Saturday, June 26, 2010

Standard-Examiner Editorial: OUR VIEW: It's An E-signature World

It would be nice to see Utah on the cutting edge of electronic signature innovation
At the most basic level, the Utah Supreme Court's decision to allow electronic signatures for election purposes may allow a fringe gubernatorial candidate on the fall ballot. More importantly, the decision sends this message to our state's political leadership: You can't stack petition rules just because you fear people-power.

Standard Examiner Editorial
OUR VIEW: It's an e-signature world
June 26, 2010

Fine editorial in this morning's Standard-Examiner, encouraging Utah's political leadership to stop dragging their feet, and to get aboard the 21st century internet revolution:
OUR VIEW: It's an e-signature world
Yes, it would be nice to see Utah on the cutting edge of electronic signature innovation.

We don't always agree with the SE's editorial board viewpoints; but on this issue we stand with them "foursquare."

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Whistler said...

It would seem that this could lead to a sensible, and needed reform for elections. There is no reason that those citizens that wish to vote via their home computer shouldn't be able to take advantage of the internet technology. If others still wish to vote via
polling places, they can use the existing method.

Think of the savings to the American and Utah taxpayers if most people did not have to go to a polling place, but could vote with a system that could be used with the same safeguards that protect our financial and medical interaction on the internet.

It is about time we moved into the 21st century on voting and citizen's petitions.

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