Thursday, March 18, 2010

Salt Lake Tribune: Foes Cry Foul On Petition Law Fixes

Sign the petitions, folks! You can tell the anti-ethics goons to "go to hell" later
"Putting an issue on the ballot for public discourse is democracy at its finest," she said. "The effort to scuttle that debate is tantamount to tyranny."

Attorney Lisa Watts Baskin
Salt Lake Tribune

Foes cry foul on petition law fixes
March 18, 2010
Excellent Cathy McKitrick writeup in this morning's Salt Lake Tribune, reporting on the reaction to Sen. Howard Stephenson's SB275, which "removes the [statutory] requirement for a notary to get signatures removed from petitions, and gives opponents an extra inning to play after the other team has left the field."

More from Watts Baskin:

"Opponents have a full month" -- until May 15 -- "to take potshots by name and address," Watts Baskin said. Overturning just one Senate district -- the one with the slimmest margin -- keeps an initiative off the ballot.
Fed up with watching the spectacle of power-mad Utah legislators fighting like badgers to preserve their current pay-to-play legislative system?

Distressed at the prospect of having anti-ethics goons showing up at your doorstep to strong-arm you into removing your signature from the petitions?

Here's the simple two-step anti-tyranny process, folks:

1) Sign the petitions NOW:
Fair Boundaries Redistricting Initiative
Utahns For Ethical Government (UEG) Initiative
2) You can tell the goons to "go to hell" (and call the cops) LATER.


Big Sue said...

If the tyrant goons show up on your porch, call the cops. If they call you on the phone, demand that they put your phone number on the "do not call list."

ozboy said...

You must all surrender immediately to your proper Republican Legislative leaders. Resistance is futile. They know what is best for us otherwise the Lord would not have called them to be our deciders.

perv said...

Anyone want to go Hot Tubbing?

This is what I'm talking about said...

Hey did you see that Rep. Hansen asked the speaker to step down for bringing disgrace to the peoples house. I think Hansen is correct on this one and will support him in his re-election. I have never voted for a democrat before but I will this time.
Can the blog-mister get a copy of Hansen press release?

dave d said...

I will vote for Hansen as soon as the speaker resigns. There is about a good a chance of that happening as there is in Hansen becoming Ogden's mayor!

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