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Std-Ex Reader Letter: Ethical Oversight Needed in Ogden's Dealings

Let's get beyond the Boss Godfrey hysterics

By OgdenLover

There's an excellent letter from Andrew Checketts in today's Standard-Examiner:

Ethical oversight needed in Ogden's dealings:
Regarding the Oct. 6 letter, "Gochnour owes mayor an apology," the writer and Sue Wilkerson's sycophantic rantings over Godfrey's manufactured controversy ignore the key points of the Windsor Hotel issue; that the bill the council rejected would have stripped away crucial oversight and control from the council, and regardless of rescinded letters or whose feelings are hurt, no one has offered any substantial argument explaining whether the height variance would endanger Ogden's "Historic District" designation.
Furthermore, others have expressed interest in purchasing the property, so the city doesn't have to let the building languish as Godfrey's supporters have been angrily foreshadowing.
If we're going to worry about the languishing of buildings, what about the boarded-up homes in Godfrey's River Project? Or, the dozens of code violations that Gadi Leshem hasn't been cited for, while the city issues hundreds of warning letters to other residents?
Our underfunded fire department has risked its safety on several home fires in just the last month in Leshem's shanty town! Ogden River Project is a perfect example of why proper, responsible, and ethical oversight for any aspect of Ogden's government is crucial.
The writer also complains of the high water rates, ignoring the fact that Ogden Business Depot revenues earmarked for water infrastructure upgrades were flushed down the Junction Center by Godfrey.
Let's get beyond the mayor's hysterics and try to improve, rather than damage Ogden.

Andrew L. Checketts
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Lionel said...

Sounds like you about got them pegged Andrew!

If most people really paid attention to the Godfrey administration, how they operate and how much crushing public debt they have created - they would be shocked! I mean a penny arcade and day glow bowling alley for a down town business/shopping mall anchor - to the tune of at least $25 million dollars? This is Ogden's business re-birth Godfrey style? On top of the massive debt, the citizens are paying for this folley by way of the increased water fees- made necessary because the BDO money that was meant for water and sewer repair is now being diverted to pay for the Penney arcade bonds!

This is municipal government competence?

danny said...

Mr. Checketts,

I doff my hat to you sir, for your succinct eloquence and insight, and for sending it in to the paper.

Somebody from the Godfrey Woodpile said...

Remember, Lionel. Godfrey is developmentally retarded. He never got the chance to experience actual childhood during his youth, as a child of a broke fundamentalist Mormon family from Harrisville, regulars at the Bishop's Storehouse, who sent him out to peddle cherries when he was barely old enough to talk.

Now that Ogden City is his personal plaything, the defective little shit just wants to "ride the rides" and "get rich" in the process.

Who here is so perfect that they can blame him for this?

danny said...

If you think oil and real estate are going down, look at this.

Platinum Prices

Platinum is principally an industrial metal used for automotive catalytic converters. It was going up because the third world was buying cars.

What is it saying now?

1. Save 25th Street historical district by telling the Windsor "no", thereby saving millions in historical funds. City council made right decision.

2. City council should have let the 24th street project go forward.

Look at the price of platinum, think about what it means, and ask if we can afford to let a totally free market project like 24th street project hang in hiatus.

wtf said...


alvin lundgren said...

Allen Christensen (subject)

"Alvin Lundgren"



The evening of the Republican Convention, I received several phone calls from delegates who advised me that Senator Christensen, in an effort to undermine my bid for his Senate seat, had told them that I had lied about my resume - about my working for the FBI, or for Murray City as a policeman. His efforts were premeditated, and, as I later learned, were repeated at the earlier county conventions. He implied that if I had lied about my work history, what else would I lie about?

During the course of the race, I based my candidacy on political philosophy, facts, on Christensen's voting record, and on his failure to support critical bills concerning illegal immigration. My bid for Senate Seat 19 was, on my part, a clean and honest effort to publish my opponent's position and to compare it to my own platform. Sadly, Senator Christensen succumbed to the idea that it doesn't matter how you win, but that it is acceptable to win at any cost. Christensen chose to use deceit to further his cause. At no time did he approach me concerning my work history, at no time did he raise in any debate my resume. What he did was to create a whisper campaign with the goal of ruining my character. After I learned of his whisper campaign, I called his home, cell and office, and sent letters to Christensen to find out from him whether or not he had engaged in this disparagement. He ignored my communications.

Allen Christensen paid me an unannounced visit at my office on 10.10.2008.

The last contact I had with Allen Christensen was the phone calls and letters I sent him asking for an explanation of why he deceived delegates, telling them I had lied about my employment with the FBI and Murray police in my candidacy for Senate district 19. Those calls and letters were ignored until this encounter.

Christensen stated that he had contacted his attorney, Jack Helgesen, who Christensen said told him to ignore the communications. But this day he was in Morgan and decided to stop by and explain what happened. Christensen said he spoke to a sergeant at Sandy City, who had been there for 35 years and did not know me. When I told Christensen that I worked for Murray City, he said it had been a long time and maybe the sergeant was from Murray. Christensen also said he talked to Sen. Greiner and asked him to check and see if I worked for the FBI. Greiner apparently said he could find no record of that. Thereafter, Christensen said he told delegates that "as far as I know, Lundgren never worked for the police or the FBI." He admitted making those statements at the county and state convention. Yet, he never asked me about my history at any of the meetings where we met during the campaign.

I asked Christensen if he professed to be a good LDS, to which he responded that the was. I then asked him what was the first thing a person should do if they were offended by another, Christensen replied: "Go to that person and talk to them about the offense." I asked Christensen why he did not contact me. He had no answer. (Christensen did not allow me to approach him about my feelings that he had offended me. Apparently his attorney's opinion means more to him than any scriptural admonition.)

"But," he said, "I was just repeating what I was told. I never actually said that you never worked there, only that I had been told there was no record." (Apparently it never occurred to Christensen to actually contact Murray City or the FBI.)

Just to set the record clear, I told Christensen I worked for the FBI between 1970 and 1973 under Russell Calame, Special Agent in Charge. I worked under Chief Calvin Gillem at Murray City in 1974-75. It would have been such a simple thing to ask me to verify.

I then explained to Christensen that he intentionally misled the delegates and that he intended to challenge my character and credibility. I knew that the only reason to make such statements was to assassinate my character, all to insure his re-election. There is no other reason.

Christensen then defended that he wanted to explain what had happened so I knew his side. (Notably, he never apologized.) I told Christensen that his verbal explanation was worthless. Christensen had already damaged my credibility, and my saying that Christensen dropped by to explain what happened would mean nothing to the people whom Christensen had impinged my honesty. I told Christensen that I needed a written apology on his letterhead. I would then at least have some evidence to show those who had been duped by him - and who probably had little respect for me .

Christensen, very red faced, got up without further word and left my office. Apparently he did not want to take responsibility for his actions, and was hoping for a "pass/"

My suggestion to you - Just understand the character of Allen Christensen when you have to deal with him. Remember, he admitted what he had done (at least in part) and still refused to apologize or make amends. Make your own interpretation of what that means. I think Allen Christensen avoids accountability. I would not trust him.

P.S. Christensen explained that one of the reasons why he wanted to be re-elected was to run for Senate leadership. Who would want someone like him leading the Senate? In his State Convention speech, Christensen became very emotional and shed some tears in asking to be re-elected, because he had enjoyed his Senate time so much. It would be a crying shame for him to be elected to any leadership position, let alone have any other position of responsibility, he is way too comfortable with destroying another person's character in order to achieve his goals.

Alvin R Lundgren
Morgan, Ut

North Ogdenite said...

Mr. Lundgren, thank you for this information.

Christensen is a neighbor and you have confirmed my feelings about his character.

A Christensen Constituent said...

Not only is Christensen rude, he doesn't listen to his constituents either. I approached him about a bill that was in the process of going through the mill at the Legislature. He rudely said that he knew about the bill and thought it was good legislation and he would vote for it. This was the bill that Godfrey had his cousin sponsor to do away the Civil Service Commission that protects the police and firefighters from Godfrey firing them at will. He needs to be voted OUT!!

He is a poor public representative (legislator) when he won't listen to his constituents.

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