Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ogden Pioneer Days Post Mortem

Whatever happened to the Budweiser Clydesdales?

For Ogden Pioneer Days parade buffs, the Standard-Examiner carries a post-parade story this morning, along with a way too short photo slideshow. Conspicuously absent from both Loretta Parks's otherwise fairly decent report however, and the slideshow too, was any documentation of the participation of the Budweiser Clydesdale "hitch," arguably the most prominent, visually impressive and professionally trained parade unit in America. As a sort of consolation prize however, Std-Ex readers were treated to an image of a "loose" parade formation of local LDS missionaries, attired in "summer dress" uniforms and "marching" along Washington Boulevard in route step.

Go figure.


althepal said...

LOL, Rudi. First time I've ever seen a parade of Mormon missionaries referred to as "loose."

monotreme said...

Re: picture #9 in slideshow. We can tell it wasn't one of Godfrey's minions that made the float, because "Ogden Then" would've been crime-ridden and filthy. "Ogden Now" looks pretty high-adventure, though. Maybe that's why so many people ran for City Council.

Curmudgeon said...


I was wondering the same thing you were, especially after the SE managed to post no film clip of the Clydesdales' performance at Thursday night's rodeo. Nada. And not so much as a mention in today's article, much less a picture. Go figure.

With all the unique and interesting entries the parade had to offer, we get instead a picture of walking [not marching] missionaries in black pants, white shirts, dark ties. That's certainly what I was hoping to see when I opened my paper this morning. [Not!] Plus the back of a Councilwoman's head in a car. Great photo selection, guys.

But hey, it could be worse. Right up at the start of the parade, just after the Clydesdales, parade watchers were treated to the imposing sight of Cong. Radiation Rob Bishop tooling down the street in an antique car [seemed fitting]. The Hon. [?] Congressman Bishop has not been missing too many meals lately, it seems. He might be well advised to occasionally turn down some of those five-star dinners his lobbyist pals are paying for one way or another.

Curmudgeon said...

Farmers Market:

Got there just after nine this morning. Not jammed, but nice crowds up in the park. Many more growers than were there this early last year. Good selections/prices on cob corn, green beans, squash, peppers, carrots, cukes. Thin on fruit. Apricots, one or two vendors with peaches, watermelons and some cherries on offer. That was about it. Potatoes available but pricey. Didn't see Beehive Cheeses there.

After, did coffee and a slice at Great Harvest store, sat out front, people watching. Sad to discover that an upper 25th Street institution of many years --- Panhandlers --- is going out of business. Really sorry to lose that shop. [Owner retiring.]

Left about 10:30, crowds still pretty good up in the park area, and building slightly. All told, for a "regular" [non-event] Market, seemed to be doing pretty well. Good. Lots of dogs as usual, all friendly. And Sundance, of course. No rabbits.

Good [and cool, early] morning. We toyed with doing FR down to the SL market, but stayed here instead. Good choice.

Val Holley said...

I understand Panhandlers's space is already spoken for, by a health food store. To Panhandlers, a fond farewell. It was always a good place to buy wedding gifts. Let's hope this new business materializes soon. Empty storefronts along 25th are bad news.

Beth Schlanker said...

Maybe SE photographer Beth Schlanker averted her eyes and camera lens when the Budweiser Beer Wagon, with its beer advertisements and hundreds of cases of beer and big stud horses drove by within a block or so of the Ogden Temple.

It's a natural reaction for many of us here in Utah, after all.

Ever think of that?

sleepy said...

So true Val (empty storefronts along 25th are bad news). 25th Street is the heart of Ogden, I suppose as it goes so too does Ogden. I couldn't help but notice all the empty storefronts along Washington Blvd at the parade yesterday. Too bad Ogden City has invested sooooo much $ over the years "renewing" the mall blocks. If the City would've had some foresight (as they did w/ 25th Street) and preserved the buildings where the mall site is and the surrounding area and spent money improving the existing buildings and infrastructure (instead of the massive urban renewal projects they've undertaken) then Ogden's downtown, IMHO, would be one of the bests of the West.

Curmudgeon said...


Thanks for the heads up on another food/cooking related shop taking the Panhandlers space. [Ah, a truly good pun-as-store-name bites the dust though.]

RudiZink said...

(Hint to the little potty mouth troll who figured he'd found a high tech way to get past the WCF automatic troll-zapper.)

After three weeks of rounbdabout attempts, you still don't have a single one of your 200 or so potty mouth posts standing On Weber County Forum. If you had a half-brain (which you don't), you'd of course recognise the "trend." But of course you don't.

Tough luck, Kid, It's obvious that you don't have the brains to be a high-tech troll.

Don't quit your day job btw, Kid, which most likely involves sweeping the floors for your "dad" at Descente Headquarters.

Suffice it say that I'm laughing my ass off at your dumb ass, along with all the readers of Weber County Forum.

Just asking said...

So Rudi, would you mind providing at least a sample of what you're deleting from this so called "troll"?

RudiZink said...

Well since you asked politely...

No problem, JA. I'll provide a sampling from yesterday. Before you click this link however, I'll rely upon you to certify that you're:
1) not of an emotionally sensitive nature, and,
2) of legal age under Utah law for the receipt of adult material(eighteen)and also,
3) reasonably capable of reading serial potty mouth without laughing too hard out loud at a mental midget who works incessantly to make an ass outta himself:

Sicko Troll Posts from 7/24/09

This is of course, (Ill again remind you), a small sampling of the hundreds of posts and similar material that this Godfreyite cretin has tried to post hundreds of times over the past few weeks.

Due to his unique internet access configuration, I've been unable to ban him outright with our trusty WCF Troll zapper... but we've pretty much emasculated him manually.

Have at it, O gentle ones.

ozboy said...


Who would ya rather have to turn to when the shinola hits the fan here in the ladder days, A haggle of MoMo Missionaries or a hitch of big ol fat horses? Them horses might haul your beer, but them Missionaries will haul your sinnin ass all the way up to heaven's 1st degree.

RudiZink said...

HAY Ozboy! I certainly was not knocking them missionaries, but I nevertheless maintain that them world-famous nags deserved at least equal billing.

Bill C. said...

Potty mouthed geigerian trolls, are they really spawn of geiger?
Is there a name for baby potatos?
I guess since no campain yard signs are out yet, this is how shordeck and the boys ramp up their early campaining.
Vulgarity aside, this troll's ability to convey a coherent thought is amazingly lacking, just like one of shortdeck's op-ed's.
In fairness I will acknowlege that these poor fools will need a new mantra this go round, the "look at all the great high adventure progress" ain't going fool too many now. What's a godfreyite to do?

Danny said...


After scanning the troll posts, I guess I can say it's wonderful the sort of people Matt Godfrey has brought to Ogden.

Perhaps some of Rupert Hitzig's Hollywood lowlifes?

But I have trouble seeing Bob Geiger saying such things - other than the fact that those potty mouth posts are equally incoherent to Bob Geiger's writing.

If the posts did come from Bobby G, he is far worse than even Godfrey. But the poster did let slip what it is that really appeals to him about little Matty. We have always wondered.

Birds of a feather . . .

Curmudgeon said...


Danny said: "I have trouble seeing Bob Geiger saying such things."

So do I. As Danny also noted, the rambling incoherence is not unlike some of Mr. BG's fevered mass emailings and SE pieces. But the content and language? I doubt it.

drewmeister said...

He's not very creative, is he. Same things over and over. Also it seems remarkable the number of times he's referenced homosexuality by demonstrating his obsessive homophobia. Projection, I say. Just trying to hide his internalized fears. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much..

drewmeister said...

And yes, I know that it's mis-quoted, I googled it after I'd sent the comment. So sue me...

drewmeister said...

"I will locate him within 30 minutes and he will never - I repeat, never - stand up to piss again ..."

I would pay tickets to go see that event.

Bill C. said...

Hey guys, there is more geigerian spawn than shortdeck.
There's the jib jib kid, that collected junk and $5000 from mom's City sponsored high adventure idea give-away to create a hangout in Cutrubus' warehouse on Grant.

Could be the language of skate and snow boarders. There is a certain supporter of the mayors, one that's been known to conspire with shortdeck and dabbles in rental properties seen often with g-train that rumors abound attesting to the behavior mentioned in those potty mouthed posts.
We've all seen how most efforts become a family project with the geigers. Recall the episode at the Dee events center, Kami acting as an election official, shortdeck and potato nose actively campaining, inside and out, mounting many voter challenges. Maybe they drafted the younger ones into dis-service, who knows?
Gear up folks, another wild Ogden City election is just around the corner.

Don't Mess with My Constitutional Right! said...

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Blake Fowers. He is a low-life Godfrey Goon! And he has a bad mouth so I wouldn't put it pass him to be Rudi's Troll.

In case you don't remember, he's the offender of people's Constitutional right to vote. With or without a potty mouth, he is the lowest of scumballs!

Curmudgeon said...


Those Troll posts are the product of one sick demented puppy. I'd be very reluctant, Bill, to attribute posts like those to anyone without very strong evidence that they were responsible. Whoever put them up, Bill, is to be pitied, not despised.

I wouldn't even attribute stuff that depraved to Walter O'Malley [who, if there is a God and He is just, is even as I type roasting in Hades.]

Bill C. said...

Curm, my response was preceded by Rudi's mention of a local "Ski" attire sales office, one that has all ready established itself as a bastion of ruthless dishonest and very foolhearty geigers, what more can I say.

The SKI is Beautiful Blue

Rammy said...

Hey Trollboy! How much is Godfrey paying you to disrupt this board?

Clyde the Glide said...

Go get em Bill

Rafiki said...

I agree with Curm - Pretty embarrassing for the person that did write all that. Even more so that Rudi probably has a good idea who it is.


Machster said...

It is a pitty that those who would write such on public bathroom walls have learned to type on a computer.

I say let Parker loose on the sick-o jerk!

Curmudgeon said...


Or we can hope the kid's mom discovers that he's pretending to be a grown up on line and grounds him. Middle school will be starting up again soon and that may leave him less time to post.

common sense said...

While it's sad this idiot chooses to write such garbage, you can't trace an individual from an IP address. An IP address only tells who the internet service provider is

LA Dodger Fan said...

"I wouldn't even attribute stuff that depraved to Walter O'Malley [who, if there is a God and He is just, is even as I type roasting in Hades.]"

If the Dodgers make it through the playoffs this year to play the Yankees, who will you be rooting for? Brooklyn Bums, or the Yanks?

Go Dodger Blue!

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