Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Boss Godfrey Puts His Little Self Into The Weber County Council of Governments Hot-seat

Boss Godfrey presents his "Faux Trolley" "downtown streetcar circulator plan" to an obviously skeptical Weber County Council of Governments (WACOG) meeting yesterday afternoon

Just to keep our hysterical archives accurate, we'll duly link this afternoon to this morning's Standard-Examiner story, wherein intrepid Weber County Government Beat reporter Di Lewis reports that the ever-lovable Boss Godfrey presented his "Faux Trolley" "downtown streetcar circulator plan to an obviously skeptical Weber County Council of Governments (WACOG) meeting on Monday afternoon:
Mayor grilled about Ogden streetcar
Seems THE BOSS OF OGDEN didn't receive a particularly warm reception from a group of local government representives who are fully aware that Boss Godfyrey is a 'lyin' POS:

Commissioner Jan Zogmaister said she doesn't agree with the Mayor's numbers. She said she also was concerned that because the downtown streetcar would be different from the one on the university route, they wouldn't be able to share maintenance space and costs.
It also appears also that Commissioner Bischoff isn't aboard the Boss Godfrey bandwagon either:

Those [fudged Godfrey] numbers worried Weber County Commissioner Ken Bischoff. He said WACOG has been more focused on a long-term streetcar project connecting downtown Ogden with Weber State University and McKay-Dee Hospital Center.
"Going out 10 years, we've got $10 million less in funding to build the route to the hospital," he said, referring to the ongoing maintenance costs that would be coming from the transportation tax money.
And then there's this, from West Haven City Mayor Brian Melaney, who most likely speaks for other WACOG members who don't consider Boss Godfrey's Ogden City to be the center of the Weber County universe:

I'm not sure that my city's residents would approve of spending such a large portion of the tax money on a downtown Ogden project. [paraphrased]
Please chime in on this, O Gentle Ones. Interesting local political nuances, no?


Homer said...

Good for the WACOG; demand responsibility in Godfrey (and government). These are actually the types of questions I would expect coming from the Ogden City Council.

OgdenLover said...

Brian Melaney (currently Mayor, West Haven) for Mayor of Ogden!

Anonymous said...

Phoney, cooked numbers again from the ninth floor for the purpose of the Godfrey Library....GO FIGURE!
Crime down in Ogden, private donations for a needed Ice Tower more than abundant, Junction debt over 100 Million, and all of his henchmen making from $80K to over $125K annually. No wonder he wants to keep everything secret from Council and citizens, he's done a very lousy job as mayor and no one believes, trusts nor shares his limited vision anymore. Time to go Matt and give back your $80K in your campaign re-election fund because you won't be needing it.

Anonymous said...

Has MG declared for another term?

ozboy said...

I think it is kinda interesting that the little fella would propose a "circular" trolley route around down town instead of a line from the train station to the college. After all, he does seem to go in circles most of the time and he never seems to get to where he wants to go.

What the hell, over. said...

What the hell ever happened to Matts buddies who rent the over budget welcome center? I thought that they had a small fleet of old time replica buses that was to perform that same job as a circular trolley.

Friggin Goofey said...

A monorail!

Matt Gawdfried said...

Here comes another Gondola proposal!

Mayor Matthew Godfrey Parody said...

All need to remember the project for a fryer-grease-powered "bio diesel" downtown streetcar is a two step process.

Step 1. I find ways to subsidize Gadi Leshem, and raise the value of his property that I helped him confiscate.

Step 2. Leshem writes me out another campaign check for $10,000.

I'm sorry if two steps is more than the county commissioners can comprehend, but I at least, have to try to move Ogden forward.

googlegirl said...


ozboy said...


Great Monorail video.

Seems that the writers for the simpsons have channeled the Godfreyites! They also really nailed the Godfrey scammer character as well.
They even got a plug in for "Ogdenville" although they had it somewhere in the southwest.

Wasn't there a piece on the Simpsons about a gondola as well?

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