Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Gondola-Examiner Slams Weber County Election Officials

The Godfrey House Propaganda Organ displays its true yellow colors once again

By Monontreme

Am I the only one outraged by the hatchet job that Schwebke did on the Weber County election officials this morning?

It couldn't be that Mansell and the city administration have an ax to grind with Weber County? It's not a reporter's role to aid and abet ongoing political feuds, is it?

It's easy for the city to see the mote in Weber County's eye, but disregard the beam in their own.

Who will be the next to speak up about this outrageous Std-Ex cheap-shot?


Jan said...

Schwebke should turn in his journalists' card. This poor pathetic Godffreyite slut is so deeply into the Gondolists' pockets, that nobody can believe a single word Schwebke offers in print.

Jason W. said...

I, too, was taken aback by the headline on the front page. Then I read the "story." What? Onions? Why doesn't the Gondola-Examiner run stories at least once a week headlined MAYOR LIED, GODFREY DECEIVED PUBLIC, MAYOR LYING LITTLE MATTY GONDOLA GODFREY HAD (POTENTIAL) TAXPAYER-FUNDED EUROPEAN LOVE AFFAIR WITH WAYNE PETERSON, LEADER OF HIS OWN FAMED SQUIRREL PATROL?


Curmudgeon said...

The headline was way over the top. [Mr. Schwebke does not write the headlines, I think, nor does he decide placement in the paper, nor does he decide on the size of the headlines. This mornings might have been more appropriate for US DECLARES WAR ON IRAN than WC missing a mandated deadline for publishing polling places. Though I suspect the SE is saving the Iran headline for McCain's first weeks in office.

That said, WC has had a series of problems recently running elections in the city and county. We are all too familiar with the polling place glitches of the recent Mayoral election, attributed to poor training of poll workers. In the recent primary, people were wrongly refused Democratic primary ballots if they were not registered Democrats, again attributed to poor training of poll workers. And now, something so simple as meeting the mandated publication date for early polling places got botched too.

A single problem, hey, they happen. Three problems involving badly trained poll workers or the office missing mandated publication dates of voter information, though, suggests significant and continuing shortcomings, and perhaps that it's time, or past time, for new leadership in that office.

The headline's size, and front page placement was over the top. The story was not.

Luke S. said...

Scwhebke continues to work for the Dark Side.

His instant karma is definitely coming on fast.

OgdenLover said...

Perhaps the glut of early voters is because of other people who think like me. If I were going to have to go home and produce a utility bill or have trouble with the machine, I wanted to do it now while there were no time constraints.

dan s. said...

I agree that the main problem was with the headline, not the story. But the story begs the question of why Cindi Mansell, of all people, is speaking out on this. Did she bring this glitch to the newspaper's attention, or did the newspaper seek her out for a quote? Either way, readers deserve to know.

ozboy said...

Jesus Jones!

Whoda thunk I could read the WCF and get my daily ration of biblical studies in at the same time!

See the back room deals said...

Here is a another republican braking the law. But it is Ok I CAN vote vote against them this November.

and that's the truth said...

dan s, -

You can safely bet this week's pay check that this article was done for Matthew Godfrey (per his instructions) by Cindi Mansell with the Standard's cooperation and is aimed at continuing his long-standing-ongoing efforts to get Gloria Berrett fired from her job in the Weber County Clerk's domain..

Ogden City government as run by Matthew Godfrey is coercion and intimidation. Even people not on Ogden City's payroll are scared to death to stand up and be counted and give their true identity.

Godfrey has no other modus operandi.

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