Friday, July 10, 2009

The Salt Lake Tribune's Chris Smart Finally Catches Up With the Standard-Examiner

Imagine having Matt Godfrey sitting in the Utah Governor's chair

If only for archival consistency, we'll point to last night's Salt Lake Tribune story, wherein reporter Chris Smart draws a bead on the Boss Godfrey budget 2010 veto story, although Mr. Smart's report may be possibly a day late and a dollar short:
Ogden's Mayor Godfrey fires back, says City Council wants to usurp power
As we look back on happier times for the the Salt Lake Tribune, back in the heady days when warhorse Tribune reporter Kristen Moulton used to regularly attend Ogden City council meetings, and scoop the Standard-Examiner like clockwork with her hard-hitting and timely stories, we'll nevertheless remark that we're happy to see that the Trib hasn't at least dropped coverage of Ogden's tyrant mayor entirely. And in these economic lean times, we'll take whatever we can get from the economically-challenged Salt Lake Tribune, even if the coverage descends to Mr. Smart's relatively meager offerings.

The ongoing scuttlebutt has it that Godfrey will one day declare his candidacy for higher office within Utah government... or perhaps Godfrey will make a run for the federal congress. Gawd knows nobody in the private sector would ever hire this financial/managerial incompetent, so it would appear that an elected government job would be his only future option, (other than reverting to his earlier [and more successful] career as a pizza delivery boy.)

Thank goodness that people like Chris Smart are educating The Tribune's readership about Boss Godfrey's hideous foibles, however belatedly. Imagine having Matt Godfrey sitting in the Governor's chair some day. Ouch!

And don't forget to check out the reader comments under today's Trib article. It would appear to us that even SLTrib readers are finally coming to understand the twisted "Boss Godfrey drift."

Don't let the cat get yer tongues, O Gentle Ones.


Danny said...

I would say that the SL Trib's article was much more balanced and informative than the SE's on the subject.

It may be the SLTrib has better resources, or it may be (likely) that the SLTrib has not been bullied into submission the way the SE has been.

One can only hope the SLTrib will pick up the issue involving the water tanks and Godfrey's plan to sell off the land around the golf course. Heaven knows, being scooped is the only way the SE will cover it, much the same as what happened with other issues lately.

Boss Godfrey said...

God willing, we will prevail, in peace and freedom from fear, and in true health, through the purity and essence of our natural... body fluids.

cole said...

hopefully one day all media will be owned by those dedicated to the truth. the best paper in utah for the truth is and always has been the dessert news. i dont think you need any more news than that wonderful paper delivers every day. god bless the desseret news. god bless utah.

monotreme said...

cole says:

the best paper in utah for the truth is and always has been the dessert news.

I agree. I especially like the cheesecake section, although I do scan the pie columns from time to time.

Wondering About Godfrey said...

If people read Godfrey's ramblings on his blog site, no one in their right mind would vote for such a sick little man! He actually tells this story in his blog ramblings: "I had spent many a lazy summer afternoon at Mr. G’s place, looking through the health magazines he’d give me. I noticed they were mostly pictures of women, but Mr. G said looking at pictures of both men and women, and learning how our bodies function, is an important part of a man’s heath."

WOW! We have a sicko running our city! I wonder if he joined Scott looking at the porn on Scott's computer.

Rudi, you need to keep this story in your archives and if he does try to run for Governor, reveal his true sick character. I wonder if the brethren of the church would still think he's such a wonderful, devout Morman!?

blackrulon said...

To Wondering About Godfrey said, Sorry to disappoint you but if you will check again at the blog you refer to you will notice the words "It's all a parody"

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