Saturday, March 20, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Candidates File; Caucuses Up Next

Breaking: Councilwoman Wicks files to run for a County Commission seat

The Standard-Examiner provides an informative 2010 General Election update this morning, with a detailed rundown of candidates who beat the Friday 5:00 pm. filing deadline for their 2010 election candidacies:
Candidates file; caucuses up next
Here's a real eye-grabber for the citizens of Emerald City:
Three people each have filed for the offices of clerk/auditor, treasurer and both commission seats.
Rep. Kerry Gibson is hoping to end his third term in the Utah Legislature by winning Ken Bischoff's Weber County Commission spot, but Ogden Councilwoman Amy Wicks is providing a Democratic challenger.
If ever there was potential for a robust reader discussion, it's this, we believe.

Looking into our Weber County Forum crystal ball, we're envisioning a possible scenario where even Boss Godfrey might consider pitching in a hefty donation to help his nemesis Amy move off the City Council and over to a County Commission seat, adding potential new meaning to the old ax, that politics makes for strange bedfellows.

Chime in folks; and provide your take on this astonishing new political development.


OgdenLover said...

I'd hate to see Amy leave the Council - we need her everywhere. I hope she would be able to hold both positions.

Dan S. said...

The Weber County Forum crystal ball is wrong. Godfrey would much rather have Wicks on the City Council, where he can watch and control her every move, than on the County Commission, where she will have far more power and independence.

Jim Hutchins said...

Rep. Gibson and I profoundly disagree on a number of issues.

I am proud to support Amy Wicks for Weber County Commission.

Ray said...

Comment bumped to the WCF front page

Change in the Wind said...

Amy Wicks will be most effective on the Weber County Commission. She will bring a freshness and a needed change to the County government.

County residents should not focus on any political party, but on the best candidate for our County. Amy Wicks could mark the end of the strangle hold of developer centered leadership that has dominated
our Weber County Commission.

Don W. Bell said...

I only know of Amy Wicks via the respect and lauditory comments made about her on this forum.

Based on how you people who actually live in Ogden feel about her public service and her competance, I will do all I can to support Mrs. Wicks for the Commissioner position.

Now all we need is a credible, non developer, non Realtor candidate for the District 8 Representative office. Any one out there willing to run against the Utah Realtor Ass. cabal?

My guess is just about anyone would be a shoe in once the general public gets to know just how corrupt the UAR actually is. And most are beginning to understand it.

Monotreme said...

Mr. Bell:

The filing deadline has passed.

A list of candidates filing for Weber County offices, and state and Federal offices that include Weber County, is found here.

Ogden Resident said...

Isn't it interesting,

Stuart Reid going after John Greiner's republican seat.

Jesse Garcia going after Neil Hansen's democratic seat.

And R. Scott Waterfall trying to become, can you believe this a municipal court judge for Roy and South Ogden. Didn't he just depart from being Ogden City's head of business development and hadn't he recently stepped down after being the chairmen of the board of now defunked Centennial Bank?

We need change said...

The Top of Utah has needed some effective political leadership for a long time. It would be great if we could bounce Zogmaister and Bischoff or his picked lackey in one election.

Think about what these Commissioners have done to you the taxpayers in this area. And also think how they have avoided doing anything at all on other issues to protect the developers and Real Estate people.

Danny said...


Stuart Reid ran against Greiner last time as a Democrat - this time as a Republican. What a piece of work.

I don't appreciate Garcia running against Hansen. They are two good guys. The should run against bad guys, not each other. I'll take Hansen who has done a good job and does not deserve to be voted out.

Same deal with Amy Wicks -- Bischoff, Zogmaister, and Dearden have stood up against Powder Mountain in the face of a Realtor onslaught. They have also stood up against Godfrey. I have to wonder, are the Realtors funding Amy? Why is she doing this? Is it for a pay raise or what? I don't like it. There are too few good elected officials, and Bischoff, Zogmaister, and Dearden seem like three good ones to me. If Amy wants to quit the council, fine, but I'm not going to vote good people out.

If Amy wants a pay raise she should run for mayor next year. I'm not going to vote for her for county commission. It stinks to me.

Boy, look at all the people running against the big government crony candidate, Bob Bennett. Hooray. Let's dump this inside-the-beltway fossil. See you at the convention, Bob.

Danny said...

By the way, Mitt Romney's endorsement of Bob Bennett only shows why Romney was never a serious candidate for President, and never will be. He stands for nothing and people can see that easily. His endorsement of Bennett only proves that yet again.

Curmudgeon said...

Danny wrote:

I have to wonder, are the Realtors funding Amy?

Good lord. I enjoy a ripping good conspiracy theory to liven up a dull Saturday night as much as the next guy. But Councilwoman Wicks as a shill for the Utah Realtors Association?

Permit me to suggest, ever so gently, that merely because someone does something you don't approve of --- in this case, a Democrat deciding to challenge a Republican for a seat on the County Commission so it will no longer be an all-Republican body --- does not necessarily mean she is engaged in some nefarious and dishonorable conspiracy. We are not yet, I hope, at the point where doing something Danny doesn't approve of is considered prima facie evidence of conspiratorial conduct.

Are we?

Eyewitness to the facts said...

It is amazing how uniformed a guy like Danny can be. The Weber County Commissioners only stood up when the public pressure made them. Jan Zogmaister told several of us face to face that it was over almost 2 years ago and Powder Mountain was going to get all the zoning they wanted. She folded like a cheap beach chair for the developers. Bischoff slept through most of the fight, and the only one that worked towards a possible solution was Dearden.

The Two Faces of Wicks said...

Amy Wicks is a politician first and foremost. She has a history of telling the Ogden City Employee groups one thing to their face and vote the opposite way. The first was back in 2006, just prior to van gate, and the last will be this Tuesday, when she votes to repeal the Joint Resolution that was a result of van gate. She hasn’t earned my support and she won’t get it.

Curmudgeon said...


My sources tell me your general assessment of how the individual County Commissioners acted on the Powder Mt. incorporation mess, from the start, is right on the money.

Ogden Dem said...

To Danny - since I live in District 9 could you please help me understand exactly what Hansen :... has done a good job..." doing?

I have lived here for quite some time and I am hard-pressed to know what he does in the state legislature and what he has done for the residents of his district or the citizens of Ogden.

I read that he hasn't had a bill passed in years, so what is he doing every year?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ogden Dem I mean Ballentines, If you were really a democrat maybe you would help to do something in the party. but instead all you can do is criticize and bitch and complain. Why don,t you just get in that gondola car that was in your driveway and ride down the river and eat some crap while your at it.

blake fowers said...

How much you want to bet the ballentines quit using the Ogden Dem as there spy name now that they have been found out about.

Ogden Dem said...

To Anon (12:37) sorry don't even know who the Ballentines are and yes I am a registered Democrat living in Leg District 9 and have been thoroughly unimpressed with Hansen for years.

You don't like what I write but still no one, especially Anon, can tell me what Hansen does or has done.

So I will just excuse your rudeness as I am sure it has to do with your upbringing.

Curmudgeon said...


The claim that Rep. Hansen has never passed a bill, or hasn't for years, etc. was a canard passed around by his opposition in past elections. It was countered during his race for the Mayor's job. I will try to find a recent list for you.

Oppose Hansen if you like, based on his record, if you think it merits opposition. But please do it on the record as it is, not as opposition campaigns may claim it to be.

And recall, he has served as a Democrat in a legislature that has been 75% Republican during his entire tenure there. That necessarily limits the number of bills he, or any Democrat, is likely to be able to see out of committee and onto the floor, much less through to passage.

Let me see if I can dig up the Hansen campaign reply to the "no bills passed" canard, or find a new copy.

PS I share you annoyance with people who decide for reasons known only to them that a particular poster is really someone else. They may occasionally get it right, but more often than not, it seems, they haven't.

ozboy said...

I'll tell you one thing that Hansen has done, and for which all his constituents damn well ought to be mighty proud of him for doing. He did not stand and applaud Garn's mia culpa about being a pedophile. Hansen also had the courage and ethical bearing to call the Republican leadership out for the way they handled the Garn debacle and for the way they man handle legislative process in general.

Neil Hansen is a real statesman in a sea of legislative refuse in my opinion.

OgdenLover said...

The developer/Powderville forces has put Amy Wicks on their enemies list. That means they will be throwing all their considerable resources into the election to defeat her. Want to strike a blow for democracy? Support Amy. On Facebook go to Amy for County Commission Seat B

Danny said...

Since people made reference to me thrice above, I'll reply.

Curm is always democrat. When it comes to issues, all know he has no credibility for that reason.

As far as the brick throwing against Zogmaister and Bischoff, I would reply that the commentator made his statements up. I really don't know when I've seen politicians stand up (in this case to Godfrey and the Realtors) the way our current county commissioners have, and I feel they should be retained.

Amy should run for mayor of Ogden, not county commission. She always sets her sights too low.

Hansen has always taken views consistent with the interest of his voters, and has stood up to special interests. That's worth keeping too.

(Note I praise people independently of their party affiliation, unlike some.)

Curmudgeon said...

Ah, Danny... the County Commission elections are partisan elections in Utah [as, for example, Mayoral elections are not]. All I suggested was that it was a little silly of you to dredge up some wild conspiracy theory [e.g. Amy is a shill for realtors who are piling money into her campaign] to explain why a Democrat decided to run for a seat formerly held by a Republican.

But hey, you like conspiracy theories unimpeded by evidence, play on. [Maybe she's running because she got orders from the Grand Galactic Council's Mother Ship, currently hiding behind one of the moons of Pluto, to enter the race....]

Gotta grant you, Danny, conspiracy theories unimpeded by any requirement for supporting evidence can be lots of fun. And Glen Beck has made a successful career of them. [Angling for a talk show lot, are you?]

Danny said...


Your comments are disingenuous and further strain your credibility. For readers who don't want to scroll up to see what you are talking about, here is what I said.

"I have to wonder, are the Realtors funding Amy? Why is she doing this? Is it for a pay raise or what?"

Then I said,

"Amy should run for mayor of Ogden, not county commission. She always sets her sights too low."

Beyond that, people can judge YOUR characterization of what I said as they choose. That is what debate is all about.

blackrulon said...

Danny, I agree that Curm leans strongly Democratic just as other lean strongly Republican, However he is often correct in his assesment and judgement in his viewpoint. Perhaps we should all consider the message instead of dismissing someone because of perceived political affliation. One side or the other of the political divide is not always wrong or right in their evaluation of the situation.

Powder Town Hostage said...

I live in the proposed Powder Town and Amy Wicks has done nothing for our cause! There is not reason for her to be on anyone's enemy list, maybe just a do nothing list.

Curmudgeon said...


Disingenuous? I don't think so. You did write, and repeated above, this: "I have to wonder, are the Realtors funding Amy?" Sounds like a wild fantasy, devoid of supporting evidence, offered to explain why she decided to run, to me. But, as you say, folks can decide for themselves.

ozboy said...

"Powder Town Hostage"

Just what is it that you would expect Wicks to have done for you and your cause? It seems to me that there is a little jurisdiction problem in the way of her taking any direct action to help you. I do believe she has spoken out against the attempted rape of you and your neighbors, which is about all she has power to do.

The notion that Wicks is somehow under the sway of the real estate gangsters is a real hoot! Who ever came up with that idea ought to be writing comedy for TeeVee.

I also don't see any reason why Wicks shouldn't run for commissioner AND mayor of Emerald City. She could do both jobs better than the current incumbents.

I think the citizens of Ogden and Weber county would be well served if Wicks were to get elected to a higher and fully paid position in government. It occurs to me that as a part time council person she has had to maintain a full time outside paying job. In her case I have been under the impression for the last few years that the people she works for are generally considered to be backers and supporters of Godfrey. This has put her in a unique and difficult situation concerning her job security and her ability to be more outspoken on the perfidy of the Godfreyite movement. If she were free of her current job and being paid full time by the tax payers, I believe she would be an outstanding advocate for those citizens. She would no longer have to tip toe through the mine fields created by Godfrey and his sycophants. She would be free to really say and do what she thinks is right and just.

In my opinion Wicks is generally in support of the citizens versus the neo-con new Godfrey world advocates who routinely screw over those citizens in their never ending quest for personal glory, power and self enrichment.

Go Wicks!

Curmudgeon said...

Without considering particular candidates, seems to me the public is rarely well-served when an elected body chosen via partisan election is entirely in the hands of one party. The WC Council is chosen by partisan election, and it has three members. The public interest would best be served by having those seats divided by party 2-1.
And before anyone asks, as I said last time WC Council seats came up, yes, I'd say the same thing if it was an all-Democratic body. The public good is not well served when all elected seats in a body chosen by partisan election are in the hands of a single party, whatever that party might be.

We need change said...

Powder Mountain Hostage is pretty dumb to think a person on the Ogden City Council can do anything for the people affected by the incorporation in Weber County. Why not blame the mayor of New York City too?

Powder Town Hostage said...

To we need change & Ozboy,

My post was in response to OgdenLover's post, which he/she stated:

"The developer/Powderville forces has put Amy Wicks on their enemies list. That means they will be throwing all their considerable resources into the election to defeat her. Want to strike a blow for democracy? Support Amy. On Facebook go to Amy for County Commission Seat B"

This, in my opinion, was an attempt to drum up support for Ms. Wicks by referring that she is somehow an enemy of the powder villians. I pointed out that she has not done anything at all to assist us. I have never seen her at any of the support functions that we have organized nor would I expect her to be there. Therefore there would be no reason for the powder villians to have her on any list. To make one think so is disingenuous.

There is no reason to expect that she would have done anything about this on the Ogden City Council nor do I expect her to do anything about this as a candidate for the County Commission.

I suppose that if you read all of the posts, prior to posting yourself, you might have picked up on that.

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