Saturday, July 11, 2009

Emerald City Saturday News Roundup

A reminder of tonight's Peery's Egyptian Theater birthday bash; and there's word of a new Godfrey scheme to move Ogden's poor folks to "the boondocks"

Once again it's a slow news Saturday, but we believe there are still a couple of local news items in this morning's Standard-Examiner worthy of note.

1) We'd like to once again provide a reminder of tonight's Peery's Egyptian Theater 85th Anniversary event. The Standard-Examiner carries a new story this morning which, among other things, touts tonight's premiere of a Standard-Examiner documentary on the 75-year history of Ogden's Pioneer Days celebrations. Read all about it here:
Ogden's Pioneer Days video premiere tonight
As an added bonus, this story also reels off a list of other Ogden Pioneer Days-related events which will be happening in and around Ogden today, in which connection we'll highlight one listed civic function which might be interesting for those of you who might be ambling around the Union Station area early in the afternoon:
French Merci Boxcar rededication
1 p.m. at Union Station, 2501 Wall Ave.; free admission; permanent display of boxcar sent by French to the U.S. as a thank-you for aid after World War II.
We're singling out this because we received some interesting background info on the subject, via an email from one of our alert and gentle readers:
Council Chair Amy Wicks will accept for the from the Union Station Foundation an old refurbished box car. Look for two U.S. flags flying and you will find the box car. The Foundation has received a couple of grants to help with refurbishing and placing the box car (the oldest railroad car at Union Station). RAMP Funds have been received for a roof to cover and protect it from the weather. A program and ceremony have been planned for the occasion. The public is invited.
(Note: The Mayor flatly turned down the offer to accept the box car for the City, and said that none of his staff were available either.)
We'd like to offer Councilwoman Wicks a hearty Weber County Forum Tip O' The Hat, for stepping up on behalf of Ogden City, to mitigate what appears to have been another hubris-filled Godfrey snub. While good manners are in apparent short supply up on the ninth floor of City Hall, we're always delighted to observe the constant graciousness of City Council members such as Amy.

If you make over to the Union Station ceremony at 1:00, be sure to give Amy the thumbs up.

2) Once again, the Standard-Examiner announces the latest news in re Boss Godfrey's obsession to rid the downtown Ogden area of "unsightly poor folks. " Yes, Ace Reporter Schwebke reports that once again, Boss Godfrey is working on a scheme to move the St. Anne's Center to the "boonies." Unlike the last go-round however, it appears that at least one member of St. Anne's management team may actually be "on board," at least in concept. Here's Mr. Schwebke's full story, for those who'd like to read up. Strangely, this is the top front page story in the Std-Ex hardcopy edition; but it somehow didn't make it to the Std-Ex "Live" website:
Ogden, shelter deal in works
And yes... Boss Godfrey's crackpot velodrome scheme is also mentioned by Mr. Schwebke:

That's it for now, gentle readers.

Don't let the cat get your tongues.


Astounded at Godfrey's Political Ineptitude said...

With his continuing self-centered hubris, Mayor Godfrey continues to alienate his supporters one by one.

During the last month, he's pissed off citizens all over town, with his ham-handed mishandling of the Marshall White Center.

Today, he's now publicly insulted the members of the the Union Station Foundation, a group composed of many politicly connected Ogden Citizens.

I wouldn't give Godfrey a plug nickel on a bet for his prospects of electing anyone to the council running on the "Godfrey Ticket" this 2009 municipal election year.

Of course, in his favor, he probably still has all two of the Descente/"Geiger" votes.

Danny said...

It's also interesting that Godfrey still talks of the velodrome, even thought the city council placed it very low on the capital list, insuring it will not be funded.

(Even had they not, there is no money for another downtown mega-fiasco.)

Yet, Godfrey still talks of it, as he still talks of the Gondola.

"A mayor who is clearly living in a fantasy land and who routinely clashes with public minded people who are living in reality. A mayor who lies as a normal course of business."

Yes, that is really going to warm people up on Ogden, isn't it?

In reality, those who invested in godfreyism are starting to feel like they've been taken for a ride.

But remember, as his supporters back slowly away, it only PROVES he is right. After all, is that not what happens to those who are doing the Lord's work? Godfrey cannot be persuaded; he is the chosen one.

George K said...

I made it to the Union Station for the presentation of the boxcar. Chair Wicks did a great job of representing the City and it meant more because she briefly related stories of her dad and uncle who were in France and Italy during WW II. Jack McDonald also spoke and accepted the boxcar for the Union Station Foundation.

Dale Pendleton, a WWII Vet, spoke and told of riding in a boxcar across France after landing at Normandy. An American-Japanese veteran spoke and told of his experiences during WWII. He said that he was born in California and the federal government moved his family to Arizona. He tried joining several branches of the armed services and was turned down three times. The Army finally did draft him and his older brother and he served in an experimental regiment made up of American-Japanese soldiers.

t was a very interesting program and tribute was paid to veterans of WW I and II.

The several veteran groups in Weber County did a great job of refurbishing the old boxcar, and they said that they’re not done with the job yet. Be sure to look for this boxcar when you’re in the vicinity. It is north of the parking lot on the north end of the Union Station on a gravel pad that was nicely prepared for it. The French and American flags both fly on the street side of the boxcar, and flood lights will shine on the street car at night.

Amy WICKS said...

Correction- My maternal grandfather was in WWII, One great uncle was the first Nstive American pilot, another was in the 10th Mountain Divison in Italy. My dad served two tours in Vietnam. It was an honor to be part of the event.

Joe Jones said...

Kudos to Chair Wicks for presiding over yesterday's boxcar event. I'm at a loss for all the "pomp & circustance" directed at Chair Wicks for being at this one event, for her past record would show that her attendance at these type affairs have been few and far between. She purposely missed the Junction Dedication, which was attended by local, state and business capital investors (Larry Miller, etc.) as a protest against the Mayor/Administration. Therefore, I have to smile at all of these good tidings directed to Chair Wicks for getting out there this one time. But, I'm happy she did. She, as Chair (or Member) should make as many as possible, regardless of who initiated the affair (as should the Mayor or Patterson).

This comes to remind me that it's "filing time." Occassionally, I read this blog and see that it is filled with anti-administration posts. Some, like this David guy, Monotreme, Jason W & Bill C, actually present thought out and significant arguments, if one reads between the lines and pays little attention to the obvious anti-adminstration railing, done for railing's sake. What I'm wondering is why none of these guys throws his or her hat into the ring so they can ACTUALLY work their cause on the Council. I believe they's get more traction there than blowing off their anti-adminstration smoke here.

Maybe they should get involved for real, huh?

Just a thought.

OgdenLover said...

Serving on City Council is more than a part-time job. People with demanding day jobs often just don't have the time to serve.

monotreme said...

Joe Jones:

Thanks, I think, for the back-handed and somewhat passive-aggressive praise you offer me.

I would take issue with the characterization of my posts as "railing, done for railing's sake." I'm sorry you feel that way about it. When I post, I do so with the intent of making Ogden City government more open and transparent. If you see that as "railing, done for railing's sake", then I feel sorry for you and others who feel that way, to be lost in such nihilism.

The thing is, I'm quite happy with my Ward 4 representative, Caitlin Gochnour. Of the at-large seats currently up for election, I will definitely work for, and vote for, Susie Van Hooser for At-Large A and I am sanguine that someone I can support with file for At-Large B.

So you see, there's really no way I would need to run for council, unless I first moved to one of the other Wards. Mrs. Monotreme has already forbidden that course of action.

monotreme said...

Correction: I meant to say

...I am sanguine that someone I can support will file for At-Large B.

OgdenLover said...

I turned on Ch 17 late Saturday night. There was the Mayor, in a repeat of his Call-in Show, explaining patiently how the City Council had gone so far as to hire an outside lawyer to help them figure out how to circumvent the Strong Mayor form of government. No wonder Amy is being cautious! Right now it is his free (on our tax dollars) propaganda organ.

Joe Jones said...


I should not have categorized you in the "railing for railings sake" category. My apologies. Your posts are quite astute and I should not have lumped you in with those who find fault regardless of what the initiative is.

I also agree, you have to keep the wife happy, especially when it comes to a residence change. Caitlin is doing quite an acceptable job, which, when one comes right down to it, is serving the people, regardless of the politics.

Again....sorry about the oversight.

Amy Wicks said...

Joe Jones-

I missed the groundbreaking for the recreation center due to a work conflict on that day, however, I was able to attend the opening ceremony. It's not politics, it's simply the reality of working full time when events are held during usual work hours. I didn't agree with the funding for the rec center project, but it's important to accept it, move on and hope that it succeeds.

I used vacation time to attend the groundbreaking ceremonies for the Treehouse Museum, Bingham Cyclery in the River Project and the veterans nursing home. This past week I used half a day of vacation time to attend an afternoon-long multi agency streetcar meeting. I know some of my fellow councilmembers make similar sacrifices of vacation hours or time spent with family. As a "part time" councilperson you do what you can within what your schedule allows. Sometimes that means missing an event.

DAP said...

Actually, the reason is actually a little more simple why they don't run...they don't live in Ogden.

Joe said...

If they don't live inOgden, they don't vote in Ogden, then why do they complain about Ogden's politics in such vociferous ways?

Ah, the First Amendment, right (pardon the play on word)?

George K said...


Chair Wicks often attends/participates in numerous events in Ogden. The reason she was being praised for participation on behalf of the City is because our socially inept Mayor refused the invitation to accept the boxcar, and did not have any one of his overpaid "yes" men earn some of their ridiculous salary.

Thanks, Chair Wicks! We appreciate you.

Mrs. Monotreme said...

Actually, Joe, we DO live in Ogden. How about you?

Joe Jones said...

I'm a resident of Ogden, I vote in all elections and I find myself both agreeing and disagreeing with both sides regarding the Ogden issues.

By reading the complete thread, you might have picked up on the fact that I was merely commenting on DAP's posts, wherein he mentioned the reason the complainers don't throws their respective hats in the ring is because they don't live in Ogden. Well, DUH! Then why are they so concerned about Ogden politics and why are their posts so insultingly inflamitory?

I also commented that I inadvertently included Monotreme in that group, I shouldn't have, AND I apologized for my error.

It's too bad that those who hold mayorial grudges aren't just a little more dignified in their criticism. I find that Monotreme's posts are well thought out and very respectable.

I hope this puts you at ease, maam.

ozboy said...

Yo Joe

I don't live in Ogden either. However, I do - and have over the years - paid a grundle in property taxes to the city. Does that make me qualified to express my opinion on how incredibly incompetent and dishonest I think the mayor is in spending that tax money?

Does having Ogden as one's home town qualify a person to voice their opinion, or do they have to currently reside within the city limits to do that?

How about if I just drive through once in a while and get victimized by the mayor's speed trap program? Can I bitch a little then?

Or what if I am a taz payer in some other city in Weber county that has to pay a higher rate because all taxes in the county take a hit over the outrageous tax benefits that Friends of Matt enjoy because of the myriad of loser RDA deals the mayor has blundered into? (Yes, Ogden's RDA blunders do in fact negatively effect all tax payers in Weber County - and to a lesser extent the whole state)

What if I am one of those rare people that just can't stand evil, self absorbed, hubris laden power crazed politicians who routinely deals out public money to their pals in secret behind closed door dealings? Can I complain just a little about that? or do I have to remain silent because I don't live within the city limits?

If Brigham city gets taken over by an alien biker gang who loot and rape the town should I give a squat because I don't live within the Brigham city limits?

How about the nutty Sheriff in Pheonix who dresses his inmates in pink underwear and makes them sleep in tents, should I care one way or the other cause I don't live there? (PS - I kinda like the sheriff and his MO!)

I just have this urge to tell the world what I think of the evil Matt Godfrey - the most dishonest and incompetent politician in Utah history - but if it offends you I won't - cause I don't live in Ogden.

Joe Jones said...

Yo Ozboy, back

Nowhere did I write that one needs to live in Ogden in order to voice his or her opinion. My premise is why, if one is not DIRECTLY effected by Ogden's political mahinations, are those who oppose the Mayor so insulting livid toward him in their blog posts.?.

Certainly, they have the right to post, comment, etc., as do you, a non-resident but a property owner nevertheless (didn't Steve Larsen, former council candidate provide some information about your property years ago?).

The whole point of this thread was why don't those so opposed to Godfrey either run against him or run for office, instead of constantly railing about him on the blog. Merely a question.

And yes, I wondered how long it would take someone to raise the issue of residency. And finally, here you are. Ain't it great?

Jake said...

Don't mess with Ozboy, Svengali/Joe.

Consider his AWESOME brain-pan capacity... he's a real humble and fairly typical Ogden Homeboy with a typically large Homeboy brain brain, after all. Here's a special warning", BTW:

Ozboy is someone who can seriously kick your ass physically, Joe, with one hand tied behind his back. Wile doing this, he'll also put your girlfriend willingly on his daily dates list at the same time, since he's exceedingly RICH.

Show some respect, Svengali/Joe.

Ignore this advice to your peril.

no matt said...

if saint annes were the desert industries there is no way they would have to move. saint annes atrracts a bad element. they are moving because of their ties to the secret combenation religions our profits warned us about. it is good that godfrey is keeping us away from the catholic peril.

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