Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Standard-Examiner: Ogden Gives Away Parking Garage

No room for due diligence in our brave new MattGodfreyWorld

By Curmudgeon

The deed has been done. The Standard-Examiner reports this morning that the council last night, by a vote of 4-2, approved the transfer of the parking garage.
OGDEN — By a 4-2 vote, the Ogden Redevelopment Agency board agreed Tuesday night to give a $3.3 million parking garage at 2430 Kiesel Ave. to a company so Market-Star Corp. can expand.
The RDA board is made up of the Ogden City Council.
City council members Dorrene Jeske and Amy Wicks were the only RDA board members to vote against conveying the parking garage to Ogden-Wasatch Properties LLC, which owns the Market-Star building at 2475 Washington Blvd.
One no vote was Ms. Jeske's who said, reasonably, that the Council had not had a chance to look into the matter carefully. She was not necessarily opposed to the transfer, but thought the Council should take the time to do "due diligence" before approving it.

Seemed a reasonable stand to me. The transfer may in fact have been a wise move, but asking the Council to rush to judgment inevitably raises some suspicions.


drewmeister said...

Well, yet another fire here in Leshemville.. this time first thing in the morning (abt 9am). Heckuva job you're doin' here, Matty!

i want help too said...

I have a business plan that I have been working on for the past several months. I will bring jobs from out of state to work in the mens entertainment business. I would like to set up business on historic 25th street, and bring back the nostalgia that made two bit street so famous.

But I need some help from the City and State to get things going.

If the City would give me a couple huindred thousand dollars ,and the State would give me some tax credits, I may be able to make this work, the jobs are high paying, and the customers will be satisfied.

The business would be a whore house.

All though I didnt support Mat last election cycle, and I am not his BFF I still think I can persuade him to help out.

Give me, give me, give me.

Richard Wise said...

Leshemville isn't the only place that matty has made a mess of what he's attempted! Have you noticed how he never waits for one project to be completed before hi's off on another tangent that costs Ogden residents moneh? When is the Council going to hold the "STOP" sign up in front of him.

Good job, Councilwomen Wicks and Jeske! Too bad the other council members are so blind or have such thick skulls that reason and common sense can't sink in.

quade said...

I don't understand why the garage would have to be given. Why didn't the city sell the garage to MarketStar (a private business)for pennys on the dollar?

ozboy said...

Wasatch Property Management is a very large property owner and manager run by a fellow from Logan by the name of DaLoy Hansen. They own and manage large apartment complexes in California and throughout the west. They also own some pretty big properties in SLC - including the biggest down town building the former American Stores property at 3rd and Main. Oh, and also the former 1st Security Bldg on 4th and Main.

I noticed that the news articles and posters here have not brought up the question of property taxes on this $3 million dollar property.
Presumably there have been no property taxes being paid on it based on RDA - public ownership. Does giving it to this private enterprise now mean that the property will be paying its fair share of property taxes to the county, schools, city, etc? A $3 million dollar commercial property (without the 40% homeowners deduction) should be a pretty healthy hunk-O-change going into local government coffers, unless of course the geniuses in the Godfreyite movement have also found a way to forgive these fat cats from paying said property taxes.

Also wondering if there were any provisions in this "gifting" of public property to prevent the new owners from turning around and selling the property for a huge gain? Something like - if they sell it they have to give the money to the tax payers?


Ogden taxpayers have been raped again.

I am glad Jeske and Wicks have some common sense and voted against this farce.

Market Star should hav e gotten the building if they are providing the jobs. They just rent. What is to prevent Wasatch Properties Holding from deciding not to renew Market Star's lease.

An engineer told me that it would take 6 to 10 million dollars to replace that piece of property with the parking at today's prices. I wonder how much Godfrey got out of this farce---


Monotreme said...

Great Monotreme piece bumped up.

disgusted to be an ogdenite said...

The idea that the parking garage and lot should be valued at $3.3 million is B.S. without a proper valuation made.

The replacement value should be more like $5 to $10 million but the idiots on the Ogden City Council fell one more time for Godfrey's crap..except for JESKE and WICKS.

I had thought Gouchnour had more sense but Godfrey has snowed her, too.

drewmeister said...

i want to help too: I second your excellent suggestion. Let me know how I can contribute, and I'll be happy to oblige! I have an idea: How about the headlining act at Ogden's newest High Adventure Cabaret & Nude Massage Parlor be Mayor Godfrey - I mean, he's already had 8 years experience whoring himself out to his base (aka Kier, Big-D, Boyer, Geiger, et al.) so he'd be a natural!


Seriously though, I think a Whorehouse would be the best thing to happen to Ogden in a long time. We can locate it here in the failed River Project area.. it'd certainly be more productive than a house burning down every other goddamned day! -sigh-

drewmeister said...

richard wise: I think you're right. I think the council and a number of concerned citizens should hold him down and force him to take his ritalin.

Lester said...


I think while they got him down they ought to pantse him as well. Then every one will know once and for all why he is such a little prick.

drewmeister said...



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