Friday, June 11, 2010

NC Tea Party Activist Nathan Tabor Cold-cocked by Obama Supporter

Whoa... as the 2010 General Election season heats up, tempers flare

Here's the Americans for Legal Immigration press release. If you want to draw public sympathy for your political opponents, the most effective way to accomplish this is to beat them up in front of a live camera*, it seems to us. Time for all political wonks to cool their jets, or what? __________ * Political Activism 101


Liberation Theology said...

The guy with the camera got hit because he is a racist pig. Afterall, he was demonstrating against Obama's policies and bailouts of the credit card industry specifically.

Ask anyone. And besides like Governor Spencer said, "It is all George Bush's fault."

curious 1 said...

Faux News loves these stories, anything that they can turn around and help to blame the current administration. The guy was just elected as county Republician chairman, so he has an axe to grind and also wanted exposure.

LMAO said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention "Its also Faux News' fault, too."


ozboy said...

Yes indeed, Obama should offer up a deep and personal apology for the unilateral actions of this buffoon with the ridiculous first name of "Governor"

the day after

Lord Godfrey apologizes for the head butts and other boorish behavior of his close buddy and supporter Bobbie Gieger, or thud as he affectionately became known in the lunatic lift crowd.

Curmudgeon said...

Ah, Fox News. Why let the English languages get in the way of exciting your audience. "Tea Partier Attacked: No 'Angry Mob' Label For Attacker."

Ahem. One attacker is not a mob. One attacker is a thug. The guy who threw the punch is a thug, not a mob. On real news channels -- you know, the kind with real reporters? --- words have meanings and the meanings matter.

The target of the attack did the right thing. He immediately filed a charge against the thug who hit him. It's going to court as it should.

so sue me said...

Shit like this should never go to court; shit like this should just be dealt with old school.
Are you saying if I kick someones ass, they should call the police? Shoot, certainly; knife, with inflicted wounds, obviously; Jumped by a gang: yes.

Slapping someone upside the head, with no real injury? Give be a break.

Take some self defense classes, and quit clogging up the courts.
Life is nasty brutish and short, or at least it should be for these whiners.


Dorothy Littrell said...



I suggest that you do the same because I was very impressed to have my call answered by a middle-aged woman who had not heard of this incident and actually took the time to write down all my comments and respond.

I have lived through several race wars in my years and I know how they tear communities apart. We do not need that.

President Obama needs to make a statement and stop this right now!

Curmudgeon said...

So Sue:

Nope. He did the right thing. This wasn't two guys arguing over a football bet in the back yard. This was a highly public [and perfectly legal] political demonstration, and a government official punched out one of the demonstrators without, so far as we can tell, cause. Having him charged and hauled before a judge was exactly the right thing for the Tea Party guy to have done. And politically damn shrewd too.

TarBall said...

I thought punching a professional tea-party activist fell under protected free speech?

tk said...

Hate to interrupt this oh so important discussion of this oh so important story, but the Des News has a couple of items from the last Council work session.

"Potential tenants at The Junction and the nearby east side of Washington Boulevard could get some help with their fixer-upper activities.

Believing those folks have trouble getting the money needed to make improvements before opening up shops, Mayor Matthew Godfrey is proposing using some city funds as loans to rehab rundown structures or improve others as a way to attract more businesses there. ..."

And an item that falls into the "it's about time" category - the Mt Ogden neighborhood plan from several years ago has a section on this.

"Snowballs could be just as prominent as golf balls someday at Mt. Ogden Golf Course.

Mayor Matthew Godfrey has proposed spending $50,000 to hire a company to study the possibilities for wintertime activities at the city-owned facility and perhaps implement some of its recommendations.

Among the ideas kicked around at Tuesday's City Council work session were a rope tow or "magic carpet," a ski hill, a children's play area and groomed trails.

Funds for the study would come from a portion of Business Depot Ogden lease revenues. Godfrey cautioned that whatever activities are recommended, none should in any way damage the course or delay the opening of the course's golf seasons."

Filbert said...

...and, a Gondola Station to Malans, of course.

WTF WCF! said...

Funny, I don't ever remember WC Forum saying Sarah Palin needs to apologize for incensing violence with her oft-repeated phrase: It's not time to retreat; "it's time to reload." Or when Ms. Palin singled out 20 Democratic members of Congress by using rifle scopes to "target" them on a map. To me, this endorsement of violence is much worse than a solitary punch in the nose made by someone in the heat of an argument.

Funny, but I don't recall the WC Forum taking a bold stand against the extremely violent and inflammatory rhetoric used by Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX), Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO), Rep. Wally Herger (R-CA), or Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), who called for the "blood of tyrants to be shed" and that democrats are "domestic terrorists" or who called themselves "Proud right wing terrorists" Rep. Herger actually said to the speaker of that violent speech, "Good Bless you, that's a great American"

I don't remember the WCF stepping up to caution people to dial back that anger and nasty, violence-incensing rhetoric.

Sarah Palin's speech and speech condoned by the REPUBLICAN politicans, named above, are basically inviting any nut-job, wacko, off-balance person, to commit violence against a Democrat. Any random Democrat. Yet, I don't remember the WCF blogging about this one. Or pointing out the dangers of such speech.

While I don't condone any violence, by a Republican, Democrat, Tea Partyist, Independent, or Whathaveyou, this forum is too right-wing/libertarian for me. While I agree with some of the points of view espoused on here, It upsets me to see WCF reiterating some frantic probably overblown bs by Faux News. Faux News is news I just can't trust. Sorry. They have discredited themselves time and time again. I do really appreciate the WFC bloggs about Ogden politics, but all too often you bloggers are simply too right wing for my tastes. But when YOU repost Faux News crap, YOU discredit yourself too.

Well, what can I expect: I AM in Utah. I keep finding out here in Utardia that you can take the conservative out of Utah (the state), but you can't take the right-wing ideology out of the Utahn. Well, yes you can. It happened to me. It just takes a special person. It helps to be young too, I guess. But I digress. . . Republicans are brought this country to its knees. I have little to zero respect for Republican ideology. It's too bad Utah has its proverbial head up its proverbial patootie to see how backwards right wing Republican politics really are.

Anonymous said...

I want my country forward.

Curmudgeon said...


Heading to Frontrunner Thursday for a meeting in SL, I drove along Washington across from the Junction. Inexplicably,the three city rehabbed properties on the east side were, all of them, still sporting "Prime Retail Space" to lease signs.

How can that be? Before Christmas before the last election, Hizzonah assured us mfgs. outlet stores [that he was not free to name] were coming, maybe before Christmas. When they didn't, his spokesman assured us that there were just a few details to iron out. Any day now....

Then the taxpayers sent Hizzonah to China, and he came back with the wonderful news that Chinese jewelry exporters[who he was honor-bound not name] were hot on Ogden's trail and looking for prime retail space to sell their wares.

And then the taxpayers sent Hizzonah to Mexico, and he returned with the exciting news that Mexican retailer of "high end" goods [who, though he dearly wished he didn't have to, the names of which he was sworn to keep secret] were eager to locate in prime retail space in downtown Ogden.

And here it is, still more months later, and the three city-rehabbed buildings are still unleased. How can that be, with outlet stores, jewelry importers and high-end Mexican goods purveyors all clamoring for prime retail space in downtown Ogden?

But I'm sure the Mayor's new plan to have the city foot the bill for rehabbing retail space will be much more successful. Though I wonder, there's all that [they keep telling us] "prime retail space" over at the Junction that's brand spanking new never-been-kissed, and the three just-rehabbed properties across the street... how come they're not drawing the folks the mayor wants to help out with yet more rehab money? Tis' a puzzler, sure as shootin'.

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