Friday, July 31, 2009

Powder Mountain Update: The Concept of An All Out Skier Boycott Gains Traction

Don't make a deal with the devil; ski with Earl!!!

Regular Weber County Forum readers will no doubt remember our 7/28/09 WCF writeup, wherein, among other things, we highlighted this Dennis Maher letter to the editor, touting a local skier boycott of Powder Mountain, as a protest against the PM developers' heavy-handed abuse of prospective Powdervillians' civil rights. Well... it appears that this proposed tactic is gaining further traction, as Ogden Valley Forum is now floating the idea of "an all out boycott."

And for those readers who are already saving up for your 2009-10 season passes, we believe it might be helpful to zero in on the eminently sensible full comment from gentle reader no mo pow mow, which appears in the comments section beneath yesterday's OVF article:
Earl Holding is the white knight (or maybe we have a short memory).
Snowbasin kids passes are only $225 for 7-12 year olds. Teens are $350.
Very competitive pricing and an incredible mountain with less wear and tear on the ole' GMC.
Don't make a deal with the devil, ski with Earl!!!
While we don't necessarily fall into the camp which would regard Earl Holding as a complete angel, there's one thing we do know for sure... the greed-head Powder Mountain developers are demonstrably full-time denizens of the dark side. And let's face it folks; Snow Basin is without a doubt the best skier's mountain in the whole danged state.

Something to seriously ponder as we move toward the pre-season ski pass discount period, dont'cha think?

Your gentle and savvy comments are invited, as always.


Whistler said...

This could be an effective move. While no one wants to hurt any employees that work at Powder Mountain, we have to put the future of our Valley first.

We are hoping that the ownership at Powder Mountain will rethink this incorporation and work within the Resort Ordinance zoning and density numbers to upgrade their resort.

Those that use Ogden Valley for their playground, fight to protect what we have now.

Morrey said...

When the anti-Powderville local residents finish with the copious signage, peaceful protests, legal maneuvering, boycotting, and chanting/wishing and hoping and dreaming...

all you are going to hear up on that slight resort are mostly empty lifts grinding away and the sound of people driving their dollars to Snowbasin.

The cool kids with snowboards, the ones who set the trends, will stay away in droves.
And ask any marking guru. The youth dollar leads the way. Today's winter sports youth are very sensitive to these types of developers grinding under the rights of locals. Once the local organizers get this going "viral" nationwide, which they will, the small cadre of avid snow kids will discuss it over a beer or three, and then it will just be a matter of time.

Mr. Holding, respect these youth leaders. They are more than good customers with a funny way of talking. They are future Olympians.

frankc said...

Understand that those of us here in the Valley that are actively promoting this thing are doing so conditionally; if, as, and when the Powder Mountain Greedheads get sensible, withdraw the incorporation petition, and tuck in under Weber County's new resort and TDR zoning ordinances, as they should, we will morph from deadly enemies to benevolent supporters.

Old Eden said...

Yeah, when they do that, I might agree.

But understand, they really, really hate you.
Although returning hate for hate is never productive, sometimes the adage "fool me once..." when combined with a passion for justice, is not only necessary, but what is needed to bequeath to our children something other than a strip mall.

Biker Babe said...

Old Eden --

"... something other than a strip mall." To this I would add:

and reduced water supply to Ogden city; but there is such a thing as the Water Rights Law, which was linked in a previous post -- meaning if the water is already designated for use by Ogden City, then Powderville cannot have it - HA!

a heavier burden on State Road department for damage caused by drastically increased traffic, which means more road construction and obstruction, causing in turn more traffic woes for the already congested canyon and resort roads ...

OgdenLover said...

It's about time large truck traffic was banned from the road through Ogden Canyon. I can't be the only driver who has come up to a blind curve to find a huge truck coming at me, trying to make their turn and having to use 1.5 or 2 lanes of traffic to make it. It can't be much fun for the truck drivers either.

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