Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Standard-Examiner Touts its 2008 Election Web Resources

Special Bonus: a Dell Schanze video interview

With a mere ten days remaining before the upcoming November 4, 2008 election, we'd like to focus on an interesting "Behind the Headlines" column appearing in this morning's Standard-Examiner, wherein Executive Editor Andy Howell provides his readers with a heads up on a few of the excellent 2008 election resources assembled on the Std-Ex live website. We incorporate the essential paragraphs from this morning's article below:
The camera never blinks. That was the title of Dan Rather’s autobiography. But it is also an illustrative phrase of how video can capture reality better than anything else when it comes to gathering news.
That is evident in the series of 30-minute videos we did of candidates for local and state offices being interviewed by the Standard-Examiner’s Editorial Board.
The tapes are unedited and capture the entire interview the board conducted with the candidates before endorsing anyone in those races. [...].
You can view all the video interviews on our Web site, Simply scroll down the library next to our video player to find an individual interview.
One cautionary note — the video interview of Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Dell Schanze (formerly “Super Dell,” of Totally Awesome Computers fame) is not for the faint of heart, although some may find it highly entertaining. [Emphasis added].
Editor Andy aint just whistling Dixie regarding the entertainment value of the Schanze interview. It's truly a gem. As a special Saturday bonus for our gentle WCF readers, we've incorporated a video player containing that interview here:

Andy also touts another excellent resource appearing on the Std-Ex Live site:
We also have an interactive map on our Web site that allows you to click on the county to bring up stories on each candidate running. Just click on the Utah Voters Guide link under News to reach the map.
To save our readers a few mouse-clicks, we provide a direct link to this helpful resource here:

2008 Elections interactive map

The Std-Ex has expended considerable effort in assembling this useful candidate web information. We'll thus be adding this information to our 2008 Election module in the right sidebar.

Reader comments are invited, as always.


ozboy said...

I think the Standard should edit these video clips. With the exception of Bat Shit Crazy Super Dell, every one I tried to watch was just plain boring. Even the ones with candidates I like and support were dreadful. Talking heads sitting there uncomfortably yaking away trying to fill 30 verrrrry long minutes with the same old bull shit political talking points. 30 minutes without a script and without rehearsal is an eternity for both the candidate and the viewer. Super Dell, with his super ego and big mouth, is the rare exception that can fill thirty minutes of air time with impromptu bull shit!

Take JDell Holbrook in Davis County for instance - a great guy, a real modern day J Golden Kimball, the sort of fellow who is entertaining, smart and an excellent politician for the people. Then when put in the middle of the Standard's incredibly bush league video production he fell flat. Nowhere in his thirty minutes did the real JDell show through. Yet the ever talkative and totally over the top Super Dell was able to break that boring format the Standard uses simply by being off the cuff, nutty, loud and non-stop. He loves the camera and knows how to use the medium, even when faces with an amateur production.

If the Standard is going to make the transition to the computer world complete with video clips, they sure ought to learn how to do it with production values and smart editing, not just turn some intern loose with a video camera.

googleboy said...

The Official J. Golden Kimball Web Site

danny said...

I love Super Dell and think he'd make a great governor. He is a complete jerk but so much more fun than the elitist scum we usually have.

I loved the Golden Kimball quotes (above).

Here is another interesting quote from the week just past.

“The UK is possibly facing the biggest financial crisis in human history, according to Bank of England Deputy Governor Charles Bean… ‘We have had bank crises in the past but what is unique about this event is its sheer scale. It is global. It originated in the United States but its tentacles have spread across the world. Particularly in the last six weeks when financial markets really ground to a halt, and trust in the financial positions of a whole range of institutions have come into question. This is a once in a lifetime crisis, and possibly the largest financial crisis of its kind in human history’.”

He didn't mention that the UK is also rapidly exhausting its North Sea oil, that is really the only thing that kept them out of the Dark Ages for the past 30 years. All is changed, changed utterly. A terrible beauty is born.

chop shop said...

If only Super Dells parents would have had a A word. Then maybe i could get the last 26 min of my life back. What a freaking nut job.

change is in the air said...

This guy is totally how the republicans think at the legislature. When ever I have visited the capitol this is so how they think.
This why the state is full of bribes, and this is why all the republicans will lose, they are just nut jobs

church or state said...

Is this running for prophet?

PPK said...

Eeek. He makes some good points....if you are indeed voting for a prophet, I suppose. Don't get me wrong, I would appreciate some morals built into politics. But if those morals are based soley one religious belief, hmmm...doesn't seem very "people oriented". But least Dell does say what I kind of have the feeling other politicians would love to say, but just can't risk this type of criticism for it. Sadly, I can't watch the whole keeps crashing my system. :( But the first 10 mins or so were interesting.....

Myrna said...


You didn't miss anything. The last 20 minutes was the same as the first 10. A spirited ramble about murdering babies, his right wing religious beliefs and more hype about how "freaking" great he is. Oh yes, he did use the term "bung hole" a couple of times as in just where those who do not share his beliefs can shove stuff.

PPK said...

Well! Most intoxicating, for sure.
Is it too late to go find Ross Perot? LOL

bullet sponge said...

I agree with ppk. Although the messenger (Mr. Schanze) has a history of some erratic behavior, some of the message was good. Although all the religious talk turns me off. Libertarians have some excellent ideas. Now if they could just get rid of the "whacko/conspiracy" members who have glommed onto them lol.

change is in the air... Have a napkin you've got some froth on your mouth.

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