Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wow! A Legal Lottery In Utah!!!

A quick lesson on how the Utah Association of Realtors maintains power and influence

By: Ray

If anyone still wonders how the Utah Association of Realtors maintains power and influence check out the following from reporter Donald W. Meyers of the Salt Lake Tribune from 03/18/2010. Here's the lede:
The Utah Association of Realtors (UAR) wants members to get involved in Tuesday's neighborhood caucuses.
But some people are questioning its method: A trip to San Diego for any real estate agent who becomes a delegate.
"If you are elected as a county or state delegate, you will be entered to win the grand prize drawing for full registration at the UAR annual convention, plus hotel accommodations at the Hotel Del Coronado and airfare to San Diego," read the e-mail sent to real estate agents on Wednesday.
Read the whole sad story here:
Some question prizes for real estate agents at caucuses
Wow a legal lottery in Utah!!!


perv said...

I wonder if it includes a 15 year old girl and a trip to for an evening in a hot tub?

Flunked English said...

The next step from this inapropriate UAR "shame in the making" San Diego Trip would be the buying and selling of "indugences". And there may be some who recognize we have already arrived. (insert standing ovation here)

curious said...

Off thread, just saw Rep. Bishop on ABC News encouraging the anti-health care protestors from the Capitol balcony holding up the middle hand scribed paper "KILL THE BILL".

These same protestors had used the "N" word for a colored representative. I am so disqusted with the normal childish Republicians from Utah. From the standing ovation for Garn, and now looking for blood and only political gain from the ultra-right followers. Where is the respect in the US Congress with the Glen Beck, Tea Party, Rush Linbaugh followers. Even Bush had the respect of his office from most Democrates.

I hope the 30M Americians that will now have health care will remember the do nothing Republicians in November. Democrates aren't saints, but they are not mean spirited just to be mean.

I also hope Utah remembers those that stood up and applauded for Garn after his admitted child abuse.

BAT_girl said...

YaHoooooooooooo! 219 to 212.

And that's the way it is....... FOLKS.

BTW.........RUDI. What's with the GOOGLE ADs at top of HOMEpage. One minute = STOP BENNET (ok I agree); next moment = WIN LASER HAIR REMOVAL???????

Can I post my own:...... Relegate ROMNEY (you get to fill in the blank)......?

Comrade Obama said...

I can't wait to pay for the 20 million illegal aliens' health care! Health care is a right! Getting a job is a right! You no longer have to work for it. You no longer just have the opportunity to earn it, it is now given to you!

Get in or shut up! said...

With the real estate PAC money they really can buy them cheap and stack them deep.

But I have to say, they know the process and they will use it to the best of their advantage and we should do the same, but is there anyone that would be willing to stand up and get as organized as the realitors are??? Any takers here! I guess we all want to wine and complain but it takes work and passion to do what they are doing and we should be doing the same. If I were to lead out on this who would help? Or are we like the little red hen, not me, not me not me.
Speak out anyone, If you would like to start a pac I will help you but I cannot do it alone.
If you are in, reply to

Skip The Dog said...


You know that you can’t get a drink on Election day in Utah, because in the old days the candidates would buy drinks for whoever would vote for them on election day (legend has it mostly indigent drunks were recruited at the local bar). However today, a chance for a trip to Marine World in San Diego is not considered a bought vote. The inside baseball is the UAR has so much influence on the Legislature is that citizens rights are circling the drain (Powdervile is only a single example), yet they are out to purchase more power by buying delegates through a gift lottery. I doubt Shurtliff will touch this one with a 10-foot pole.

So as a common sense dog, I believe that real estate offices should be closed on Election Day, same as the bars, so that voters can proceed to their polling places without undue influences.


Machster said...

Buy and sell "By Owner" thus driving them out of the business.

That, and explaining to all your neighbors what bottom feeders these UAR people truly are. And actively campaigning against any of the candidates they put up at every level of Government.

Until the UAR flushes the toilet at the top of that organization and mends its ways, and no one should hold their breath, choke the bastards to death by not hiring them on either end of a real estate sale.

Replace every legislator with Realtor or Developer sponsorship. Take back Utah while we take back America.

Or not... and just kick back with a naked 15 yr. old in a hot tub, or party hardy with a Realtor lobbyist and drive her home after too many drinks.

Curmudgeon said...

Reading a news story today on the top ten cities with underwater mortgages --- i.e. mortgages on houses now worth less than the remaining mortgage balance. Number One was Las Vegas, where 81% of all single family home mortgages are now underwater and where all home values have dropped fifty percent. Number three was Phoenix, where all home values have dropped 36%.

Why I recall during the height of Hizzonah's gondola obsession, he had realtors, like G-Train, lined up, including the Provident Partners guy in from Arizona, and local fellow travelers pointing out the rocketing real estate values in places like Las Vegas and Phoenix, and complaining that Ogden was missing out on the boom, and that if only the Mayor's flatland gondola was approved, Ogden homeowners too would see their properties appreciate 25 or 30% a year, and we'd all be rich like those lucky enough to have bought homes in Las Vegas and Phoenix. Naturally, the business whiz who headed the Ogden Weber Chamber of Commerce [and still does I think] signed on to the idea that Ogden too could and should join the real estate boom [now called "the bubble"} and so should start building the Mayor's flatland gondola forthwith.

Happily, saner heads prevailed and the flatland gondola remained a Mayoral, Realtor and Chamber of Commerce pipe dream, and so Ogden was spared the horrific collapse of home values here, and the soaring percentage of home mortgages that were are underwater, that cratered the economies of the boom towns the realtors wanted us to emulate.

Old news, I know, but as the realtors --- who created enough problems here selling homes people couldn't afford via liar-loan and sub prime mortgages -- are reaching for still more legislative power, it might be prudent to keep in mind what a basket case Ogden might be if their plans for the city had happened.

Curmudgeon said...

Hmmmm.... speaking of realtors, here's a lead currently on the SL Trib page:

Dwight Shane Baldwin, who runs a string of Salt Lake City venture-capital, private-equity and real estate companies, has been charged with securities fraud and theft, prosecutors said Monday.

And of course the recently disgraced Rep. Garn was a real estate developer --- and leader of the session's "ethics reform" process.

Starting to look like the best way to improve legislative ethics might be to reduce the number of realtors and developers in it.

AWM said...

If you have "realtor" or "incumbant" anywhere in your resume you automatically loose my vote.

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