Friday, June 11, 2010

Lighthouse Strip Club Update: Emerald City's Last Remaining Downtown Titty Bar Gets the Ax

Seems to us that if Godfrey wants to live in a city with the squeaky clean ambiance of Provo, it would make a heck of a lot more sense for Godfrey to just move there, wouldn't it?

Just as we predicted last week, Boss Godfrey has given the Lighthouse Strip Club the ax, according to this morning's Standard-Examiner:
Mayor explains deadlines for closing two Ogden strip clubs
More evidence of a small-business unfriendly Emerald City Administration.

More cash-strapped mothers bound for the unemployment lines, in a brutal high unemployment economy.

Another unnecessary lawsuit for the city to defend, in all likelihood:
[Lighthouse Owner John] Chevalier said he will sue the city if Godfrey reaffirms his earlier decision."The ordinance is illegal," he said. "You can't pass a law to get rid of a business."
That's right, gentle readers, the Std-Ex reports that Mr. Chevalier has already lawyered up. Emerald City taxpayers will happily note that under the leadership of the Godfrey Administration, litigation money apparently grows on trees.

In a worst case scenario, another downtown building poised to be "boarded up," we suppose.

Seems to us that if Godfrey wants to live in a city with the squeaky clean ambiance of Provo, it would be a heck of a lot more sensible (and far less costly to the Ogden taxpayers) for Godfrey to just move there, wouldn't it?

But maybe that's just us.

Chime in with your comments down below, O Gentle Ones.


althepal said...

"In a worse case scenario, another downtown building poised to be "boarded up," we suppose."

On the positive side Rudy, another empty downtown building would blend in well with all the other boarded up downtown buildings.

Believe me. Godfrey knows exactly what he's doing.

Curmudgeon said...

Off topic, but just discovered that the Standard Examiner has decided it's a good business move to stiff its print subscribers. I am a subscriber to the paper, and when I tried to go to the e-edition this morning to read a Doug Gibson column in "Currents" it wouldn't let me log on. Called customer service, only to be told that the SE now charges print subscribers half a buck a week extra to access the e-edition, and they'd be happy to sign me up for the extra fee.

Screw that. And the horse it rode in on.

Keisha said...

That's right, Al. Better that Ogden should look like a bombed out Beirut, than to harbor an evil den of iniquity.

Billy Pilgrim said...

So what does this mean for the chances of Ogden getting a Hooters restaurant?

big soft smooth round ones said...

I think that Godfrey's plan is to move the titty bars to the ninth floor of the municipal building, afterall thats where all the screwing goes on in this town.

Curmudgeon said...

OK, it puts me off my feed to do it, but fair's fair: We need to remember when Mayor bashing on this that Hizzonah in setting the terminal dates for the two bars was acting in accord with a policy adopted by the City Council. If you think driving out the two exotic danceries was both poor policy [like we need two more shuttered businesses downtown], and unfair, and discriminatory, and truckling to blue-noses --- and I think all of that --- we still can't lay this one exclusively, or even primarily, at Hizzonah's feet. No Council action, no evictions. Period.

Now stop making me stand up for Godfrey. I'm grouchy enough this morning at the SE's trying to charge subscribers extra for access to the e-edition of the paper they already subscribe to. I don't need to be grumpier still because you guys made me defend Hizzonah. Stop it.

puterindabasketchief said...

Mayor Godfrey and John Patterson were seen at the Lighthouse just last weekend. They didn't form much of an opinion, however, when they quickly left after discovering their mistake. The Chippendales All-male Review was appearing over at the Brass Rail.

Danny said...

You look at the article and you see why people don't want to do business here - you basically have to open your books to a bunch of city sleazoids and justify everything you want to do.

On the sexual business issue, my feeling is let's have freedom or totalitarianism. Why watch bouncing boobies when you can't finish the job? It's like a glutton walking into a parlor filled with delectable foods and not being allowed to eat anything. The person will simply have to go somewhere else to fill up.

Showing men naked dancing women without a massage parlor or whore house is the same way. You just send them off into the community fired up. Why do that? It's bad for society. These women need to put out or put their clothes back on.

So while I think we'd be better off with a true red light district, in the absence of that, banning the strip clubs is not a problem for me.

Toggle Switch said...

Oh. My. Hell.

The preceding post was written by a total pervert and sexist pig; like a Rorschach ink blot, all he saw was rape, degradation, and smut. The human female form has been on display in various venues for the enjoyment of both men and women for millenia. To equate the Lighthouse to some kind of perverse crime generator is so beyond laughable that it sounds a little twisted and sick. The only thing wrong with strip clubs is that some men are public hypocrites, or see smut when they should see beauty.

Grow up.

Danny said...

Toggle Switch,

According to you:

Strip Club equals Beauty?

Strip Club does not equal Perversion?


I suggest a naked woman sliding up and down a pole is sexually arousing, and that makes me a pervert?

You suggest that's supposed to be beauty, and not a turn on?

Are you trying to sound kooky?

You're a pole dancer, aren't you?

I'll tell you what. Lie to yourself all you want. If you're single and raising kids by stripping, I suspect lying to yourself comes easy.

And one other thing. On your back you may be worth a Ulysses S. Grant. But on a pole you ain't worth nuthin.

puterindabasketchief said...

Anyone get the feeling that Danny is our side's version of Bobbby G?

Back to the point said...

So let's start a collection to move Little Twit to Provo. Of course he won't go, so we can use the money to ease the pain of the working moms at the Litehouse! Rudi?

China Night said...

Now that the Ogden Valley is going to fall to the developers bulldozer, my advice is to buy a piece of commercial property in Eden, and build right there on the main intersection a stellar example of downtown Ogden: a Bruce Edwards Eyesore.
Make sure you keep it purposely run-down and trashy and scare off any potential buyers with your slovenly appearance and self-destructive business sense. Ask 50% more than it is worth, instruct your agent to turn down any reasonable offer. Better yet, don't even answer the phone. Sit on it for a couple of years. Sell it at a profit, and then move to Barstow CA, or Scranton PA.
There is so much petty crap in this county.

Wonk said...

That's par for the course with Utah conservatives. Worst recession since the great depression be damned!

Fiscal conservatives my a$$!

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