Thursday, October 02, 2008

Breaking News: Nothing Happening With the Skipper's Golf Course Committee

But we do learn there will be a changing of the guard in Ogden's Economic Development Department

Mainly for the sake of archival consistency, we'll highlight two minor Emerald City news items appearing in this morning's Standard-Examiner.

First is this Scott Schwebke story, reporting that Boss Godfrey's so-called Citizens' Golf Course Committee is still in action, maintaining at least the charade that it's a functional investigative/advisory committee representing the interests of the lumpencitizens:

Committee outlines course plans -- Recommendations now heading to Ogden City Council

Despite the teaser headline, which suggests that the "committee" is on the verge of presenting its analysis and recommendations, the body of the story indicates "The Skipper" won't actually have anything tangible to present to the council for at least another three months.

Ho-hum. Chalk it up to a slow Std-Ex news day, we guess.

And hidden on page 4B of the "Top of Utah" news section, we find this fascinating revelation:

Ogden Economic Development Director Dave Harmer has suddenly resigned

Mr. Harmer, who has spent three years laboring under Boss Godfrey's heavy yoke, utters this interesting remark: “It’s been rewarding but challenging.”

"Challenging" is an understatement, we're sure. For a basically decent guy like Dave, working under Boss Godfrey's command for three years must have seemed more like three decades.

We congratulate Mr. Harmer for extracting himself from Boss Godfrey's "A" Team, and wish him the best in his retirement.

And we'll be sitting on the edge of our seat, waiting to find out who will be the next poor sap designated to take up the role of Boss Godfrey's "Spinner & Prevaricator."

And what say our readers about all this?


Curmudgeon said...

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RudiZink said...

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ozboy said...

The mayor shouldn't have any trouble finding a replacement for Harmer. He could just call councilman Stephens and have him send over an empty suit.

Southsider said...

"Godfrey said Wednesday it will be difficult to replace Harmer."

"Godfrey said he has found a replacement for Harmer."

You can always count on Matty to to the "difficult!"

Dubious said...

Hey waittaminute! Harmer's leaving now, without finding those missing 225 parking spaces?

What a slacker!

Good riddance!

TheGreatPumpkin said...

Empty suit is dead on, Ozboy! The man is nice, but in 3 years, what exactly did he do for business development? And for that matter, where ever is he most of the time? Oh yes, traveling. And more traveling. Not to forget all the traveling. With so much traveling (personal), how could he have done much city work anyway? Nice guy or not.
Bye Mr. Harmer. Have a great retirement....again.

Hope we get someone in that spot who can actually do the job, and develop some business in this town. The right way, of course. (Not the lying little matty way.)

Holding breath....holding breath....holding breath........ (not wreaking of onions...)

WhatWardRUin said...

harmer is the consumate definition of an empty suit. for all his high powered "corporate experience" he contributed nothing to ogden city. he will have to have his nose surgically removed from godfrey's butt and now he will have to learn how to say something besides "yes mayor". he never displayed an ounce of leadership or courage; don't forget he was scott browns boss for two years and just looked the other way while little sotty brutalized the women he came in contact. i agree, good riddance. don't call us, we'll call you; which i'm sure you and scotty boy can join forces again in the near future and drivwe the city further into debt. harmer is just about the worst $107,000 a year godfrey has invested in.

curious 1 said...

When they recommend selling the MOGC where can we hire a good attorney to fight for the citizens of Ogden.

Can the committee be waiting for election to be over so they can see if any of the mayors supporters are elected to the state legislature and push for selling those entities that compete with private enterprize?

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