Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Solution: Officers of the Peace - Updated

Citizen Call to Action: Roll up your sleeves and get involved!

Encouraging new 2014 Utah legislation proposed by the Libertas Institute, tackling the "police militarization problem" which we've addressed here at Weber County Forum in recent months:

The solution: officers of the peace

Legislation will be presented in the 2014 general session (beginning in January) to restrict the instances in which forcible entry may be authorized. Suspects and police officers alike should only be placed into dangerous, high-risk circumstances when absolutely necessary, such as when a violent crime is suspected. This procedural roadblock will help protect the lives of police officers by requiring them to employ force only in cases where somebody's life or property needs protection. Such a restraint will also divorce Utah from the nationwide trend of innocent people being harmed and killed in home invasions because of drugs or other non-violent crimes.
What can you do?
Share this page on Facebook, Twitter, and your email list. Stay updated on this legislation as it moves forward by providing your email address. Talk to your friends and help them understand the need to reform how warrants are served in Utah.
Utah needs officers of the peace, not heavily armed "law enforcement officials" that put innocent lives at risk. It's as simple as that.
Click this link if you'd like to roll up your sleeves and get involved:
Needless to say, we'll be closely following this proposed legislation, as we stand poised for the opening gavel of the 2014 Utah legislative general session, which kicks off a mere 5-1/2 months hence.

Update 7/27/13 9:00 p.m.:  The Standard is all over this story too:

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