Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Powder Mountain Update: The 8/19/08 Commission Meeting Post-mortem

Post Commission meeting article roundup

This morning's Standard-Examiner provides a fairly decent report on yesterday's Weber County Commission session. It likewise explains the relative postures of the Powder Mountain developer, vis-a-vis the the County Commission, now that the commission has declined, for the second consecutive hearing, to act as the developer's docile rubber stamp, and to refuse appointing a mayor and council from the developer's hand-picked lackey list. Std-Ex reporter Di Lewis is new to the Ogden Valley beat; but her rendition of the facts is nevertheless accurate, we think, except for this minor historical error:

New owners of Powder Mountain Resort announced last year they wanted to expand Powder Mountain and filed to incorporate into a town in January after requests for rezoning were denied. [Emphasis added].
As our regular readers will recall, the Powder Mountain sponsors filed their incorporation petition in mid-January of this year, thus depriving the County Commission of any opportunity to consider the developer's then-pending rezone request.

As to the current status of the Commission and Developer with respect to each other, we believe this paragraph from Ms. Lewis's morning story frames the current situation quite accurately:

Deputy County Attorney Dave Wilson told commissioners if they declined to act for a second time, the petitioners could meet with the commission and expand or explain the 11-person list they presented or take legal action.

For our readers' reference, the Standard-Examiner has also helpfully posted the most recent (and Commission rejected) Powderville candidate lists on its live website.

While we're back on the Powderville topic, we'll also provide links to the latest posts from our friends, the citizen activist stalwarts at Ogden Valley Forum:

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That's it for now, folks. It would appear that the current Commission/Developer stalement may provide us as at least a short interlude, during which we can all catch our breath, in anticipation of the next round in the Powderville slugfest.

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Whistler said...

It is instructive how Powder Mountain tries to play the injured party in all of this. They had that incorporation lined up and ready to go long before it was submitted.

These days they tell the media that they were forced into this actions since their rezone was denied. It has NEVER been denied or heard by the Weber County Commissioners!

RudiZink said...

Interesting point, Whistler.

Mr. Arnold had a "mole" (Alvin Cobabe's severely ethics-challenged grand-daughter, i/e., Ms. Lythgoe) on the Ogden Valley Planning commission...

And thanks to insider information received by this hopelessly conflicted Alan Cobabe evil spawn... these greedheads already had their town incorporation petion already drawn up, and thereby cut short the County Commission's deliberations on this issue.

And now this greed-head developer, probably the worst neighbor who's ever appeared in the formerly bucolic and scenic Ogden Valley, continues to contort the facts, and poses as the victim, all with the help of the neoCON Standard-Examiner.

Thanks for the insight, Whistler.

Very Good. Very, very Good.

Can't wait to see this a-hole Mark Arnold explain it all to a judge.

dan s. said...

Even if the commissioners had said no to the original rezone request, so what? The land is already zoned for about 1200 dwelling units. Why not let the developers build those 1200, see how it goes, and then consider any requested increase in density?

Flat Top said...

Dan S. You are right and that idea was suggested to the PM people during numerous OVPC meetings. They still demanded the 3700 unit density (2800 Weber County +938 Cache county.)

As indicated by subsequent events, there was no intention to compromise by Powder Mountain.

They can go ahead now and build the resort at the existing zoning levels, but they cannot have the density they want or the two golf courses.

Zipper said...

It is informative to read the County website and the minutes of the past OVPC meetings and learn just how Jamie Lythgoe was able to con the other members of the OVPC about her family ownership of property at Powder Mountain. What every citizen should do is read the Weber County Conflict of Interest rules. Decide for yourself if she was in a conflict of interest while she sat on the OVPC.

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