Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Utah Citizens' Initiative Petition Update

You know what to do... Do it on the internet

Red meat news is a mite skimpy this Tuesday morning, so we thought we'd take the opportunity to make yet another pitch for the Utahns For Ethical Government Ethics Reform Petition Initiative drive, which has a little over a month remaining before the April 15, 2010 signature submission deadline.

Weber County Forum readers got a pretty harsh dose of reality regarding the depth of ethical problems in the Utah Legislature just last week, of course, when Rep. Gage Froerer candidly informed us that elements within the Utah Senate were putting the arm on the Ogden Valley citizens for a cool 25 Grand... you know ... to hire a lobbyist to grease the skids for his HB 218 [wink-wink]. It's in that context that we thought UEG's new TeeVee commercial might strike a lumpencitizen nerve, and spur on any readers who haven't yet signed the petition to get to it right now:

And for those readers who might require a little extra convincing, check out the two most recent Standard-Examiner editorials on the subject:
OUR VIEW: Utah House nixes spending limitsOUR VIEW: More legislative ethicsphobia
Here's the link to the UEG electronic petition; and here are the links to the other two petitions (including Fair Boundaries) which are still in circulation and in need of your signatures.

You know what to do.

Do it on the internet.


althepal said...

Loved the lede: "Utah's a little different."

Ya think?

we are the government said...

Vote them all out - and keep doing so until the government is ethical.

East Of Eden said...

The experience of the Ogden Valley residents with our legislature is instructive. You have a bunch of culture driven legislators that are only concerned with their image and not protecting the citizens that they are sworn to represent. They have had 4 chances to reverse the stigma of HB466, and refuse to do so. That says it all.

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