Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Standard-Examiner: GOP Primary Goes to Lee

Primary Election post-mortem: We'll turn it over to our readers to enlighten us on the true meaning of all this

The Standard-Examiner reports (via the Associated press) the results of yesterday's Weber County/Utah primary election. For unknown reasons, this important story, which appears at the top of the front page of the Standard's paper edition, is entirely absent from the SE Live! Edition. We'll thus link the Digital Edition version:
GOP Primary goes to Lee
So what about it gentle readers? Did "Beltway Bob" Bennett's Bridgewater endorsement hurt Bridgewater's campaign and ultimately seal his fate? Will uber-right GOP candidate Mike Lee waltz into a easy November victory as AP reporter Brock Vergakis suggests? Or will middle of the road Republicans swing over to Democratic Party moderate Sam Granato in November?

And here's something we find interesting. According to Lt. Governor Bell's 2010 Primary election webpage, Tim Bridgewater actually beat Lee in most Wasatch Front high-population urban centers, but got clobbered in Utah's relatively low-population rural and semi-rural "cow counties," leaving the question open as to whether Utah voters in general will be willing to embrace a GOP Senate candidate like Lee, who's so very clearly positioned on the very far right. Remember folks, yesterday's election generated a very low voter turnout; and yesterday's results therefore arguably cannot be interpreted as accurately representing a true cross-section of voter preferences for the November General Election, for which it's reasonable to anticipate a more robust and normal voter turnout, especially in urban areas.

That's it from your blogmeister for the moment; so we'll turn it over to our readers to enlighten us on the true meaning of all this.


guys with badges said...

Got this off of Hansen's face book page.
I wonder if Dee will ever tell us the truth about what he said.

Why don't you call Mr Dee, I believe that he is a member of your Republican party and Get his take on this.
I for one would really like to know whether he did threaten Hansen.
When I vote I want to know I can trust the person in office, and If he lies to the voters he should not be in office.

Jake said...

Vote Republican. Here's why:

Republican vs. Democrat Women

ozboy said...

The Lee win is easy to explain - he has infinitely better LDS credentials than Bridgewater. However, they are both right wing ideologues as far as I can tell.

This old Republican war horse is voting for Grenato in November. At least he will get one vote in the Republican lala land of Davis County.

One good thing came from yesterday's election, at least here in Davis. The little jerk right wing wacko and well known party activist and manipulator by the name of Horsely was soundly defeated by a much more honest Republican.

Hmmm, did I just actually write "honest Republican"? I must be losing it!!!

googlegirl said...

Tea Party Gets a Victory in Utah, Upsets Mormon Tradition:

"What is startling about Bennett’s ouster is that it may mark a break in the Utah Mormon tradition of electing to political office older, wealthy Mormon men with deep social, business, and familial connections to the institutional leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

David R. said...

As an otherwise solid Utah Republican, here's why Mike Lee gives me the creeps:

Unto This Very Purpose - Mike Lee For Senate 2010

Ever hear of the White Horse Prophecy?

Mike Lee's Mormonism-based candidacy grows nuttier by the minute.

Curmudgeon said...

Off topic, but on a subject that's been discussed often on WCF:

Over at the Volokh Conspiracy blog [liberterarian-right legal blog], there's an interesting post up on "Property Rights Five Years After Kelo." Worth a look for those interested in eminent domain takings and where the law is going. Link here.

Danny said...

Curm raises a point. What we need are libertarians (like the Institute for Justice).

The real battle is between the people and the state, not between Dems and Reps. The latter is a side show, distracting from the real issue, which is the controlling oligarchs consolidating an ever larger part of the owned property in this county, and how they use government to do it.

(Probably a little afield of where Curm was going, but whatever.)

AWM said...

If there's an upside to Lee's selection it's that he received only 51% of the vote. I took the time to read the bio posted on his web page. Mentions the constitution or variations of the word 7 times but "Environmental Solutions" was nowhere to be found. Doubt THAT was an oversight.

Madison said...

In the USA, the people ARE the government.
The people can completely change everything, from the laws of the land to the representatives who make the laws, right on up to our servant: the president.
The People v. The Government folks need to realize the reason they are considered fringe wacko jobs is that they lose at the debates, lose at the polls, and lose at life in general.
If you dont like the USA, vote. If you lose in voting, perhaps you need to get back to work on changing peoples minds.

Or move to a country where you always get your way.

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