Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brookings Institution: Ogden Leading Utah Recession Recovery

Ogden and Albuquerque have achieved pre-slump output peaks, study says

Good Ogden ink this morning from the Brookings Institution, via the morning's Deseret News:
Ogden leading Utah recession recovery
Here's the gist:
Utah's "Junction City" is among the Intermountain West's metropolitan areas recovering strongest from the prolonged economic recession, according to a newly released report.[...]
Two metros — Ogden and Albuquerque, N.M. — have fully achieved their pre-recession output peaks, the study said. Over the third and fourth quarters of last year, Ogden, Colorado Springs and Denver posted the largest gains in gross metropolitan product among large Mountain metros, with quarterly growth rates of at least 2.0 percent.
Go figure.

Perhaps it has something to do with this.

Ya think?


getting dizzy with google said...

What's with your Google ad header, Rudi? One minute you have Mitt Romney touting Bob Bennett, and the next minute you have an ad advocating getting rid of him. Playng both sides of the street, are you? Can't you make up your mind?

Horny GOP State Delegate said...

Here's the one I'll be voting for at the State convention, provided she'll be willing to suck down a half bottle of brandy, and sit with me in a hot tub for a few hours.

One Who Knows said...

Ogden is still feeling the "benefits" of all of Godfrey's borrow and spend, just as the nationally the economy is feeling the "benifits" of the same.

It's all government borrowing, stupid

Notice how private investment has collapsed while government borrowing has soared. The same thing is going on in Ogden. It's all government borrow and spend, tax increment, RDA, and a myriad other schemes that put the risk on the taxpayer while private cronies get the immediate benefits.

Since Godfrey has borrowed and spent more proportionately, Ogden is looking "better", for now.

Of course the ultra liberal Brookings Institution likes Ogden. We're a leftie utopia, for now.

But it will all come crashing down in the end. Godfrey's projects are not sustaining without continuing government support.

Look at New Jersey and California if you want to see Ogden's future. Layoffs, debt, collapse.

Or look at the Giegerrig you mention. I bet they haven't sold so much as 1000 of them. Probably not even 10.

blackrulon said...

All of this prosperity and the outlet/scratch & dent stores haven't even made it to Ogden.

OgdenLover said...

Funny. About 2 weeks ago I was hearing that Colorado Springs (also on the list) was in such bad shape that they had picked up the trash buckets from city parks and expected people to haul their trash out on their own. Bus lines have been cut and in general the city is in starvation mode.

Makes me wonder where the Brookings Institute got their data? The Fairy Tale Village on the 9th floor, perhaps?

BAT_girl said...

WHO KNOWS said........
Of course the ultra liberal Brookings Institution likes Ogden. We're a leftie utopia, for now.

Leftie utopia.........OGDEN? Since when? Tell me where to sign up.

RUDI........are you writing comments all by yourself again?

One Who Knows said...

100 million in RDA debt for a city of 85,000 people, all piled on in the last 10 years of Godfrey.

If that isn't a leftie utopia, what is?

Of course, I forgot to mention that leftie utopias typically suck.

And I'm not Rudi - never even met him.

Jim Hutchins said...

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Jim Hutchins said...

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Dan S. said...

Let's distinguish between Ogden City (population approximately 80,000) and the Ogden-Clearfield Metropolitan Statistical Area (population 500,000), which includes all of Weber, Davis, and Morgan counties.

ozboy said...

This really doesn't amount to much as the devil is in the details.

Dan points out an important "detail" above wherein Ogden City is less than 20% of the "Clearfield/Ogden" area being reported on. Thus any credit the Godfreyites take over this report is about as credible as PureHeart Patterson's recent claims of creating 7000 new jobs in Emerald City.

Also from the Trib article is this other little detail that tends to neuter any bragging rights that the Godfrey mouth pieces put forth:

"It" (the numbers represented by this report) "particularly needs export businesses, he said. One exception is the Ogden-Clearfield metropolitan area, whose high export levels have put it in relatively strong position heading out of the downturn. The report singles out Electronic Arts, a video game maker that's technically in the Ogden-Clearfield zone because of its location in south Davis County, as performing exceptionally well through export royalties.

EA has announced it will soon move its 100 employees south to downtown Salt Lake City."

Makes this sceptic wonder why the little Wizard spent all his majic wooing a 4 employee "high Rec" company to town instead of going after this EA outfit. Surely he coulda beat out them damned Democrats and faggots in SLC for this company had he only applied his well known genius for big biz deals.

Just an individual from Ogden said...

"100 million in RDA debt for a city of 85,000 people, all piled on in the last 10 years of Godfrey.

If that isn't a leftie utopia, what is?"

So Republicans/Conservatives SAY they are the party of fiscal responsibility, but when you look at the facts, that statement just doesn't hold any water. I have no doubt conservatives WANT you to think they are fiscally responsible. Yet the facts show conservatives in office have plunged our country's deficit more than any other. When they hold office or when they have control of Congress spending is out of control, deficits soar, and none of their tax cuts for the wealthy or other legislation is paid for. It's simply tacked on the deficit. That is the definition of irresponsibility.

To say Ogden is a "leftist" utopia because of its giant debt is like saying Ogden is a liberal town because of all the Mormons--the conclusion just doesn't follow the premise.

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