Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Powder Mountain Update: Spotlight on Two Ogden Valley Forum Articles

A few probing citizen questions; and an eye-opening overhead map

For those readers following the still festering Powder Mountain situation, we'll take advantage of the current pre-holiday news lull to provide another Powderville update. In the interim since our last article on this topic, our friends at the Ogden Valley Forum blog have put together two additional articles which we haven't yet spotlighted here on Weber County Forum:

First in chronological sequence is a 7/12/09 article, which reels off some probing questions which were asked at Citizens Rights Defense Fund booths in Huntsville and Liberty on July 4th. Among those questions we find this most interesting query, which brims with delicious innuendo:
If Powder Mountain really wishes to be a good neighbor in Ogden Valley as they claim, why is the word on the street in the Valley that they are offering $750,000 to the new town after incorporation if the town residents agree to sign off on the development of up to 10,000 home sites on 1/3 of an acre lots along the base of the mountains facing the Valley?
To find out what else average Ogden Valley citizens have been asking about, check out Larry Zini's full article, which is linked right here:
Valley Citizens Questions
Next in order, we'll direct your readers to this 7/17/09 article which presents an eye-opening overhead graphics representation of the portion of Ogden Valley which would be affected by a new Powderville township, a circumstance which could lead to the approval and construction (if all goes well for the greedhead developers) of up to 10,000 new residential units, situated on tiny 1/3 acre lots:
Read it and Weep!
And yes. The aggrieved Powderville litigants are in the process of preparing their appeal, and remain in need of your generous donations. If you're inclined to want to lend your helping hand, you can conveniently do so via this page, which even contains a handy PayPal donation button:
Citizens Rights Defense Fund - Contact/Support
Alternatively, we understand that you can also make arrangements to volunteer your time and/or treasure, by dialing out to to the CDRF's Darla Van Zeben, at 801-745-4740.

Whatever you do... we hope you won't sit back idly while Ogden Valley morphs into another Park City:
That's it for now, gentle readers.

The floor is open for your anticipated flurry of comments.


Shredder said...

I think every skier and snow boarder in Weber County should just boycott Powder Mountain this year, and advise their local friends to do the same.

Times will be tight for Powder Mountain again this year, as we enter the second year of the world's second-worst economic recession in modern history. Having local customers boycott the area could therefore deliver serious and well deserved financial pain.

Snow Basin's a better mountain anyway, as most local hard core winter sport enthusiasts know. So what if the lift tickets are a little more expensive at Snow Basin, when activist skiers/boarders might effectively send the Powder Mountain developers a strong economic message?

Bite the bullet, people. We need to present a strong opposition front, and drive Powder Mountain's Mark Arnold (and the greedy Cobabe family) onto their economic knees.

Boycott Powder Mountain for one year; and spend your dollars at Snow Basin instead.

no mo pow mow said...

A good idea indeed. The word on the street is that they struggled to make payday last ski season.

Chris Elvis Burson said...

They Fired my buddy who had worked there for 25 years GREED!!!

show me the money said...

That $3/4 million bribe looks pretty good to me. Although I don't live in the Powder Mountain town proper, I am pretty influential in the Ogden Valley community. So the question is, how can I get my hands on some of that bribe money, so's I can pack it in, and move myself and my family to a better protected place, like Montana?

Danny said...

I wish to thank, deeply, the Weber County Commission for standing up to these Powder Mountain avaricious jackals.

As to the Powder Mountain jackals, as I have learned time and again, just when I think I have seen the deepest pits into which human beings will sink for money, I realize there are still deeper pits. In reality, there is no bottom.

The Powder Mountain jackals are re-defining sleaze and greed, using people as pawns in their money game. It's staggering that there are people like that in the world.

That they would use a stupid state law that was incorrectly placed on the books for 1 year to try to force 10,000 homes each on 1/3 acre in the valley is something that would be unbelievable if not true.

hepititas said...

If they are really planning to put 10,000 homes up there, we lower dwellers better be very concerned. It will make our drinking water infested with turds from the greedy bastards in Powderville.

more of take from the poor and give to the rich said...

If it is ruled that police chief Greiner is illegaly serving as both chief of police and state senator who will pay the fine? Will this ruling, if it goes against Greiner, cost Ogden current or future grants? Where will the city secure the money for the fine?

Where is the S E? said...

I've been told that Mayor Godfrey and Chief Greiner have been playing games with Sheriff Slater and now Ogden City has to put in their security at the Ogden City Justice Court.

Because Godfrey and Greiner are (anti-cop). Godfrey and Greiner are going to hire rent a cops to do the court security.

What a disaster!!!!

Thomas Paine said...

To Danny, I too am glad the Weber County Commissioners stood up for something. They should have done it long before by simply stating that they would not approve the incorporation that denied any Weber County citizens their civil rights. It may have forced this issue into a federal court much sooner.

The recent fact that the Salt Lake Sheriff will not enforce the new state law regarding immigration actions shows that some Utah officials will consider the civil rights protections of all residents even if a bad law is on the books.

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