Monday, March 01, 2010

Big Meeting Tomorrow Night: Energy Solutions Discussion Is On The Agenda

We're sure there are more than a few of our readers who are concerned about the storage of the world's radioactive nuclear reactor waste right here in Utah's western desert

As Emerald City's favorite community blog, one of our community service functions which we find to be most personally satisfying at Weber County Forum is the touting of important local community political events. In that connection, here's something interesting coming up for tomorrow night. We'll briefly reel off the info in the same format submitted by one of our gentle readers over the weekend:
What: Women's Legislative Council of Weber County monthly meeting
Where: South Ogden Senior Center, 530 39th Street, Ogden, UT
When: Tuesday, March 2, 2010, 7:00 p.m.
Guest Speaker: Betty Arial, Director of Legislative & Community affairs, Energy Solutions
Further Details: Time allotted for Q&A; Public invited- no charge
Readers who have additional questions about this event are invited to call Skip @ 801-621-4788, or Donna @ 801-552-8488.

The Weber County Women's Legislative Council monthly meetings have become a particular favorite venue of ours. Regular readers will of course recall our announcement of the group's pre-election 2009 Ogden City council candidate open house, which turned out to be a quite lively and informative event. And although we didn't publish a post meeting summary, we have received reports about the WCWLC group's recent ethics reform-topical program, wherein Utahns For Ethical Government's own in-house lawyer David Irvine evidently popped up from the audience out of the blue, to add balance to the conversation and to considerably enliven the discussion. One of the things we like best about these WCWLC sessions, by the way, is the group's healthy tolerance for relatively free-wheeling on-floor public participation.

Although Energy Solutions hasn't been a chief topic here at WCF, we're sure there are more than a few of our readers who are concerned about the storage of the world's radioactive nuclear reactor waste right here in Utah's western desert. So it's for the benefit of those readers that we're pleased to provide this announcement of tomorrow night's WCWLC event.


Curmudgeon said...

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OgdenLover said...

As a trained scientist, I guess I should be happy to see TV ads presenting a trained scientist's evaluation of the dangers of nuclear waste storage, while our legislature scoffs at testimony from other trained scientists re: greenhouse gasses, emissions, air pollution, and global warming.

I guess I should be happy that someone with an education is being touted as an expert, albeit a misguided expert paid by Energy Solutions.

Amazed said...

Trained Scientists should pay attention to facts produced by data and not political pseudo science produced by Gore and Hollyweird or the so called scientists in England.


smarter than those trained scientists said...


ozboy said...

I'm a lot more concerned about the toxic garbage on the ninth floor of the Ogden City hall than I am about storing nuke waste out in the dessert.

curious 1 said...

Amased and Smater: coldest winter on record for Florida, winter storms closes down the east coast. Listen to more than Glen Beck and Rush, read scientific journals.

Science isn't perfect at times and asks more questions than answers.

Wow, snow in Feb, what a headline.

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