Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Morning Emerald City News Roundup

Zero political red meat; but still plenty of interesting stuff

Here are a few more Standard-Examiner items which might be worthy of reader discussion, as we enjoy what could be (at least for some of us), a ten day Ogden Pioneer Days "long weekend."

As gentle reader Curmudgeon reported in last night's comments section (Final Score: Broncs 9, Riders 1), the Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo is going gangbusters. The Std-Ex has several new rodeo related pieces in its hard-copy and electronic edition this morning, from which we'll select this one, which reports that in spite of our nation's ongoing economic recession, U.S. home town rodeos like Ogden City's are booming:
No wonder the vast majority of rodeos are thriving. Even though some sponsors have pulled out and a handful of rodeos have been shuttered this summer, attendance is up about 12 percent for each of the two major circuits, the Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association and Professional Bull Riders.
Now let us see... where have we seen that same paragraph before? Oh yeah, here (second paragraph below the Google ad).

And in related news, we were delighted to read Jessica Schreifels Miller's front page story, reporting that the Budweiser Clydesdales will be appearing at tonight's rodeo, along with various other Pioneer Day venues over the next couple of days. If you haven't had a chance during your lifetime to see these magnificent animals up front and personal, you owe it to yourself and your kids to learn what the words powerful and gigantic really mean.

And there's good news for Boss Godfrey too, as Scott Schwebke announces this morning that long-time mayoral nemesis Bruce Edwards has apparently thrown in the towel, and is making preparations to "get outta Dodge." If Godfrey plays his cards right, he might be able to swing a deal through one of his California investor groups, finagle an RDA teaser grant, and put some newer and more mayor-friendly owners in charge of another typical project to gut a venerable Ogden hotel, recycle electrical wiring and other salvageable components and prepare it for demolition. Opportunity knocks, Mayor Godfrey. We trust you won't miss this golden opportunity to send that persistent "burr under your saddle" to a beach thousands of miles from Ogden.

And we'll dub this final Std-Ex story the very coolest of the day. According to this Top of Utah section Jessica Schreifels Miller story, an Ogden couple has scored a true home makeover coup, by recycling old skis to creatively replace their former vinyl fence. Not only have they admirably found a use for obsolete ski equipment which might otherwise have found its way to a landfill, they've also created a possible urban landmark which cleanly dovetails with Ogden City's main theme, "Recreation Capitol of the Universe." And here's an interesting tidbit, we think. Years ago your blogmeister was employed in the ski industry and is familiar with much of the equipment which is displayed in this morning's front page graphic image. And having looked at the array of ski gear nailed to those fenceposts, we'll offer our informed opinion that these fencing materials sold at original retail for a combined price of over 10,000 bucks! Not cheap fencing at all, if you really think about it. Also a good source of future spare parts.

A Weber County Forum Tip O' The Hat this morning to Ogden residents Joel Fillion and Angie Galloway. We believe this is most certainly just what the doctor ordered for your ritzy Marilyn Drive neighborhood:

That's it for now, gentle readers. Don't let the cat get your tongues.


RudiZink said...

Here's another personal anecdote. If you look at the marvelous jpg graphic link at the foot of today's WCF article, you'll spot a half a pair of of "Olin Mark IV's... a cheesy "short ski" product which was heavily marketed in the "winter sports market" by the Olin Chemical Company during the late eithies.

The last time your blogmeister had these extremely inefficient skis clamped on his ski boots (I'd borrowed a pair fron a California ski shop) was back around 1973, which was the last time that I learned that poor old Curt Geiger wasn't really a skier, but rather a snow plow pansey.

monotreme said...

I, too, remember the Olin Mark IVs. They were all the rage for people learning how to parallel, until they found out that parallel skiing with a 30 cm ski (yes, I am exaggerating) and parallel skiing with a 210 cm ski are not the same thing at all.

mrs. Godfrey said...

The Ski Fence story is truly heartwarming, Rudi,


Curmudgeon said...

When I've see one of these... and I've seen them in lots of places [most recently, in [Park City, UT and Silverton, CO], what I thought was "oh, those poor people. Can't afford a real fence."

Alan G. said...

$10,000 dollars worth of durable high tech fencing material at retail... compared to $1.09 per piece of fragile wood fence planking from Home Depot...

And the Ivory Tower Board Historian expresses his distaste that Mr. and Mrs.Fillion/Galloway are doing it "on the cheap."

Gather yourself together Curm. Everyone in our American culture seem ready to scrimp and save... except for for the intellectual and economic elite.

Hard times are coming, I guarantee you. and it's finally time for all of us to adjust our obsolete elitist attitudes downward.

Im not sure said...

I'm not sure about spare parts. All those ancient Salomon bindings look dangerous.

Curmudgeon said...

Alan G:

Take a deep breath, now, Alan. Calm down. Put your feet up for a while. Have a beer maybe. Stop looking so hard for chances to resent professors. I didn't criticize the two folks in the story. Just said when I'd seen such fences before, what I thought at the time.

There. Feel better now?

Alan G. said...

I certainly don't resent college professors, although too many of them provide too many reasons that I should. Nevertheless I'll advise all intellectuals of any stripe to start placing their feet firmly on the ground. In terms of the failing economy We haven/t even experienced the beginning of our eventual fall from grace.

Take head, professor; and try not to be so full of yourself.

The Times They Are A Changin', just as my friend from the sixties, little Bobby Zimmerman predicted.

Curmudgeon said...


Your Pioneer Day wrap-up didn't mention that there's a pancake breakfast Friday AM down town at the park by the amphitheater from 7 to 9 when the parade starts, run by one of the service clubs. Kiwanis I think. Hot cakes, sausage, eggs and a drink --- that usually means OJ, milk or [I presume] coffee. [We can hope, I guess, that the Clydesdales will make a delivery on the way to the parade marshaling area, but I wouldn't count on it.]

Five bucks per adult, three per kid eight or under. Not a bad deal, que no?

RudiZink said...

LOL, Curm. I was waiting for YOU to give us the lowdown on that.

Wm III said...

No one respects the flame quite like the fool who's badly Curmed ...

Curmudgeon said...


Words to live by, Wm. Words to live by. [grin]

TLJ said...


I never skied (sp?) on Olin Mk IVs, but I learned on a pair of 80's. One day a friend who happened to have the same size feet as I do, let me use a pair of her 210's -- I would have to say, Holy Cow what a difference. I never went back -- the longer ones were so much easier, faster, and fun. I like fast and fun.


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