Friday, March 19, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Boss Godfrey Returns From Secret International "Trade Mission"

Quote of the Day: "Boss Godfrey understands his community and constituents"

This morning's Standard-Examiner reports that the jet-setting Boss Godfrey has now returned from another "foreign trade mission," this time to our neighbor south of the border, Mexico. Unlike last January's China Mission, this trip was all cloak and dagger, and was not pre-publicized, so the Std-Ex fills in all the details after the fact. Read up. This morning's story is in standard Scott Schwebke format, of course, complete with the usual complement of glowing and optimistic quotes, self-congratulatory Godfrey utterances, and the obligatory "pat on the back" by the ever-fawning Godfrey sock-puppet, Councilman Stephenson:
Mexico trip seen boosting Ogden
And speaking of glowing quotes, we gotta confess we got an especially good chuckle outta this one:

Miguel Rovira, the state's regional director for the Americas for the Governor's Office of Economic Development, helped arrange Godfrey's visit to Mexico. Rovira praised the trade mission."It's extremely creative. The mayor understands his community and constituents," he said Thursday.
So what about it gentle readers? Does Boss Godfrey's latest international foray demonstrate his solidarity with the Ogden lumpenfolke, as Mr. Rovira suggests? Will this week's Mexico trip actually (and miraculously) result in the creation of important Ogden jobs? Does it make sense for the mayor of our little Utah town to be embarking on repeated international "trade missions," just like the "big boys" in the Governor's Office? Or can we simply chalk it all up as another Godfrey pleasure junket, mainly intended to rack up Boss Godfrey frequent flyer miles on the lumpencitzens' dime, and to relieve the poor little feller from the boredom of actually performing his elective job, after a grueling ten years of "service," which at this point may be "wearing on him?"

We dunno, gentle readers.

Perhaps a few of our gentle readers can shed some light on the true meaning of all this.


blackrulon said...

I believe he is traveling to various countries to personally check criminal extradition procedures.

ozboy said...

Two things stand out as typical Godfreyesque nonsense:

"Godfrey said that during the trip he met representatives from several other Mexican companies willing to provide consignment high-end clothing, jewelry, leather goods and home furnishings to existing or new businesses in Ogden"


"Godfrey, who traveled to China in January to meet with company officials there to supply the outlets, said it makes more sense to work with Mexican firms.

Products could be shipped more cheaply from Mexico and in smaller quantities than from China, he said."

Just the notion that one is going to import "high end" stuff from Mexico pretty much flies in the face of reality. Of course reality has never been one of the Wizard's strong points.

And if the little scammer knows that it "makes more sense to work with Mexican firms than Chinese, why the hell is he wasting tax payer money back in January to trip off to Chiner to begin with?

What an embarrassment to the citizens of Ogden to have such a nit wit running around the world representing the city. Virtually nothing the doofuss does or says makes a lick of business sense, never did, never will.

Juan Valdez said...

Another secret and unannounced trip for Ogden's Little Big Man. First to China, now Mexico on the taxpayers dime and all the time looking for a manufacturer for the Geiger Recreational Douche Bag which he probably invested in with his best buddy. He must think he's like Ross Perot with his NAFTA Program (No Answers From The A*#Hole) in the name of promoting jobs and businesses. It seems to me that we already have enough of our Mexican friends already living in Ogden and the recent find of 60 pounds in the commodity market just proves that capitalism is working in Ogden even without his vision and leadership. WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING MAYOR, especially Godfrey!

Amy Wicks said...

I would like to see the same time, effort and resources put into supporting locally owned and operated businesses to see what Ogden can do to help them succeed and grow.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our community and we should do all we can to help maintain and create American manufacturing jobs.

Money spent in our community stays in our community and that's good for all of us.

Globalization is not always bad, but is it really appropriate for elected officials to put so much effort into importing goods from other countries for sale in our community? I think we have better things to focus our efforts on.

connect the geigerdots said...

Ah, but Ms. Wicks, you overlook the fact pointed out by Juan just above: Our mayor's trips to China and Mexico are in support of a locally owned business.

Geiger Geiger Geiger Geiger Geiger!

Biker Babe ! said...

I would be remiss if I did not post here what I posted earlier (#1 in line) on the SE comment section to this artickle:

Iron Curtain is now in Mexico ...

"It was a good way to figure out how to penetrate the iron curtain, so to speak, as to who the players are to make it happen," said Godfrey. -- Iron Curtain? The only iron curtain around here that needs penetrating is the door on the 9th floor with Godfrey's name on it.

"The trip cost about $3,000" -- isn't that a bit more than the trip to China allegedly cost? And he said in the artickle that it costs LESS to ship stuff from Mexico than from China ...

"Having the mayor come provides credibility," said Godfrey [the man who claimed out loud in a room full of people to have more integrity than anyone in the room]

"Godfrey ... said he met with officials from two Mexican companies, which he declined to identify ... [and] other Mexican companies willing to provide consignment [CONSIGNMENT???] high-end clothing, jewelry, leather goods and home furnishings to existing or new businesses in Ogden willing to establish factory outlets."

SO -- is it Factory Outlet or Blight Declaration or Fed-financed bldg rehabilitation or consignment shops? Or geiger-rigs, or high adventure, or ski destination, or restaurants & service, or anything that brings jobs to Ogden that pay a Living Wage???


OZ: "Godfrey, who traveled to China in January to meet with company officials there to supply the outlets, said it makes more sense to work with Mexican firms. ... Products could be shipped more cheaply from Mexico and in smaller quantities than from China, he said." -- this is just Godfrey-speak for "the China trip was a major FAIL"


curious said...

Didn't the mayor years ago urge landlords to rent to illegals since they wouldn't report any problems to the police or the city. If they were behind in rent you could threaten them with ICE and deportation. Mayor speaks Spanish que no?

How is his rentals in the city doing these days?

hose nose said...

Gosh Amy, I would like to see the little dick weed spend some time in actually building relationships with the Council and his Employees, rather than constantly attempting to screw them over.

By the way Amy, Patterson lied at the RDA meeting when Ms. Jeske confronted him about the Firefighters doing surveys, it is a survey to find rentals, and thats all. they arent even checking for detectors in known rental units. They lie, and it's a freaking scam.

tequila said...

He should check with businesses who are presently shipping godds from Mexico. The cost to ship is relative, the tarriffs and taxes at the Mexican Border are staggering, Ask the folks at Autiliv who are pulling out of Mexico because of the costs involved with shipping to and from our neighbors to the south.

Ogden Res said...

To Amy Wicks:

You said you would like to see . . .

Come again? Remember that the city council is supposed to set policy.

That means that from a practical standpoint, you, Gochnour, VanHooser, and Blair could set policy if you wanted to, instead of trying to defuse 1 out of 10 booby traps Godfrey sets for you and feeling like THAT'S some accomplishment.

Godfrey wastes our money on stupid, stupid things like this, because you, the city council, take it from us and give it to him.

Please don't forget that.

BTW we do appreciate you and like to hear from you too...

BTW, you said you were going to post council packets on the Internet. When you gonna kick your staff and tell them to do it??

G'n'R lives said...

Why did he go all the way to Mexico? He could have traveled up up the street to Mexico City North......

El Gondola Generalissimo said...

They have less Mexican gang and drug violence in Mexico than there is in Ogden.The Mayor didn't want to expose himself to the dangers that is alive every day in Ogden.

Just shaking my head said...

Wasn't Godfrey the one that killed the development of an up scale Mexican grocery store, office building and retail project on the corner of 24th and Monroe? I guess leaving the current run down operations there on 24th and Monroe is better in his mind than having it developed at no cost to the city. A project that was going to be totally funded by the developer. A project that he killed because he said it wasn't consistent with the neighborhood!

What's changed other than that developer wasn't a FOM where as I'm sure this new effort on Washington will be shearheaded by a FOM. And as for consistency, how does Mexican consignment retail fit in with high adventure?

Anyone want to buy a switch-blade?

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