Thursday, March 25, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Reid Not Republican Enough?

Jon Greiner's holding most of the important cards... so what will Greiner do?

There's a fantastic story brewing up here in Weber County this morning, as this morning's Scott Schwebke story unravels the facts regarding Boss Godfrey crony Stuart Reid's last-minute decision to file his declaration of candidacy for Sen. Jon John Greiner's Senate District 18 seat (as a Republican), in the wake of Sen. Greiner's adverse Hatch Act ruling... a mere fifteen minutes prior the Weber County Clerk's Friday filing deadline. We've seen GOP RINO*s pull political flip-flops before; but we have to say this one takes the cake. We swear this has to be the strangest of those truth is stranger than fiction stories that we've recently seen. Even the most creative writer of fiction simply couldn't make this stuff up:
Reid not Republican enough? Both parties wary after longtime Democrat switches in attempt to fill Greiner's seat
A Weber County Forum Tip O' The Hat goes out to Weber County GOP Chairman Matt Bell this morning for his forthright comments about the latest RINO* to mendaciously pin on the Republican Party label pin:

OGDEN -- A local Republican Party official is suspicious of developer Stuart Reid's last-minute switch from the Democratic Party to the GOP to run for the seat held by embattled state Sen. Jon Greiner.
Reid's longtime Democratic Party affiliation makes him unsuitable as a Republican candidate to represent Senate District 18, said Matt Bell, chairman of the Weber County Republican Party.
"He's as much a Republican as President Obama or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi," who are both Democrats, Bell said. "I don't think the party supports Reid."
Reid's former Democratic Party colleagues have also been rendered near-speechless, of course:

Todd Taylor, executive director of the Utah Democratic Party, said he hadn't expected Reid to run for the Senate, much less switch to the Republican Party to do so.
"I was stunned and blown away," he said.
And you have to love the sheer audacity of Reid's comment on the matter, as he takes on the role of Weber County's #1 Drama Queen (temporarily ousting Boss Godfrey from that role):

Being shunned by leaders in both parties is an unusual predicament, Reid said."It's a very odd place to be in. I'm a man without a country."

As an aside, we'll add that Reid's action in switching parties 15 minutes before the filing deadline, and leaving his own Democratic Party in the lurch, is a perfect illustration of the manner in which Matthew Godfrey and his minions work. With this group of opportunistic game players, there exist no absolute values of right v. wrong. Political action, philosophy and party affiliation are fuzzy abstractions to these political chameleons, transformable and capable of being shifted at will.

Needless to say, Reid's candidate filing puts The Weber County GOP in a very tight spot in the event that Greiner drops from the Senate race. With their County Nominating Convention looming on April 10, Reid, a long-time Democratic Party insider, would remain the sole candidate officially filed under the Republican banner in such a scenario. We'll thus take a wild guess, and assume that even now, Weber County GOP leadership is boning up on Utah Election Law and Utah GOP foundational documents to devise a strategy to strike Stuart Reid's name from the list of certified party convention candidates, deny his credentialling on the convention floor, and subsitute another legally-qualified GOP candidate, in the event Greiner drops out.

A lot depends on what course of action Jon Greiner adopts, of course. In fact, he's holding most of the important cards... cards which he dealt himself. Should he adopt the strategy suggested in this morning's most-excellent Standard-Examiner editorial, the Weber County GOP's problem is alleviated for the most part, we think:
OUR VIEW: Greiner should resign as chief
Nevertheless, asking a man like Greiner, (who's devoted his whole life to a law enforcement career,) to step down from his Police Chief job is a lot to ask, we'll concede.

So what will Greiner do? Will he sacrifice his law enforcement career to the principles of his political party? Or will he continue in his Police Chief role, and throw his party to the political wolves? Perhaps these questions could be better framed as What SHOULD Sen. Greiner do?

Your blogmeister had a short phone conversation with Sen. Greiner yesterday, by the way. He's out of town and is still weighing his options.

It's a fantastic story brewing up, as we said.

Who will be the first to comment?
*Republican In Name Only

Update 3/26/10 6:56 a.m.: For the sake of accuracy, we need to make a slight correction. It occurred to us this morning that Senate District 18 also overlaps a portion of Davis County, so the Senate 18 nomination will occur at the 5/8/10 Utah GOP Nominating Convention, rather than the 4/10/10 Weber County Nominating Convention. Thus the Reid candidacy becomes a problem not only for the Weber County Republican Party, but for the Davis County GOP and the Utah GOP, as well.


we need the pied piper said...

It's pretty plain to see that Godfrey tipped the snake off about Greiner and put him up to it. Now they are begining to lose all credibility. People are not that stupid to fall for the antics.

Danny said...

I have to admit, I've never see Stuart Reid before. That guy is creepy looking.

Where is Blake Fowers, Bobby Geiger, or the Envision Ogden lurker Abe Shreeve?

What do you guys think about Godfrey's police chief looking at a quarter-million fine and forced resignation?

Pretty lawless, no?

I thought you said Godfrey's flying monkeys would not be prosecuted?

BTW, Jeske is thinking about running against Godfrey toady Brandon Stephenson. This is the single most important local story of the year.

Pencil Pusher said...

Just what we need, more polarization by talking about Democrats and Republicans rather than who is the best candidate for the job.

We have seen in Utah and now Washington DC what happens to responsible government when one party holds all the cards. It is about time Utah citizens thought about making changes in leadership based on the most qualified candidate for the job.

Curmudgeon said...


I don't think Greiner is looking at a quarter of a million dollar fine. I think Ogden is. Hope I'm wrong about that.

Curmudgeon said...

Were I a Weber County Republican --- happily, having been properly brought up, I am not --- all I'd need to know about Mr. Reid if I were considering his nomination is that his word's no good. He told WC Democratic leaders he would run then reneged at the last minute. There's nothing more, really, I'd need to know about him to decide it wouldn't be wise to nominate him.

The Oldest Profession said...

I don’t understand how anyone can see Reed as a legitimate candidate for any office. Given his track record when he worked for the Godfrey Administration, the $100,000.00 severance package agreed upon with a handshake, and his flip flop of parties without hesitation is a clear example of why not to trust this guy. His sole purpose seems clear to me and that is that he wants power. He will be as republican or democratic as he needs to be to get elected. No party affiliation or stance on any issue of substance means a hill of beans to this guy. He just wants to be elected…..period. This is not to say that I am a supporter of J. Greiner, but like him or not you know where he stands on issues.

I think that the election of Mr. Reed will only increase the number of those who prostitute their soles and our representation in the house of whores in SLC.

blackrulon said...

I believe either Jon Greiner or Stuart Reid would fit in well with the current group of GOP legislators. Both seem to be lacking in any sense of ethics, like sweetheart deals and do not mind gouging the citizens for large amounts of taxpayer money. It should not be that difficult for Jon Greiner to quit as chief of police. he has experience in resigning that position. My own concern is that Mayor Godfrey would try to find a way to give Greiner a expensive severance payout.

Change in the Wind said...

“Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten
pecent a bad name” - Henry Kissinger

Senator Stephenson is an a-hole said...

Its also time to drill down and defeat this neoCON bastard Howard Stephenson, who was mentioned,and waffled about his role in encouraging Stuart Reid to challenge Sen. Greiner. Stevenson poses as a GOP conservative, and yet recruits Democratic Party insiders to defeat our Weber County GOP Senator Greiner.


Greiner is an outspoken proponent of public education. This bastard Stephenson obviously wants Greiner out, because Greiner didn't take bribes from the School Voucher proponents.

Monotreme said...

Democrats don't want Uncle Stewie either.

OneWhoKnows said...

Let's not forget Stuart Reid, he's such a fine example of a man with intergrety and wisdom. Remember him for grooming Mayor Matt Godfrey and turning him into the turp he is today. Remember him for releasing Scott Brown on us and covering up everything that crook bestowed upon everyone that he came in contact with. Remember him the countless lies and secrets he hid from the City Council. Remember him for the so-called $45,000 severence package that our crooked Mayor gave him for going away. Remember him for returning six months later when Mayor Matt created a job for him to run BDO, that was operating just fine for years before and then paying Stewie another $72,000 annually. Remember him going to build a large building on The Junction site next to The Childrens Musuem, hiring Scott Brown again and then folding on the development. Remember him four years ago when he started this Hatch Act against Greiner and then lost the election. Remember him when he was a Democrat and now a Republican. Remember how he lost the SLC Mayoral race against Rocky Anderson. Dorrene Jeske is very correct and accurate. He is creepy and dishonest, Brown as well and now Stuart Reid wants to be a Senator. I find this totally unaccepable. I try and try to forget, but everyone should remember this guy for who he is.

Dorrene Jeske said...

I think that it's clear what the Weber County Republican Party Chair should do considering the facts in Stuart Reid's jump to the Republican Party.

1) He should NOT be given any recognition as a Republican which means:
a. In the event that Greiner decides to retain his police chief job, Reid should not be the party's candidate for the State Senate. In this case, it is better to have no candidate than to have such an unethical, lying, scheming "snake" represent the party.
b. He should receive NO funds aor support from the Republican party for his campaign. I believe that a lot of conservative Republicans would be greatly upset to think that funds that they had donated to the party were going, in part, to Reid's campaign. Godfrey recruited him and told him to change parties, let Godfrey and his real estate buddies fund his campaign. The reason they both are now Republicans is that they know one almost needs to be a Republican to get elected to a public office in Utah.
2) A write-in campaign could be organized for a well-known Republican in that District to fill the Republican candidate vacancy.

But by no means should the Republican Party accept him as a Republican.

nicely done said...

Onewhoknows...awesome summary...

Someone should do a little background check into what rock SB crawled out from....and who just happens to be one of the owners of a fairly new building within the River Parkway that got a sweetheart deal on the land that was half what the City was asking for other properties....and who was directing out of town investors interesting in investing in Otown to properties of a relative that just would happen to all the sudden have an option on those properties...isnt he even related to yeah, mister I have built everything west of the Mississippi...and how about that BDO change order fiasco for other projects...oh, isnt he related to mr G? the list goes on....

peterball said...

Regarding Chief Greiner-how can we allow him to even think of continuing as police chief? We the citizens of Ogden have paid his legal expenses in regards to this matter to both his personal attorney and the attorney utilized by the city.

Since the finding has gone against him numerous times, maybe he should reimburse the city for all legal expenses incurred after the first ruling that he was in violation of the Hatch act.

ozboy said...

In the middle of this pile-O-crap concerning the two relics of barbarism and evil, Griener and Reid, we have the wonderful opportunity to end up with a great State Senator representing inner city Ogden.

Yep, I can see the slimmest slice of day light wherein Betty Sawyer could slide into that spot and for the first time in years actually afford a seat at the state senate table to the long neglected citizens of central Ogden.

It would even be sweeter if the Weber Republicans came out and endorsed Betty as the only legitimate and moral choice for the senate seat!

As a long time, but highly disgruntled, follower of the Elephant Party - I can fantasize about integrity in the party - can't I? Wouldn't it be great if those of us who have followed the Elephant for so long had something to step in beside Elephant crap like these two disingenuous pieces named Reid & Griener.

OneWhoKnows said...

I'm backing Betty and I hope everyone that's had enough, will too!

Danny said...

You are in fine form, Oz. (You too Dorrene, but what else is new?)

"...relics of barbarism and evil, Griener and Reid . . ."

"...unethical, lying, scheming snake ..."

I do so love, when truth takes the front seat. So often, we mince words to be "nice" or "civil". Let the truth be spoken instead.

Betty Sawyer, it appears, will be the first Democrat I have ever voted for. (I've voted everything else.)

And I would like to thank her for giving us a real choice - for giving us a way to dump two Godfrey puppets.

ozboy said...


The phrase was borrowed from days of old. The great crusades by the Federal Government against the MoMo's (polygamy) and the looming Civil war (slavery) were fueled by them being called "The twin relics of barbarism - slavery and polygamy"

Monotreme said...

This SL Trib story on Bob Bennett's troubles made the national news.

history tells all said...

Well, Well, I wish the rest of the story would be told. Has anyone Talked to Why Rep. Hansen didn't run for the senate when all indication show that he was ready and willing to take the race on. Oh how the truth would be nice to know. I politics nothing happens on accident.

Eddie Q said...

Hansen could not win the senate seat as currently gerrymandered with the heavy slice of Republican Davis County included in it. He is no fool, so why would he give up his relatively secure house seat for a quixotic run for the senate?

Danny said...

An amazing side story is this:

Here Greiner knew he was risking his high-paying job as well as a huge fine, by taking a senate seat.

What did he hope to gain, to justify the risk? Or is he simply a moron?

Well, he lost his bet. He's been found guilty, and the local paper has called for his resignation.

So he not only made a stupid bet, he lost it. This is lesson to all. You can argue about whether city bureaucrats are corrupt, arrogant, or whatever. But this should settle the question of: "Are they stupid?"

Think of all the other stupid things these people are wanting to do with our money.

How else could Greiner have made such a pointless wager? What other explanation is there?

blackrulon said...

Danny, what risk was there for Greiner? He was allowed to retire in place as chief of police and keep that job. He draws retirement pay, money to a retirement account and pay as chief of police. He gets pay as a state senator and accompaning perks. If challenged he retsai9ns both jobs until legal action is decided. He does not have to pay for his legal defense and does not have to pay any of the resultating fines and penalties. He also has the full and complete support of the mayor. Greiner risked nothing and stood a chance to benefit.

is it so! said...

"Are they stupid?"
No not really, just ask Sen. Killpack, ask Rep. Garn, Ask Rep. Brad Dee, and Most of all Ask Sen. Greiner. They are not stupid because you can't fix stupid. OK OK OK your right they are stupid and anyone that votes republican is just as stupid and that my folks can't be fixed.

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