Friday, October 31, 2008

SLTrib: Hunstman Urges Generous Response to the State's Hungry

A plea to pitch in somewhere, somehow, if you can

By Curmudgeon

If I may change the subject for just a moment, the Salt Lake Tribune has a story up today which I'll link via the headline:
"Huntsman urges generous response to state's hungry, homeless -- Requests for emergency food rise 30% and shelters are opening early."
Utah media, including the Standard-Examiner, have been reporting for weeks now a dramatic rise in the number of people coming into food banks around the state, including families with children. We are here in Utah one of the wealthiest states [per capita] in one of the wealthiest nations in the world. No child should be going hungry here.

So, as we sink deeper into the Bush Recession... and possibly the Bush Depression, though I fervently hope not... as more and more people are laid off and lose all income and have to resort to charity to feed themselves and their families... if you and yours are still doing ok, consider pitching in. If you're a regular contributor to the Utah Food Bank, consider upping what you give for a while. If you've never given before, please consider giving now. Or to Catholic Community Services or the United Way or your own church's food relief drives. But pitch in somewhere, somehow, if you can.


Wm M said...

I'm embarrassed to think I needed urging ... nice post Curm ... I'm on it ...

OgdenLover said...

Voting question:

The poll workers at the Ice Sheet are requiring that all voters produce a picture ID. Having lived in the South, where lots of dead people are politically active, I would have no problem with this, IF it were the law. However, as far as I know, if you are on the voter rolls, you are not required to present picture ID, just your voter registration card (which no one asked for).

Black Southerners who remember pre-civil rights days, consider having to present ID a potential form of intimidation. I could see where this might discourage Naturalized Hispanic voters, especially those voting for the first time.

Heaven help Utah if the Democrats actually got a reasonable percentage of the vote!

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