Thursday, October 09, 2008

Standard-Examiner: "Abortion Bill Wastes Time, Money"

A sample of things to come from newly-appointed editorial page editor Doug Gibson

By Curmudgeon

I thought I'd just mention [given the concerns expressed here recently about Mr. Gibson becoming the editorial pages editor of the Standard-Examiner], that the paper has this morning a reasoned and sensible editorial:

"Abortion Bill Wastes Time, Money"

Nicely composed and soundly argued.


Moroni McConkie said...

It was noteworthy, wasn't it, Curm? Could it be that with an editorial board controlling the shots on that page, Gibson can no longer be such a loose cannon?

It was nice to welcome Gibson's absence on the op-ed page today, although I'm not sure the piece in his old spot, by one Antone Clark, was the most prudent opening act for a new era. Clark's article is bound to provoke infinite hissy fits from Top of Utah citizens who will deny that their religion plays any part in their voting booth decisions.

But three cheers to the demise of Gibson's old schtick, which belonged in a ward newsletter, not in a newspaper with a proud 120-year tradition of public service. There were so many topics Gibson could have explored and done some good with, such as the Marshall White Center or the under-utilized shrewdness and energy in Ogden's Hispanic community. But white supremacy was the lurking meaning in everything Gibson wrote.

Curmudgeon said...


Oh, I don't know, MM. I figure the opinion columns on the op ed page are pretty much nearly anything goes things. I didn't often agree with Mr. Gibson's take on public affirs [though his occasional book review columns were interesting, I thought], but I didn't object to his saying what he did in a signed column. Columnists have a general tendency, very nearly all of them, to be provocative. This morning's certainly was. And on the whole, I think that's a good thing [providing being provocative does not extent to printing flat-out falsehoods a la Ann Coulter and her ilk.]

wilcox is wrong said...

Ryan Wilcox Republican candidate in Leg District #7 said "I am against abortion."

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