Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ogden Arson Update

The Standard-Examiner finally gets around to vigorously reporting a story they've neglected for months

Two more items in the Standard-Examiner today, regarding the wave of Leshemville River Project arson fires, which the Std-Ex failed to report for several months:

"Ogden hunts for arsonist"
"City set to demolish structures next week"

It's great to see the Std-Ex finally knocking themselves out on this story, wethinks.

Although we confess we haven't been attending crime conferences fo 35 years, we're wondering whether it might be prudent for Chief Greiner to set up a stakeout around 1837 Kiesel Ave.

After all, the same pyromaniac moron has shown up three friggin days in a row.

Just a thought.

And what say our gentle readers about all this?


Monotreme said...

I haven't been attending crime conferences for the last 35 years, either, Rudi, but I do have a question.

Cui bono?

drewmeister said...

Sorry for the delay, last couple of days have been busy.

Regarding stakeout, I noticed a police cruiser parked in the shadows keeping an eye on 18th St last night. Or trying to catch speeders. Hopefully the former.

Regarding the "it's-about-fucking-time" demolition, who is footing the bill for the demolition? (thanks monotreme for my new vocabulary word to disorient my republican relatives even more, btw ;-) )

And what about the houses that have burned, did they have asbestos in them? (Seems likely.. though I wasn't present during 90% of the time asbestos was in frequent use, from what I understand they put it in just about everything from popcorn ceilings, floor tile and drywall to breakfast cereal and underwear. [Well, ok, maybe not cereal and underwear.. but i wouldn't be surprised..]) If these houses did have asbestos, it seems awfully convenient to burn the place to ashes and rid the need for asbestos abatement.

It's my understanding from a highly reputable source with uncompromising integrity -cough- that asbestos was used even through the 1980's. Despite knowing for many years prior that asbestos could cause horrific health problems. Ah, but what importance can lung cancer have in the face of unbridled capitalism?

drewmeister said...

Cui Bono.. Sonny's brother

Lester said...

Of all the female body parts
I like the asbestos.

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