Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Are Utah's 912/Tea Party Movements being Infiltrated by Utah BIG GUMMINT Scumbags?

Boss Godfrey's biggest BIG Government political whore joins the Utah 912 Group

Here's something of substance that was emailed to us a by an Alert and Gentle WCF Reader a little while back:

Strange innit that Boss Godfrey's #1 political whore, the "elder" Geiger dipshit, who split the Ogden community down the middle and fought for federal funds for the construction of Ogden Gondolas, with the prospect of drawing massive federal funding, is now suddenly a 912er? We kid you not. This is something that even in our wildest imagination we could not make up:
Curtis R Geiger Member of The Weber 912 Project
And this BIG GUMMINT GUY suddenly now sez he's in favor of "a much more limited Federal Government." HA!

Weird world in Ogden, innit?

I wonder whether my brothers and sisters in the 912/tea party movement, who are suddenly cropping up as a chorus behind your blogmeister's constant pro-constitution political solo act over the past 30 years, realize they're even now being infiltrated and compromised by scumbags like this little BIG GUMMINT Godfrey bitch, Curt Geiger?

Don't hesitate to throw in your own 2¢, people.

It gets stranger and stranger day by day in Utah politics, dunnit?


Formerly Blind said...

Wow! Now I see the light!

Curmudgeon said...

I see from his profile on the TP site that Mr. G. describes himself as a "long standing Republican." Good. Admitting his condition right out in front of god and everybody is the first step on the path to recovery. Eleven steps to go....

OgdenLover said...

Curt is a great proofreader too.

David S said...

While choking on the idea of Curt Geiger being a self-described limited government Republican, don't forget that Matthew Godfrey stridently describes himself the same way!

And Amy Wicks, self styled Democrat, is probably the most fiscally responsible member of the city council!

Self applied political labels clearly mean little.

Nice to see Curt Geiger in the news and on the WCF though. I remember the times when he used to be prime fodder here. Yes. Good times, good times. Maybe I'll sign up for 912 myself. Been missin' Curt, Bobby, Stevie V. and the rest of the crazy kids.

Ewell Gibbons said...

Off topic but I am wondering? The vacant lot at 23rd and Harrison, owned by BootJack/Chris Petetson is in violation of city code. The weeds on the property are knee high or higher. What happened to Godfreys' lawn and weed patrol? Will city code enforcement cite the owner for violating city policy and regulations?

boola boool'la said...

Short answer: no.

ozboy said...

Mr. Curmudgeon

You wrote:

"Rob Bishop [R-Energy Solutions] is a local Tea Party favorite. If he fits comfortably under the TP "cut federal spending/end earmarks" umbrella, anybody can."

To which I say - that big old fat hog won't fit under any umbrella let alone the one you mentioned.
My guess is that he eats more pork than he ever brings home to his district. Besides that, his incredibly ugly suits are surely sewed by Omar the tent maker and use enough material to make a Velodrome outa. The slob is an embarrassment to Zion and a living testament to the need for birth control.

Are all history professors like him?

Vixen said...

13 trillion reasons to cut the deficit

It’s a number that’s so big, it’s “almost impossible to process,” said Michael Tanner. This week, the federal debt officially passed the $13 trillion mark. To make this “outlandish debt” less of an abstraction, consider that if you earned a dollar for every second, it would take you 416,000 years to pay it off. And that’s not half of it: The $13 trillion figure vastly understates the hole we’re digging for children and grand-children, since it doesn’t include $15.8 trillion in unfunded liabilities for Social Security and at least a $50 trillion shortfall for Medicare.“There is no way to tax our way out of this mess”: Just keeping up with current spending would require raising the tax rate on the rich to 88 percent and on the middle class to 63 percent. No sane person believes “the economy can survive that kind of taxation.” That means Washington has to do what Democrats and Republicans alike have been unable to do for years: Stop the runaway spending. Unless we want to follow Greece down the road to insolvency, “someone is going to have to have the courage to say “No.”

Michael Tanner
New York Post
As Quoted in The Week magazine, June 18th edition

Curmudgeon said...


You asked in re: the Hon. [?} Congressman Bishop [R-Energy Solutions] and erstwhile history teacher: "Are all history professors like him?"

That is a base canard, sir. A base canard. I demand satisfaction. My seconds shall contact yours.

Moroni McConkie said...

Bravo to Curmudgeon on the letter to the editor. No one could have said it better.

ozboy said...

Mr. Curmudgeon

You're on pal. You apparently have challenged me to a duel and I accept.

Following the traditions of dueling, I have the choice of weapons and therefore, in honor to the honorable (?) Representative from Energy Solutions, I choose donuts and lard fried steak at fifty paces.

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