Tuesday, June 08, 2010

3,858 Oil Rig Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico

3,858 time bombs waiting to go off?

Amidst all the Gulf Coast hullabaloo, we stumbled upon this sobering Wikipedia page whilst googling this morning:
3,858 Oil Rig Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico
3,858 time bombs waiting to go off?

3,858 "asses" waiting to be "kicked?"

We're wondering how many other gulf coast oil rigs received prestigious Obama Administration "Safety Awards".

Yeah, we realize the Gulf of Mexico is a mite far afield from our Weber County, Utah turf; but our psychic sense is that the story that's currently playing out in the Gulf of Mexico region may turn out to be the national news story of the decade.

And even though this unprecedented environmental disaster is "centered" almost 1,500 miles from the "safe" haven of Utah's Land of Zion, we see no reason our local readers shouldn't be invited to kibbitz on the subject.

Have at it, O Gentle Ones.


althepal said...

This situation is so screwed up it's hard to imagine that Godfrey doesn't have his hand in there somewhere. Maybe Godfrey can get work at British Petroleum once he leaves public service and enters the private sector. His management style would certainly be a good fit at BP.

And Justice for all said...

Obama is a jerk. Whenever anything goes wrong since he has been president, he looks around for someone or something to demonize. Bankers, Wall Street, Las Vegas, Oil companies, Republicans, Medical Insurance Companies, The New York Times, Fox News, ipods, computers. The one thing he never does is look in the mirror.

He has no managerial skills, so when his demonizing runs its course, he gets defensive and says the media is spending too much time on the problem. His priorities are convoluted, he choose to go for the health care bill which will cost much more than he said to satisfy his base, but he did not emphasize job creation which is killing him with
the average American.

He is the most divisive president I have ever seen in office, beyond even Richard Nixon. He runs off at the mouth about finger pointing yet he uses that more than any president that I can remember.

His supporters claim he is a victim of racism, but it is really his incompetence as a leader. This man had overwhelming support when elected and he has damaged that support with his unchecked arrogance. His rhetoric is loud and bold, but he has shown by example that government cannot do everything better than his worst critics could do.

It will be interesting to see when the next terrorist attack happens in this country. Obama will probably blame Calvin Coolidge.

googlegirl said...

Massive Flow Of Bullshit Continues To Gush From BP Headquarters

Rob Lightbown said...

Thank you so much for linking our Oil Spill Page. As a quick FYI, we also manage and update an Atlantic Tropical Weather Page found at http://www.crownweather.com/?page_id=29 which should be useful during the hurricane season.

Thanks again!!

Rob Lightbown/Crown Weather Services

Renate said...

Justice for all.......

Obama's achilles heel is his inability to accept criticism. His thin skin is apparent when he has to lash out at any criticism himself. He spends a lot of time taking shots his critics.

Most Presidents learn that criticism is part of the job, but Obama cannot seem to understand that. He is also insecure in his own leadership ability.

It would be safe to say he never encountered any heavy criticism as a community organizer or even as the short termed Senator from all the liberals that surrounded him, but now he is over his head in the nationwide public arena.

Dean Moriarty said...

Yes, I am waiting for a ambassador to contradict the president so they can out the CIA agent wife.

Bitter Pill said...

I love living in the Reddest Ste in the Union.

You all are so funny; you sweep the streets clean, are as honest as a lead bullet and, noses to the grindstone you toil so that my nose grinds not at all.

Everyone For President

Don Quoxite said...

If you will permit a slightly off subject interjection. Speaking of "The Land of Zion" and Kibitzing...

As any learmed Hebrew scholar will explain, after laughing under his beard, "Zion" in ancient Hebrew means "male genetalia".

Imagine that! We live in the land of "male genetalia". Or put your money in "male genetals".

Or perhaps the land of "dick heads"?

Keisha said...

Too funny Don. More information we really didn't want to know.

Sources Please said...

Got a source for that "translation", Don? Or is this just another example of your incrementally increasing insanity?

good ol boy said...

Drill Baby Drill. I dont hear the idiots screaming that chant as of late.

911Truth said...

...and Dick Cheney has been quiet.

Halliburton must being planning another terrorist attack.

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