Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Yet Another Vacant House Burns in the River Project Area

Leshemville continues to go up in smoke

By Drewmeister

I'm disappointed to report yet ANOTHER house burned down in Leshemville - this is two in the last week that I have no idea when they actually burned. That brings the total Leshemville campfires to six. SIX! Six danged houses burned and six times our underfunded Ogden Fire Department had to go in and clean up Godfrey's mess.

When is someone going to do something about this?????????


Curmudgeon said...


When is the SE going to cover it?

Bill C. said...

Drew, don't expect any response from the brass at the fire dept. Chief Mathieu is presently totally engaged with the skipper trying to devise a way to destroy our city owned golf course and redesign and build a new one at taxpayer expense to hand over to some hand picked cronies of the mayors under the guise of a foundation.
As long as our fire chief is willing to haul water in this area for the mayor don't expect any serious looks at the free taxpayer paid demolition going on in your neighborhood.

See the back room deals said...

I guess that when your under funded like gaddi is, lets claim it on fire insurance. A true lesson from the shupe Williams candie factory.
Right Godfrey, wink, wink,

See the back room deals said...

Hey Rudi, Is any one going to cover the culture of corruption that is going on at capitol hill. I heard that the hearing will start to morrow at 9:00 am. This should be a dosssy.

Greg Curtis is running for re-election and his web page tells all about how this is election year politics and no corruption at all. just take a quick look, I beg of you.

drewmeister said...

Wow! I got promoted to the front page! You love me, you really love me! ;-)

Curm: I really have no idea. I wish they would, however.

drewmeister said...

I don't know much about the Fire Chief, I sadly only learned about how corrupt Police Chief Greiner was after he was elected to the state senate. But at this point, it wouldn't surprise me if Godfrey's got his tentacles slithering into every area of the city.

We'll also continue to pay for it, because as Wilkerson's lemmings are proving, all of us in the reality-based community here in Ogden are naysayers who want to do everything to stop godfrey's harebrained, psychotic, loony-toon induced ideas from taking place.

Well, actually, I guess they're right.. I sure as hell don't want to see any more of his psychotic ideas taking shape. All I have to do is look across the street to see what his ideas have brought us so far... -gag-

drewmeister said...

Sorry.. lost my train of thought on my "We'll continue to pay for it.." rant.. (guess that's what that preview button is for, eh?)

What I meant was, as Wilkerson's lemmings are proving, they'll keep screaming until they get their way. All of matty's friends will keep screaming.. It's their livelihood at stake.

drewmeister said...

Number 8.. NUMBER EIGHT!! We now have the eighth house on fire in Leshamville as I type this. We're apparently downwind so my entire house now smells of the sickening stench of burning building. Plumes of smoke are coming out. Rumor has it that one of the houses on this street is filled with tires - which means, if so, my family will get to enjoy these smells for days.

Number 7 was about two hours earlier, next door to this one on Kiesel. This appears to be three houses in a row, because the one next door to #7 burned earlier this year in May.

'Doin a heckuva job here, Matty!

The Fire Dancer said...

Is it a coincidence that when young Matt was a child they had an inordinate number of fires in Harrisville? Little sociopaths like him very often tip their hands very early in life by starting fires. Sometimes they never grow out of it.

curious 1 said...

Why does Ogden PD have these homes posted no trespassing,aren't they private property? Who pays for the signs, patrols, why can't the owner come in and bulldoze all these homes and make the area safe.

Is there special traetment since the city arrranged for the purchase, is it part of another city contract that has gone south?

drewmeister said...

Of course there's special treatment! Toasted House #4 has weeds and grass taller than I am! (granted, I'm about the same height as hizzonah, unfortunately.. but still, far above the 6" limit the rest of us have to maintain!)


Godfrey the Crimefighter is sure doin a heckuva job!

I know said...

Godfrey has told the Firefighters to let them burn.

Kind of makes me wonder if the City is setting them.

drewmeister said...

Yeah.. and makes me wonder how much we (the taxpayers who moronically re-elected this bastard by a sliver of votes) are paying to help out Leshem.

Isn't there some way we can recall this sonofabitch?

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