Saturday, June 12, 2010

Snow Basin Development Update

Supplementary data which will no doubt be of great interest to those readers who are concerned about overdevelopment in and around Ogden Valley

As a followup to our June 4, 2010 article, wherein we reported the Snow Basin has now gone public with plans to follow Powder Mountain's lead, and to commence its own massive new development on the southern edge of Ogden Valley, one of our alert readers has transmitted to us some supplementary data which will no doubt be of great interest to those readers who are concerned about overdevelopment in and around Ogden Valley.

Take a look at the Snow Basin proposal online here (caution, gentle readers; this is a 140 MB file, and thus takes a while to load):
May 6, 2010 Snow Basin Plan
And for a quick overview, check out this graphic, which characterizes what they want to do where Trappers Loop ends in Ogden Valley:

Click to Enlarge Image

Don't let the cat get your tongues, O Gentle Ones.


Danny said...

I'd like to read the plan but don't have a facebook account. Can you post the .pdf, at least temporarily?

(I don't use facebook like the virtuous Lighthouse Lounge single mothers, pillars of the community, who doff their duffs then slide up and down poles for a living so they can get a bunch of sleazy men smokin' hot and send them out into the community in exchange for a few $1 bills which they receive for their acting abilities as they perform lewd acts, but only in pantomime, which makes it OK. But hey, these ain't no hookers. They got morals.)

RudiZink said...

Danny, the lengthy document is in "Scribd Reader" format which I understand to be similar to Adobe PDF reader. Although it took about a minute for it to load via my Comcast broadband connection, it did finally come up without having to sign into Facebook.

Ignore the "download" button; and just wait for the document to load.

say what said...

Hmmmm... a 40k movie theater?

South Bench said...

It saddens when people who want to preserve a piece of Paradise, or in this case, Eden, have no choice but to knuckle under to the rich developer.
As for the other off topic comment: lewd acts are in the "I" of the beholder; a far seeing individual will build a gentleman's club in Ogden Valley. In the not so distant future, a cabaret will give much needed service industries employment to the young'uns who currently are just reaching Middle School. Hell, you could use the building in the meantime for a Dance Studio. ;>

Danny said...

Sun Valley seems to typically do a nice job. The argument is that it will add economically to the county government since it will pay the county government more than it takes in services.

Also, the residents would be mostly vacationers, which is a plus.

If there must be more people and more "development", this is not a bad way to go. I just wish there didn't have to be more people.

It may be nearing the time for me to move to a more natural, less trafficked place.

People around here just don't seem committed to the environment. They stupidly follow the real estate lobby into the cesspool that they have made of so many places.

Curmudgeon said...

SE just put up an editorial calling for an over-the-mountain gondola from Ogden to Snow Basin. Link here.

Huntsville resident said...

Not to fear. Apparently "the church" sold the Welfare Farm property to Uncle Earl H.

And the map shows the community nestled up next to a five acre property reserved for a Ward house. At least that is the way it was "sold" to Huntsville's Mayor about 8 yrs. ago so they could hook up to Huntsville Town's culinary and probably also secondary water system. I mean how could anyone vote against allowing a Ward house to have fire protection pressurized water? And pure drinking water for the fold.

So you see...our morals are safe. No one can put in a sexually oriented or alcohol selling business within what 2,000 feet?

Of course the five acres for the Ward house, where a paved road and connections have been put in place two years ago, may be already a part of the "planned community" as the 48K building with all that parking? I know according to the Mayor McKay at the time, a couple of "caretaker" homes were included in the five acre reserved for a Ward house space.

All very curious.

ozboy said...

Huntsville resident

Just remember, the Lard works in mysterious ways.

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