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Yesterday's Emerald City News Today

Powderville fund raising update; reprise of a strong election 2009 letter

There's not much happening on the Emerald City political news front this morning, so just to keep the discussion going, we'll highlight a couple of items which have been been more or less languishing on the the Standard-Examiner "Live" website during the past few days:

First, as a followup to the Powder Mountain update which we published on Sunday, the Std-Ex carries this information-rich Di Lewis piece, reporting on the Powderville 120's fund raising drive:
Powder Mountain fight continues
This story has gathered a fair number of Std-Ex reader comments. Perhaps a few of our readers would be interested in moseying over there to throw in their own two cents.

Secondly, we'll once again highlight this strong Matthew Campbell Letter, which gentle reader Bill C. linked in an update to this WCF article on Monday:
Vote for new council to "reign" in Godfrey
This letter made it to the hard-copy edition Letters to the Editor column this morning, so we thought if would be fitting to give it a reprise, and provide the opportunity for our readers to give it a second look.

And before closing, we'll again make note of this blockbuster WCF story, which has not yet found its way into onto either the Std-Ex's electronic or paper & ink pages. We'll be keeping a close eye on this, in the hope that this story will not remain conspicuous in its absence from Std-Ex reporting in upcoming days. And now that we've brought this issue up, would anyone like to lay odds on whether the Std-Ex will try to bury this story?

That's it for now, gentle readers. Comment on any of the above... or treat this as an open topic thread.


Twitboy said...

I don't know if the S-E is going to bury this story. Maybe Mr. Schwebke finds it as boring as he does all other aspects of Ogden City Government, for example, citizens complaining about being shut out of the Marshall White process and planning commission meetings.

I give you: Scott Schwebke's Twitter feed from the last few weeks. The contempt for citizen input is palpable (see, for example, #9) whereas Bachman Turner Overdrive is interesting.


At lagoon theme park with the family
about 21 hours ago from txt

Ogden City Council may star in its own realty TV show. Read it here later at
10:18 AM Jul 10th from web

@mdmcelwain Yeah Mike I remember that you were with me. Roanoke Ave., right?
1:12 PM Jul 5th from web

Story at
4:38 AM Jul 3rd from web

Stiff on a skiff. Cops have to use air boat to retrieve corpse from campground.
4:38 AM Jul 3rd from web

Watching cops load body of dead guy from boat into patrol car. Interesting.
2:58 AM Jul 3rd from txt

So the planning commission has suddenly stopped to have diner. What about my deadline?
6:28 AM Jul 2nd from txt

Listening to mind numbing planning commisson disscussion about water tank
4:46 AM Jul 2nd from txt

More people complaining to city council about marshall white deal.yawn.So whats new
5:20 AM Jul 1st from txt

@randycbachman Have been a huge fan ever since seeing BTO at Orange Bowl in 74 or 75. Keep rocking!
6:04 AM Jun 28th from web

City employee gets double scoop of taxpayer funds.
5:52 AM Jun 28th from web

SL Trib finally covers MWC budget issue. Trib-If you're going to follow the S-E find a new angle..Don't be so lazy.. .
9:44 AM Jun 20th from web

Cant really explain wifes actions. Will post strange pics later.
11:32 AM Jun 14th from txt

Wife dances on stage with southern culture on skids,throws fried chicken to audience
11:22 AM Jun 14th from txt

covering hill air force base air show. Waiting for thunderbirds
1:49 AM Jun 8th from txt

Councilwoman jeske has got gum, but does she have enough for everyone? Nope
5:32 AM Jun 5th from txt

Everbody at council meeting wearing earth tones. Hello its summer. Time to break out the sassy hawaiian shirts girlfriend!
5:05 AM Jun 5th from txt

Whats with the city councils fashion? Everbody wearing earth tones. Hello its summer. Time to break out the sassy hawaiian shirts girlfr ...
4:58 AM Jun 5th from txt

Waiting for the start of syracuse jr high academic awards ceremony. Wondering what daughter lauryn won?
5:44 AM Jun 4th from txt

Mayor Godfrey and Councilman Garcia in verbal smack down. Read about Wed. at
9:22 AM Jun 3rd from web

watching said...

Is Mr. Schwebke an Idiot?

Your above evidence would strongly suggest that.

Weighing the Information said...

This above info is highly enlightening , twitboy.


This proves that Schwebke is definitely an idiot.

blackrulon said...

I find it interesting that he critizes the Trib for following the S-E (#12) How many times has he taken a lead or followed a story that came from a WCF post? The city is in financial troubles, empty storefronts, abandoned big box stores and destroyed riverfront neighborhoods but no interest from the leadership of the S-E. We deserve better from our local newspaper.

ozboy said...

I am hopin - with this new official revelation from the RDA that all the Wizardly Mayor's grand plans have come crashing down - that we, the tax payers who are footing the bill, will finally see a comprehensible cash flow and balance sheet on the Junction.

You know, a good old fashioned bean counting.

How much money is really in the deal and where did it come from

What are the terms of repayment.

How much is the monthy/yearly nut - things like bond payments, insurance, operating costs, etc.

How much is the monthly/yearly income - things like property sales, rents from the fat cat and gold guys, rents from the eating joints and yes - the odious tax increment business.

What money comes in from the Theaters?

I think if this basic and publicly owned information is revealed in a manner that us common folks can wrap our brains around we will all just see how utterly incompetent that Mr. Godfrey and his million dollar dream team have been these last five years.

curious 1 said...

OZ, I have been asking to no avail. Is it true the city owns all of the gym equipment and we lease it to Golds? When anything breaks at the Junction does the city have to repair it?

Are the lease payments required if there are no profits from the businesses? I ask this since it was revealed that there are no income from lease payments due, the Taxing Entity Committee Meeting minutes mentioned this.

sleepy said...

Oh, the Standard will cover the story but in a muddled fashion spinning it positively in the Mayor's direction.

disgusted said...

i cant wait to see how the se and i know they will put a positive spin on this story.
something like city negotiates more favorable rates with the county for a longer term when it comes to revenue sharing.

see, I Told you so said...

Well, Well, I hate to tell everyone I told you so, but, I told you so. This is the crap that we will have to put up with til we see a veteran public servant that really understands the role of government and how crooked the current admin. is.

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