Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Water Tank Update: Supplementary Documents For Those Planning To Attend Tonight's Planning Commission Session

Three items which should prove useful for monitoring and evaluating tonight's Planning Commission performance

For the benefit of those readers who are planning to attend tonight's Planning Commission session, Dan S. has transmitted to us three items which should prove useful for monitoring and evaluating tonight's Commission performance:

1) This is the Planning Commission's Staff Report, which sets forth the administration's argument in support of approval of the requested conditional use permit:
Water Tank Staff Report - June 3, 2009
2) This is the memorandum which Dan has transmitted to the Planning Commission, incorporating his argument in opposition to the approval of the administration's requested conditional use permit:
Comments on proposed southeast bench water tanks
3) Here are the objective criteria that the Planning Commission must consider in deciding whether to approve a conditional use permit for the 36th street water tank(s) :
Ogden City Code section 15-7-4: Basis For Issuance of Conditional Use Permit
Unfortunately, we're operating within an extremely short timeline, so it therefore appears that we won't have any of the relatively voluminous engineering reports scanned and available for display prior to tonight's meeting. We'll take, however, whatever the heck we can get. And in truth, we believe the information Dan has provided at this juncture is exceptionally straightforward and digestible.

We accordingly award a well deserved Weber County Forum Tip O' The Hat to Dan Schroeder this morning, for his tireless and highly proficient efforts in re this matter.

Comments, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Because of the labyrinthine system, and the amount of time the mayor obviously has devoted to smoke and mirrors, his master plan of homes up on the bench pushes forward.

Thank you, Prof Schroeder, for countering his evil plot.

Good work.

anonymous employee said...

4. Is in keeping with the type of existing uses surrounding the property and development as proposed will improve the character of the area by encouraging reinvestment and upgrading of surrounding properties.

Isn't that the opposite of preserving open space?

althepal said...

I'd also like to step up and thank Dan for his most recent efforts. Thanks to today's contributions, the issues calendered for tonight's commission discussions are framed perfectly.

Hey You Guys said...

Hey, why don't you guys light a fire under the City Council members and tell them they should allow CH17 to broadcast their meetings?

Godfrey Propaganda Network said...

Sorry, we can't do that.

Curmudgeon said...


Some of us have been suggesting that, or a variation of it, to the Council for years now. Over and over. Nothing happens.

There are some problems with broadcasting the meetings live. Mostly, they have to do with money. But there is already a video taping system in place in the Council chambers. The meetings could easily be taped for delayed play on Channel 17.

Channel 17 is not quite as much the "All Godfrey All Geiger All The Time" channel it used to be, but it is still largely a Godfrey Administration mouthpiece. And this Administration, as we all now know, prefers that the business of government not be done in daylight for all to see.

The most interesting man in the world said...

Forgive me for clumisly intruding into your converstions, mi amigos and amigas, but this is what I believe Ogden City citizens desire to see on the Channel 17 Godfrey Channel...

(With your esteemed Spanish-speaking mayor wearing the red dress, of course.)

OgdenLover said...

Susie VanHooser just announced that she will run for Blain Johnson's Council Seat.

OgdenLover said...

Isn't Godfrey's plan for the 36th St. water tanks in conflict with the Mt. Ogden Community Plan? The Plan wanted to keep the neighborhood and Golf Course as they are and not encourage further development of the East Bench.

The Planning Commission worked hard to formulate a plan that reflected the wishes of the community.

Earnie Swartz said...

Stephen Cook,

See, see, senora..

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