Saturday, June 26, 2010

Standard-Examiner: We Need to Stand Behind Ogden Police Chief Jon Greiner

Absolutely precious Boss Godfrey guest editorial up on the Standard website this morning

By Ozboy

Speaking again of our esteemed Ogden City mayor, Boss Godfrey has an absolutely precious guest editorial up on the Standard website this morning, wherein Godfrey tries to defend his spending of hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars to defend and protect the law-breaking Chief of Police. In it he shows that both he and The Chief have nothing but contempt for the laws of the land that they don't necessarily agree with. Apparently Godfrey believes he and his cronies are above the law, or a law unto themselves:
We need to stand behind Ogden Police Chief Jon Greiner
Nothing new there actually.

Update 6/27/10 7:30 a.m.: The above online guest commentary now appears in this morning's hard-copy print edition.


Monotreme said...

I notice that he's still claiming a 30 percent drop in crime.

ole said...

This is so sweet - one crooked politician paying homage to another!

The mayor is quoted as saying: "It may be politically expedient for me to ask for his resignation, but it would be immoral, disloyal and unethical."

Well, I put forth that "immoral, disloyal and unethical" is the mayor's, and chief's, main stock in trade so therefore based on that rationale he should in fact fire Griener.

If Griener did get the axe I believe there would not be a single tear shed in the OPD except by his sycophants therein. The rank and file certainly doesn't seem to have any love or respect for the man who at least once referred to them as a bunch of "whiners".

(from the Standard comments)

Fire That Pussy Jon Greiner said...

Scott Connelly For Chief!

Ogden City should fire that pussie Greiner immediately, and elevate Lt. Scott Connelly to the Chief's post. Connolly's hardcore;and he'd even arrest Boss Godfrey if he caught him F******g Up!


Connelly for Chief of the OPD!

He'll Make all the Ogden City Criminals Pay!!!

Scott Connelly for Chief!

pissed said...

What a Crock o Shit. Tax dollars going to trips to all over hell, and protecting a lawbreaker, who is aworn to uphold the law.
When in the hell is the council going to grow some balls, and put an end to the bullshit?


The Little Weasel Boy Mayor kind of left out the fact that the Hatch Act enforcement people TOLD him and Greiner that Greiner was in violation and would be found as such if he pressed it. So what does buttmunch do? Spends enough to erase the Mt. Ogden deficit for a year, or more, and...loses.

If either had an ounce of integrity, Greiner would resign and Godfrey would STFU.

jail him said...

Meanwhile, people languish in county jail for ignoring a traffic ticket.


Curmudgeon said...

Comment bumped to front page

Hindman said...

As Blue Sky stated on the SE post - but did the Rawlins and Cheyenne police chiefs sign off on and receive federal grants? Damn good question!

Sorry Godfrey, not all the people in Ogden are as stupid as you think.

Chief and Lt are pu$$ys said...

Scott Nocley and Jon Whiner are two peas in a retard!!!

drug dealer said...

Why did I have to go to jail when the other drugdealers that are snitches get to play Golf with the big boys from Ogden City?

Connelley is as dirty as Greiner said...

Somebody needs to ask Lt. Scott Connelly, why he is having his wife do all the dirty work for the republicans?

She’s turned over numerous democratic candidates names to special prosecutors...

I also wonder if it was him that turned in Chief Greiners name to the special prosecutors so he could be Chief of Police?

Mayor Mahamet Allahfrey said...

That comment has nothing to do with anything. If you have a substantial accusation, make it.
I am sure a lot of un-tracked malfeasance occurs in this culture of corruption that Godfrey sets as an example to others.
Even if the Hatch Act violation goes all the way to the top court, Ogden will still loose. This is all about ego and privilege.

Thats "privilege" as in "Private Law", something the Mayor is exploring in advance of the upcoming big build out on the east benches.

The logic of it said...

Pissed--the Chief serves at the Mayor's pleasure, not the City Council's. They can do NOTHING about this except maybe slash the police department budget and hope that that effects Griener.

Drugdealer--from your comments, it doesn't take one much to understand that you;re most likely a shitty drugdealer who doesn't understand the nuiances of that game, if what you say is true. And if it is true, it's no mystery why they call it dope.

Ozboy--much has been said and written about this Hatch Act/Greiner thing except that nobody's mentioned who Greiner's married to. FDon't you think that if Godfrey were to dump Greiner, for ANY reason, it would be absolute political suicide?

As you say in other pieces, Godfrey has become a master at some things, and politics is one of them.

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