Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Standard-Examiner: UEG Petition Proponents Remain Optimistic

Don't blow a possible a once-in-a-lifetime chance to impose serious ethics reform upon our State Legislature

Encouraging article in this morning's Standard-Examiner, reporting that Utahns for Ethical Government organizers are "upbeat" about the prospect of gathering the 95,000 necessary signatures by Aug. 12, to qualify their ethics reform petition for the 2012 ballot:
Ethics initiative proponents optimistic petition will succeed
We've talked about this until we've grown blue in the face; but we'll take advantage of this morning's Std-Ex story to remind our Weber County Forum readers that, as reported in this morning's story, we're still short of the necessary numbers in the following Weber County Senate Districts, as follows:
Senate District 18 - Short 2,170 signatures
Senate District 19 - Short 3,476 signatures
Senate District 20- Short 2,897 signatures
Notwithstanding the fact that the Utah Supreme Court is now set to rule on the question of the validity of the electronic signatures that our readers have been signing online for the past six months, UEG sponsors are now urging those who've previously signed electronic petitions to follow up by signing paper petitions, in the event that the appellate petitioner fails to prevail on appeal.

And for those who haven't signed a petition at all, the time to do so is NOW.

In that connection we therefore once again post the locations and contact information for local UEG petition gatherers, who'll happily make arrangements to obtain your hard-copy signatures:
Weber County
• Joyce Wilson (Senate District 18) 979 27th Ogden, UT 801-941-1613
• Ogden-Weber UniServ (Senate District 18) 939 25th St Ogden, UT 84401 801-399-3746
• Lou Shurtliff (Senate District 19) 5085 Aztec Dr Ogden, Ut 84403 801-479-028 lmshurtliff@comcast.net
• Dr. Ed Allen’s office 3860 Jackson Ave. Ogden, Utah
With a little over two months remaining before the August 12, 2010 signature submission deadline, time is running short. We therefore urge all WCF readers who haven't yet signed a paper petition to make arrangements to do so by means of the above contact data without further delay. Alternatively, please feel free to contact your WCF Blogmeister, if you'd like, via the following email contact link:
Contact Your Blogmeister
If you'll simply provide your own contact information, we'll diligently make special arrangements to have a petition hand-delivered to your door, if necessary.

We regard this as possibly a once in a lifetime chance to impose serious ethics reform upon our State Legislature.

Let's not blow the opportunity, O Gentle Ones...


Danny said...

This is very valuable and beneficial work these people are doing. We should all sign these petitions to give the people the opportunity to vote on them.

Grizelda said...

I have had some reservations on the Ethics Petition about accountability and oversight, however, the need is so great for some basic ethics rules for our legislators, that I have concluded the petition is the right thing to do.

Maybe the legislature could render the petition moot, if they put some meaningful legislation in place to control the lobbyists and wayward use of money to influence legislation before the Petition takes effect. What a novel idea!

Mike said...

Do NOT sign the ethics petition!

Believe me!

I know what I'm talking about!



Ogden Dem said...

Mike - please share your knowledge of why people should not sign the ethics petition.

Oh Ya! said...

Ogden Dem?
It is because those Ballentines screw balls said to sign. that is why I'm not signing.

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