Sunday, October 12, 2008

Boring Financial Post

Will a guarantee of Rita's Mexican Food be the next be the next government intervention?

By Danny

It looks like the Sunday Afternoon Rigging is in full force. Now, Europe will guarantee all bank deposits and loans.

Euro nations to guarantee bank refinancing

I mentioned that the US government plan on Friday to buy bank shares was also to game the market for the Sunday Asia market open.

Wow, leave it to the Europeans. Maybe if we wait, the government will guarantee Rita's Mexican Food. Why not?

Sooner or later though, people will stop loaning the government money, or, there won't be any more to loan it!

Like I said it would, the market right now is already up 300 points. But soon, when people start to back away from buying government debt, the financial system worldwide will collapse. Amazing.

Reading the posts below, it's clear I need a more fun hobby. I used to go to football games. Maybe I'll see you there.

Go Red. Go Purple. Go Blue. Go Crimson. Yeah, I remember.


Tec Jonson said...

Danny, Not sure where the Rita's Mexican Foods reference comes from. I shop there regularly and I doubt they will need any govt. help. They represent the essence of American individualism. More likely the govt will be propping up Burger King and Albertsons so the white trash can get their cheetos and whoppers. Incidentally , Rita's makes some of the best fresh corn tortillas in town. I shop local and Rita's is as local as it gets.

danny said...


I agree with your comments about Rita's in essentially all respects.

My point was the federal government is bailing out so many businesses, where will it end? I suspect Rita's will last longer that the federal government's credit rating will.

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