Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Two More Filings For the 2009 Emerald City Council Race

Ward 3 incumbent Doug Stephens currently stands unopposed

The Standard-Examiner hard copy and digital editions report this morning that the field of 2009 Emerald City council candidates continued to be filled out on Tuesday. As everyone expected, Ward 3 incumbent Doug Stephens has thrown his hat into the ring for a second go-round; and political newcomer Bart Blair has filed for the At-Large Seat B slot.

And yes, we googled. Is it possible that Mr. Blair is the same Bart Blair who manages Ed Blair Chevron at 30th and Monroe?

As for the Ward 3 council seat, we're hoping that other Emerald City citizens will declare their candidacies within the seven days which remain open during the council filing period. We've learned the hard way that it's not a good idea for a council candidate to run unopposed; and we believe it would be helpful for Mr. Stephens to endure the rigors of a second contested council race, just to re-familiarize himself with his constituents, and to renew his understanding of the reasons they elected him to serve on the council in the first place.

Comments, anyone?


althepal said...

Exactly right, Rudi. I'll add that I was slightly distressed by this Doug Stephens comment, which under the current Ogden political environment, comes off as internally inconsistent (and at times mutually exclusive):

"I want to strive to preserve the quality of life in Ogden and continue to work for the positive and progressive spirit we have."

In my mind this statement clearly illustrates the aggravating "fence sitting" attitude that Doug Stephens has exhibited over the past two or so years, and gives Ogden citizens more than minor heartburn.

It would be a definite positive for Ogden citizens to have two or more candidates vying for the Ward 3 council seat.

Maybe that would force Doug off the fence.

another gibson? said...

If Godfrey has as many as supporters as he claims? why doesn't he put up some that $50,0000.00 he has left over in his war chest to defeat Gibson?

TLJ said...

I am in Ward 2, although my location isn't included in the map provided on the City website. So I can't help with the Stephens issue.



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