat attorney general would do a lot of good to that end.

AWM said...

Holley on the Hill (link on the right sidebar) does a superb job of concisely recapping the timeline of how this entire fiasco went down. Worth reading by all that frequent WCF. Only omission I see in it is Herbert's initial press conference supporting the AG after scandal broke .

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