Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Could Senator Bennett Be Facing a Chris Cannon-style Challenge From His Right Flank?

If ads on my favorite political blogs are any indication, the answer is a firm "yes"

By Jim Hutchins

As has been reported here and elsewhere, Sen. Robert Bennett is facing an increasingly serious caucus challenge from the right.

These inside-the-beltway bloggers point out the connection between the anti-Washington sentiment is evident in the next-door Colorado caucuses and our very own Utah caucuses.

There have been rumblings about Sen. Bennett here and there. Could he be facing a Chris Cannon-style challenge from his right flank? If ads on my favorite political blogs are any indication, the answer is a firm "yes".


Jim Hutchins said...

More support for the "throw the bums out" interpretation of the 2010 elections.

A bare majority of Americans would replace every single member of Congress if they could.

This is amazing to me. I know that people generally like their representatives while hating everyone else's, but even having said that, I think we are about to see a destructive wave of anti-incumbency this year.

Dorothy Littrell said...

Mr. Hutchins:

I could not disagree with you more regarding what you call the destructive wave of anti-incumbency replacements which you consider destructive.

Orrin Hatch has been in Washington representing Utah for 34 years and Bob Bennett for not quite that long. Collectively they together in tenure have received compensation that Utah has paid for which totals more than 50 plus years between them.

And now all of a sudden because of the upcoming election they deign to actually come back to Utah to see how we all feel about things. Over the years I have tried to express my feelings to Orrin on different matters and been completely ignored.

It is too late in my book that both of them seem to realize that some mistakes have been made.

The latest thing that Bennett seems to be determined to vote for is open door amnesty for all illegals.

I consider Utah's two senators to be responsible for their share of votes which has allowed the creation of the horrendous debt load we are faced with -- all the debt is not of Obama's doing.

They have allowed our soldiers to be stationed in over 100 countries in the world with no end in sight.

You must be a very naive young man to consider that replacing every member in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives will be

Jim Hutchins said...

Ms. Littrell,

With respect, to remove all members of Congress is, by definition, destructive.

I guess I don't always see "destruction" as a negative term. Rather, I am using it in the sense of taking something apart, in this case the Congress.

I'm sorry you've misinterpreted my words.

Jim Hutchins said...

For those on Facebook, here's a link to the "Stop Bob Bennett" fan page.

Tom said...

Citizens tend to elect those who would make the same decisions as themselves.
If you think government sucks, its because its what you were willing to put up with; its what we collectively deserve.

40 years of unsustainable fiscal policy, and it takes a black president to get the white shrinking middle class up off their couches, away from the remote control, and on to the street complaining of us being owned by China.

Most of the people clamoring for change right now, are no better themselves then those who are serving.
Change begins with you.

Prowler said...

Regarding two items on this blog:

1. Bennett must go.

2. Centennial Bank has gone under. According to this, Barnes Banking is next.


(After it loads, be sure to Utah from the drop down menu.)

3. Oh, and nobody has discussed the firing of the Ogden High Football coach.

RudiZink said...

Hmmm... I thought Barnes Bank had already folded.

Replace Bennet? said...

And replace Bennett with whom?

Mike Lee is an Orrin Hatch reincarnate. The guy is 38 years old and begging to be Utah's next career politician. You think he's honestly going to retire after two terms at the old age of 50? Think again.

He'll desperately hope for an appointment to the Supreme Court (just like Hatch) which will never come (just like Hatch), and we'll be stuck with him for another 36 years (just like . . . you guessed it).

Hatch ran an anti-incumbency campaign focused on returning to the Constitution. Sound familiar? The guy is full of nice sound bites, but he keeps dancing around every tough question I've ever seen asked of him. I don't want another lawyer back in DC representing Utah. We've already got too many of them to begin with.

I'm warming to Bridgewater but still not convinced. Right now he's my #1 choice, but I almost think it might be better to stick with Bennett for another 6 years and hope either Bishop or Chaffetz run once Bennett retires.

We need change said...

We should just vote against all incumbents in Utah, no matter what office they hold at the State, Federal, and local levels. It is radical, but would scare the hell out of these sleepwalking incumbents. It is easy to remember, vote for anyone or write in anyone other than the incumbent.

Jim Hutchins said...

Tom Schaller over at 538 analyzes the same poll I cited.

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