Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Science Saturday" Is Revived On Weber County Forum

Great weekend science reading, revived by popular demand

Thanks to a kind reminder in a lower comments section from Gentle Reader Dan, we'll revive our WCF Science Saturday feature once again this week. Here are a few of the science articles which we bookmarked this week, as we at long last bring Science Saturday back to Weber County Forum:

1) Your blogmeister has an extremely healthy and active honeybee colony inhabiting his side-yard patio pergola, which over the past few years has made backyard barbecues and other outdoor summer social events a mite "dicey." Having read this week's Yahoo News story however, your blogmeister doesn't believe he'll be calling an exterminator any time soon:
Bees in more trouble than ever after bad winter
Nevertheless, we'd definitely like to hear from any professional beekeepers who may be out in our midst, who'd like to replenish their depleted "livestock" for free. If interested, please contact Rudi via the contact link embedded at the top of our Weber County Forum sidebar. We'll supply all necessary ice, beer and Benedryl, as needed.

2) And just when we'd started to believe that that modern astrophysicists had finally gotten it right, using "red shift" phenomena and analysis, we get this:
New Proof Unknown "Structures" Tug at Our Universe
So how BIG is the KNOWN UNIVERSE anyway? Are these scientists observing a brand new phenonomenon whereby they're watching a whole other heretofore Unkwnown Universe sucking matter outta the Universe that we recognise and live in? Or do we need to re-examine our reliance on "red shift" data, or otherwise redefine out "map" of the known universe?

Maybe professor Schroeder can explain it. He can certainly explain everything else.

3) And here's a little something for our board regular neuroscientist, Gentle Reader Monotreme:
Neuroscientists don't believe in souls--But that doesn't mean they can't sell theirs
Will world neuroscientists sell their souls to the American Military-industrial complex?

We certainly hope not.

That's it for WCF Science Saturday this week.

See's ya all back next week.


Danny said...

. . . or we could talk about the fraud called global warming . . . wait . . . climate change . . . wait the glaciers are melting . . . wait that was faked . . . the polar bears are dying . . . wait there are more of 'em than ever . . . there is a graph showing temperature rise . . . . wait, we lost the data . . . the world is getting warmer . . . wait, we stopped taking readings from the coldest places . . . no temperature rise at all for 15 years . . .

Yes, trust scientists. They are the only honest ones.

The coming economic crash will wipe out all the liars and parasites.

Let it begin.

Machster said...

About the only question remaining is will Al Gore be prosecuted for his complicitency in this Global scam.

And will the task of prosecution be taken up by AG Eric Holder or the World Court in Den Hague?

At minimum Gore should be required to relinquish his bogus Nobel Peace Prize and forfeit the $1,400,000 prize money.

Any bets the Liberals will even think about such?

By the way what has happened to all those Global Warming/Man Made Climate Change grants? Last I heard Obama had the CIA using our assets to measure temperatures...
which right now are definitely rising in the USA thanks to the Obamacare legislation. But let's just stay with Science Saturday...

Danny said...

Don't forget Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, awarded within days of his ELECTION.

I mean, the Nobel Liberal Cause and Politician Promotion Prize.

Another corrupt mess.

Speaking of which, Kevin Garn is in the news again.

Hey Kevin!

ozboy said...

The following article is from those damn criminal conspirators at the Associated Press. It quotes those other incompetent criminals at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) who obviously don't know shit from shinola when it comes to this global warming scam. Those NOAA crooks should quit spending all that gummint money on their junk science and just tune into Fox radio for the real low down on global warming.

- - - - -

March 26th, 2010 @ 3:13pm

AP Science Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - It will probably come as a surprise to most Americans, but the winter just finished was the fifth warmest on record, worldwide.

Oh, sure, nearly two-thirds of the country can dispute that from personal experience of a colder-than-normal season.

But while much of the United States was colder than usual, December-February _ climatological winter _ continued the long string of unusual warmth on a global basis.

And parts of the United States did join in, with warmer-than-normal readings for the season in New England and the Pacific Northwest. Indeed, Maine had its third warmest winter on record, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports.

NOAA's National Climatic Data Center reports that worldwide the average temperature for winter was 54.9 degrees Fahrenheit (12.7 Celsius).

That's 1.08 degrees F (0.60 C) above average for the three-month period.

Contributing to the warmth was an El Nino (el NEEN-yo), a periodic warming of water in the tropical Pacific Ocean, which can influence weather over large areas.

However, worldwide temperatures have also been climbing in recent years, a warming attributed by most atmospheric scientists to chemicals added to the air by human activities since the start of the Industrial Revolution.

In February NOAA reported that the 2000-2009 decade was the warmest on record, easily surpassing the previous hottest decade, the 1990s.

The report for December-February also said:

_Warmer-than-average temperatures engulfed much of the planet's surface, with the exception of unusually cool conditions across Europe, parts of Russia and most of the contiguous United States.

_The Southern Hemisphere combined land and ocean temperature during the three-month season was the second warmest December-February on record, behind 1998.

_Most of Canada had warmer-than-average conditions during winter, resulting in the warmest December-February period since national records began in 1948.

_Much of Australia experienced warmer-than-average conditions during the Northern Hemisphere winter (Southern Hemisphere summer), with the exception of cooler-than-average conditions across the northern parts of the country.

Monotreme said...

Sadly, Rudi, the answer is "yes". Neuroscientists would sell their souls for any sort of grant funding. The number of neuroscientists has far outstripped available funding.

(Floyd Bloom, who is quoted in the article -- thanks for that, btw -- famously quipped at a Neuroscience meeting that, "on current trends, by the year 2025, everyone in the world will be a neuroscientist.")

ozboy said...

Sorry Mr. Monotreme

Floyd Bloom could not possibly be right when he says that by 2025 every one in the world will be Neuroscientists, not unless he subtracts Utah from the mix. You see here in Utah half the people are already realtors and by 2025 every one in the state will be. But fear not, once that happens we will all enjoy equal influence with the state legislature.

Joe Friday said...

The above "story" is exactly what used to be told to us as children. A Story.

When these corrupt freaks say the global temp is rising due to it being a degree above "average". And when we all know that the figure used as "average" has been fudged and lied about in order to attempt to "create" a crisis where none exists.

The fact is there has been no increase in global temperatures in the last fifteen years.

Stop drinking the "stupid" flavored coolaid and get over it. Any one who actually still "believes" in Man Made Climate Change might as well believe in the Hale Bop Comet Cult, the Flying Spagetti Monster, or the Jim Jones Ghana Cult. It is a dead issue. Shot to hell by reality and admissions of fraudulent behavior. cooked data and lies by the liberals. As is always the case when mixing pseudo science with politics...two groups of liers can do a lot of damage when ignorance is assumed or prevails.

And Utahns will never be free of the Realtor Association influence. The whole thing is driven by the same greed and stupidity that creates a near perfect storm of - everyone wins from the scam except the little people who pay taxes...and more taxes, and more taxes, and more taxes...and fees, licenses, permits, fines, involuntary donations, more taxes...Ugh!!
Besides the Bishop is also likely a Realtor.

Bill Gannon said...

It is pretty amazing that these know it all know nothing dumb asses like "Joe Friday" can make such stupid statements as above with absolutely no proof or rational explanation of their positions that refute many year of hard scientific evidence. They have no real understanding of the underlying science other than what they hear on Fox radio. They sit back so smug and full of themselves and cast incredibly stupid accusations of vast conspiracies by thousands of real scientists, none of whom they could remotely measure up to intellectually.

"Joe's" above screed reads just like a Rush Limbaugh script, only dumber. You can bet your ass however that "Joe" is beaming over his delusional belief in his own brilliance.

Dragnet Democrat said...

Seems to me that Joe Friday was a Detective and a Lieutenant, while Bill Gannon was a "DOH" go-fer and gullible type Sgt.

Things have not changed. Stupid is what studpid does. Gannnon and Gore! Gullable Go-fers without a clue. Still members of the flat earth society.

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