Monday, July 08, 2013

John Swallow News Roundup - Episode XXXV - Post-House Resolution Murmerings

Don't think for a minute that House GOP members are not taking their task of ultimately dumping our currently radioactive "Utah Attorney General" seriously, folks.

Here's the latest on John Swallow's Sea of Troubles, folks. If you'd thought we'd abandoned this subject... so sorry... you were wrong:

1) Utah Policy again reports, although somewhat belatedly, (shall we say),  that "The Utah House votes to move forward on investigating Attorney General John Swallow," Nevertheless this hard-hitting Bob Bernick article does "plough a little new political turf":

"It’s the first time that House Republicans have spoken candidly and in public about the political ramifications if the GOP-controlled Legislature botches the investigation – which could lead to impeachment – of Swallow," sez "BIG BOB Bernick":
2) Via Utah Political Capitol, "everyman" guest editorialist Ernie Gamonal rejects the attitude that the percipient Swallow investigative committee should be "stack[ed] deep with lawyers," embraces the hopes and and dreams of the democratic masses, arguing that "The best qualified candidate for this committee would be me":
John Swallow Alert: Too hot to touch
3) Don't think for a minute that House GOP members are not taking their task of ultimately dumping "their" currently radioactive "Utah Attorney General" seriously, folks.

 "There are five or six or eight people in this [House GOP] caucus that will sink or swim on what happens with this [investigative] process. It may not be me or someone in Cache, but those people within Salt Lake County, most likely western Salt Lake. If you think it’s John Swallow, you’re missing the vote to see how we are viewed by the masses,' Weber County's own House Majority Leader Brad Dee sez. The Weber County lawmaker said the makeup of the committee will be the story of the committee, and not the process, if lawmakers are not careful.
4) NeoCon Senator Howard Stephenson, who's notably UN-embarrassed by most of the steady stream of NeoCon ideological drivel which he "spews"s out of his NeoCon piehole, sez he’s practically blushing about the fact that the House decided to move forward with the investigation of his "good buddy," "Honest" John Swallow:
5) And "what did we learn (in retorospect)" from the Utah House (GOP) debate over whether to investigate Swallow? The ever-diligent City Weekly reporter Eric Peterson has the story (of course):
"The House GOP is worried voters will come at ‘em like a torch-and-pitchfork mob if they’re seen as botching the investigation," sez future Pulitzer Prize-winner Eric Peterson. 

That's only reason #1, of course.

OK, folks.  So who will be the first to comment, WCF Peeps? Ferris? Bob Becker?


Virginia said...

let's say , Swallow is eventually removed....where does he go to live ? costa rica ? or maybe Venezuala ?

rudizink said...

LOL. Well... San Juan Capistrano, of course:

blackrulon said...

I don;t know what will happen to Swallow in regards to the investigation. But I sense that Mr. Swallow will become a singing birds about lots of things to get immunity or a reduced sentence if the federal investigation results in charges

Virginia said...

oh my....i think i trust the InkSpots, to all things controver-swallable......just sayin'....

Virginia said...

so tell me, RZ, what is the next controversy ? surely the guilty will lie low, for awhile.

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