Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sign Going up at the Emerald City FrontRunner "Welcome Station"

Wonder of wonders, Boss Godfrey is actually erecting a huge "Welcome Center" sign above the train car/restaurant/welcome center

By Monotreme

Mrs. Monotreme and I were heading up to a friend's home in the northern part of Ogden yesterday, when we spotted this sight on Wall Avenue, so I pulled over to take this picture:

Wonder of wonders, they are actually erecting a huge "Welcome Center" sign on the train car/restaurant/welcome center. And the sign even faces the train platform!

Ed. Note: Wonder of wonders is exactly right!

We've already had some earlier discussion on this subject here on Weber County Forum, of course.

Has Boss Godfrey been reading our WCF comments sections, we wonder, to finally find ways to be respected as the erstwhile "can do" Mayor of our community?

We can only hope. Fortunately for Boss Godfrey, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then.

Is it possible, now that these signs are going up, that Godfrey will also fulfill his earlier promises, and staff the Welcome Center with helpful WSU student volunteers? Will visitors to the "Welcome Center" be allowed to use the publicly-financed bathrooms without having to buy a cup of coffee or a bagel from the current FOM* proprietors? Will the heretofore empty brochure racks be suddenly filled with robust printed Ogden tourist information?

The only way Boss Godfrey can get outta town alive within the next couple of years, we think, is to tune into Weber County Forum, and to adapt his introverted and iconoclastic ways to the will of the lumpencitizens of our great community. Hopefully he'll continue to tune in (assuming he's doing that already).

Comments are invited as always.

And who will be the first to comment?

*Friend of Matt


Curmudgeon said...

Good. And will be even better if there is a substantial information center somewhere inside --- something more, please, than the rack of brochures you can find in any hotel or motel lobby. Clearly, it's still a work in progress, and I'm willing to wait a bit until we see the final configuration and how it's all working out before drawing any final conclusions.

But it is definitely good that signage is finally going up.

Thanks for the heads up and pic, Mono.

Danny said...

I resent Godfrey being referred to as an "introvert". As one myself, Godfrey is indeed not one. Godfrey is in fact, "insular", living as if on his own island, in his own strange world.

And he is not an "iconoclast". He is indeed, the very mouthpiece, the embodiment, of the creaking establishment known as the corrupt Ogden old boys' network. The only thing he tries to tear down is the good.

Godfrey is the representative of a small group of cronies who scratch each others' backs and rob all others. Think La Cosa Nostra.

Hey Matt, meet Gadi Leshem and Kurt Gieger. They are two friends of ours.

Danny said...

Here is a link describing what an introvert is.

What is an introvert?

Note that most of the derisive definitions of introverts are written by extroverts.

runningtoretirement said...

Could the new sign, although it was not mentioned, be a result of grumblings from the last CC meeting about the ineffectiveness of the Welcome Center as it currently existed?

Bullet Sponge said...

I was down at the Frontrunner yesterday and was quite surprised at the new sign and the decoration on the welcome car. I have to say it looks really good. I haven't been inside the car though yet.

ozboy said...

If it is just going up, the sign was most likely designed and ordered quite a while back dontcha think. So I would be surprised if Mr. Godfrey were in fact reacting to the WCF or any other nay sayers in the community.
The man does march to the tune of his very own private heavenly choir.

Ogden Dem said...

FYI - ozboy is correct, the sign has been in design and creation for a number of months thanks to the Ogden Arts Council not Godfrey.

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