Saturday, October 11, 2008

Utes 40, Cowboys 7; Wildcats 35, Bobcats 12

A great day for northern Utah football fans

It certainly wasn't exactly what football fans would call "a thing of beauty," but the Utah Utes improved their 2008 record to 7-0 this afternoon. the Salt Lake Tribune is all over the reporting of this afternoon's game:

It's a rout: Utah 40, Wyoming 7
Utah football: Cowboys shoot themselves down with turnovers
Utah football: Smith's interception a game-changer
Monson: Utes' offense leaves much to be desired
Utah football notes: Receiver Key finally makes presence felt

And our Weber State Wildcats put another impressive effort into the win column:

Weber State spoils Montana State's homcoming 35-12

Expect both the Utes and the Cats to improve their standings in their respective division polls.

Comments, anyone?


Kevin said...

Thanks for your weekly updates here, as I am almost as big a Utah & Weber State fan as you are. This years Wildcat team is very special. Coach Mac is in the last year of a 4 year contract. I believe he really wants to coach WSU for at least 2 more years. He and his assistant coaches are doing the best job of coaching I have seen at the program to date. Mac’s ability to recruit and motivate young athletes is showing in a big way this year. Beating both Montana teams is a tremendous accomplishment for Mac, his coaches, and his young team. WSU has never won a Big Sky title outright. If Mac can win a Big Sky title this year, how could WSU administration not bring him back?

Wm M said...

Hey Kevin ... I couldn't agree more but let's not forget the senior leadership and Toone (junior) are Graybeal's recruits ... Go 'Cats ...

O-Town Sports Fan said...

I agree that the 'Cats are something special this year. There's also no doubt what coach Mac can do for a program. Look at the facilities the Utes have for their football program. Mac was responsible for a lot of that.

I really want to encourage the whole town to come out on Saturday, rain or shine, for the game against No. Colorado. I know times are tough, but the tickets are reasonably cheap and with all the bad news, who couldn't use a diversion for a couple of hours?

C'mon O-Town, let's show the Wildcats & Coach Mac some support!

Jason W. said...

How painfully shitty was the Utes' offense? Johnson is looking like a liability, and if he continues his mediocre, blase play against the Godforsaken Zoobies, we'll lose by 20. Hate to rain on your McBride parade, but that jackass cost me thousands of dollars in the early 90s. And he left me a rambling, incoherent message last October, urging me to vote for Lying Little Matty Gondola Godfrey. So he can suck Geiger onion, as far as I'm concerned. Bed-wetting gondola boy. On another note, the Gondola-Examiner is at it again. If you wish not to read today's pathetic house editorial, I will summarize:

"Take the next step! Take the next step! Take the next step!"


Kevin said...

Wm M,
Yes! I totally agree with you and I am a huge fan of Jerry Greybeal and especially his seniors this year!

Danny said...

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