Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Bailout in Plain English

Two wheels over the cliff... and we still don't know where the brake handle is located

Our apologies to our gentle readers. Two Saturdays ago a lightning strike within a hundred feet of our plush WCF offices cut out the power at our heretofore magnificently hand-crafted Boss Killer Computer, during the pivotal WSU/Utah Utes game.

Seems now some circuitry GOT SERIOUSLY FRIED, even though it was hiding behind a hi-tech surge suppressor. Oh well....

Thus... we've been a bit tardy in posting over the past few days.

Looking at the bright side, we've assembled new parts, and built and put together an even better computer this afternoon, after slaving at several days' labor. Unfortunately, it's going to take some further time to completely set this new computer monster up, and configure and format it.

So we're going to set up an open thread.. toward which we post this tantalizing article, just to keep the conversation going:

The bailout in plain english

Suffice it to say we don't like that bailout... but what of our gentle readers, we ask...

Have at it, O' Gentle Ones.


Skeets said...

While the free market solution may be preferred, it was imperative that the investor sector show stability. In the long run, it was the right thing to do. It is funny, that those who hate the bailout for the financial sector, love it for the automotive side since it will save union jobs and protect their families. If the government should not be in the bailout business, then the automotive companies should just go under, taking all those jobs with it.

disgustingly disgusted said...

This is not the last we have heard of this financial disaster.

It is not comforting AT ALL to know that the two persons running for the office of president of these United States - neither one-has an inkling of what they are going to inherit when one of them takes office.

And one of them has a running mate who is making insinuations without merit that the other presidential candidate has been pals with a terrorist against the U.S.

That running mate has really gotten deperate for something to say.

So much so that I can now vote for the other candidate.


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